Inspirational Journalists (IJs) cover inspiring stories from around the globe and share them with IU eMagazine.
IJ Kavyashree
An enthusiastic individual who dreams to be the reason to empower the world through inspiration and believes writing is one of the powerful ways to inspire the world. She is living her dreams of becoming IJ at IUeMAG by covering diversified inspiring stories from across the globe. Her narration style inspires the readers to connect to the stories really well & readers take back a long lasting inspiration. She is also the founder of e4u, which creates awareness about e-waste management and recycling.
Interning IJ Mugdha Dumbre
Mugdha Dumbre is a passionate youngster who envisions to empower the world through her actions. She does so through her write-ups on iUeMagazine, where she not only inspires the readers through her writing, but also empowers many youngsters by covering their untold stories of inspiration. Mugdha is also involved in various volunteering activities, which helps her write with more empathy.
Interning IJ Sowparnika Koka
Sowparnika Koka is a spirited individual who believes in passing the learned lessons to the world, joined the vision of iUeMagazine, to impact lives of people by covering stories of personalities who have been the reason for a positive change, and phrasing these stories into inspiring write-ups. She believes that writing is one of the best ways to inspire masses at a time, and has continued to do so with huge amount of passion.
IJ Pascal Lum
Pascal Lum, an entrepreneur with open perspective about the IT industry from work projects involvement that spans more than 30 years. From early software building in Dbase 2.0 for school projects to enterprise cloud mobile solutions architect and developer. This also include corporate management exposure and projects previously with a few Fortune 500 companies like Shell, Petronas, Hitachi and local conglomerates like Public Bank. A Malaysian at heart with passion for the local food and culture. Married with 3 daughters and engaged in part-time family business about robotics learning affiliated with an internationally recognised franchise.
IJ Then Chit Siew
Chit Siew is a chemical engineering student in Taylor's University, Malaysia, originally from Sarawak (east Malaysia). She has always been interested to be more technology savvy and wished to gain more knowledge in the IT field because she believes that Information Technology is so important that it should be widely used in every field, especially in the health industry. Also, very keen to learn and expose to new things to improve herself.