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Marishane Youth Hub Brings Social Unity in the Community

Marishane On the 13th April 2024, when most people in the community were contemplating on who listen to with regards to elections as all political parties were out and about campaigning for their parties, the Marishane Youth Hub spearheaded an educational program that sought to bring people together to speak in one language: Education for Development.

With more than 100 people gathered at the Letebele Marishane High School classrooms, the joyful crowd was introduced to the new artistic marvel in the South African market: ‘TODIMOLOMO, Dihlaa tsa Moreti’ which is an anthology of poems written in African languages meant to revive the living traditions of African heritage.
Community members, young and old, were thrilled to witness one of their own from the community unleashing such artistic prowess and being supported by organisations and institutions nationally such as the Department of Social Development, Sekhukhune Career Guidance Desk, Work South Africa, Anglo American, Activate! Change Drivers Marishane Office, Marishane Community Policing Forum, Marishane Clinic and the Royal House of Marishane.

‘I’m a child of this community, started my schooling journey here in Marishane Primary School and Matriculated from Tseke Marishane Secondary School. I am a living testimony that this community loves and cherishes education. I vow to do my best to uplift the community hence the decision to launch this book at this school named after our mother of this community.
Marishane I’m delighted because, more than anything else, this book will be the cornerstone of many robust and stimulating conversations in the corridors of education, social circles and otherwise. I’m most humbled to see the presence of my community leaders from the Moroangoato Traditional Council and Marishane Royal House attending this event.
Marishane I’m encouraged by their presence to continue travelling this journey of writing books and publishing them for public benefit. I’m also thankful to the presence of my family, colleagues and friends both from the community and others as far as Cape Town who have sacrificed their time, energy and money to be with us. The book is currently in print format, but I promise that it’ll soon be available online on e-commerce”, said the activist author Mr. Moloke Peter Lentswane.

The Marishane community is inspired by the wonderful developments its’ kids are making for community development.

On behalf of the Marishane Royal Kraal and Family, we wish to extend warm congratulatory remarks to the Lentswane family, for producing yet again, a good citizen from the community who’s tapped in less travelled territories.

The Marishane community has all professionals that exist in the world, and as we acknowledge, celebrate and appreciate them occasionally, we must equally respect their contributions for the development of this beautiful community that has produced world leaders.
Marishane Indeed, Peter is not the first author from the Lentswane family, because the community boasts of authors from the same clan, some of them in attendance here with us.

We thus wish to encourage the people in this space, young and old, to follow in the footsteps of the Lentswane family and write books. This community is known the world over for education. You can’t separate education from Marishane and we’re proud of the legacy we’ve built over the centuries. It’s in this spirit, that we’ve physically come to support this initiative as it contributes to our community strategic objective in line with the Limpopo Development Plan 2020-2025 Vision, National Development Plan 2030 of South Africa, the African Union 2063 Vision and the United Nations Sustainable Development Plan 2030 Vision from the community.

Education, like water, is life” concluded Mr. Masenye Masemola from the Marishane Royal Kraal. Mr. Moloke Peter Lentswane is a lawyer by profession and the book sells for R250.00 per copy available from most leading stores in South Africa.Marishane

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