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The Top 10 Flourishing Tech Startups Based Out Of Ahmedabad

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Startups In Ahmedabad The city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat is emerging as a Startup hub in the country. According to StartupBlink, Ahmedabad stands at 7th position with the quality Score, quantity score, and business score of the startup ecosystem.

According to data by Tracxn, there are 1729 tech startups in Ahmedabad. Here is a list of 10 startups that are flourishing according to our analysis at iU:

1. Torchit:

Torchit is a Social Tech startup founded by Mr. Hunny Bhagchandani & Mr.Mohit Chelani in 2014. It envisions driving the inclusion of differently-abled communities through its products. Its flagship product is called ‘Saarthi’ that helps people with blindness and visual impairment to have independent mobility without bumping into any obstructions. It is a tech product that is powered with sensors to detect obstacles while the movement for blind people. ‘Saarthi’ has 99.7% accuracy in obstruction-detection, very helpful in the mobility of visually impaired people especially in a closed room with many objects, and busy streets. Today, ‘Saarthi’ is being used by more than 20,000 users across India, Africa, and Korea.

2. Reelo:

Startups In Ahmedabad
Founded by Mr.Parin Sanghvi and Mr.Print Sanghvi in 2017, Reelo took birth as an idea in the brain of Mr.Parin after he visited a Starbucks outlet during his visit to the USA. He was impressed by the Loyalty program and rewards systems and wished to bring the same power to the 14mn SMBs in our country. Reelo is a mobile-based Hyperlocal app for deal discovery and cashback. It is a Customer Loyalty Program that strives to help businesses retain new customers and make them long-term customers. They work with businesses to come up with reward systems to reward customers for their loyalty; on the other hand, also inform customers about the same and encourage them to repeat-buying from the business, making it a B2B2C SaaS platform. In the short span of 3 years, Reelo has garnered 3mn engaged users and 1800+ businesses from 30 cities on its platform. The kind of businesses for which Reelo is helpful includes the Food & Beverage sector, Wellness, Retail, and any other type of services.

3. Smartify:

Startups In Ahmedabad

Founded by Abhi Bavishi, Smartify is a Home Automation startup launched in 2016. Smartify is considered to be among the top-ranked website for the smart home in India. They have tied up with 30+ brands to bring you all types of home & office automation products under one roof. Their statistical achievements include:

- 2800+ residential leads

- 25000 unique visits/month

- 15+ commercial projects

- 30+ brand tie-ups including, Google, Bose, D-Link, Syska, Wyze, and others

4. ClientJoy:

Startups In Ahmedabad

ClientJoy is an all-in-one client management solution that includes Lead Management, Workflow Management, Proposals, Invoicing, and Collecting Payments. Founded by Abhishek Doshi, Yash Shah, Anupama Panchal, and Shashwat Bhatt in 2019, it envisions to make the businesses efficient and productive by enabling them to focus on what they do best- ‘business growth’, while ClientJoy manages the backend of client management. It enables you to save your time that would have been spent switching between various platforms/tools. ClientJoy receives its pre-series A funding of $800,000 from GVFL (Gujarat Venture Finance Limited), an early-stage venture capital firm.


Startups In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad has met with an ever-growing demand for Bicycles, it has enabled several startups like MYBYK to establish their foothold. Founded in 2014 by Mr.Arjit Soni, MYBYK is a fast-growing bicycle-sharing platform based out of Ahmedabad. It envisions increasing the fleet of 4000 bicycles to 10000 to fulfill the demand from their B2B Partnerships. Its B2B partnerships include the likes of Reliance Industries, Adani Shantigram, SRF Chemicals, ISRO, Baxter, and Wonder Cement. In 2014, Mr.Arjit Soni had an opportunity of meeting with Mr.Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. Mr.Modi appreciated and lauded the concept as well.

6. PurpleDocs:

Startups In Ahmedabad

According to data by PurpleDocs, 90% of Doctors in India still write prescriptions on paper and hand them over to the patients which results in a lack of treatment history. Founded in 2010 by Mr. Deepak Gupta & Ms.Pooja Gupta, PurpleDocs (a health tech startup) envisions revolutionizing the healthcare sector by digitizing all operations in the hospitals and making them completely digital. With their solutions, PurpleDocs has made more than 130 hospitals completely digital. Their innovative products include:

PurpleDocs: It is a cloud-based offering to digitize indoor patient records and diagnostics including X-rays, MRI, CT Scans, Surgical videos to make them accessible online.

PD+: It is a suite of Apps and Web Apps for doctors & hospitals for ePrescriptions, Patience Queue Management, Workflow Management, etc.

PD Engage: A Patient-engagement app to improve patient care, share reminders for follow-up visits, and increase revenue as well as patient satisfaction.

PD Analytics: A platform that gives AI & ML-based insights for making useful inferences and predictions for preventive healthcare.

PurpleDocs is user-friendly, saves time, and simple to use. One can easily access records, scans, MRI, X-rays, reports, from anywhere.

7. PetPooja:

Startups In Ahmedabad

PetPooja is a food-tech startup with a mission to organize the unorganized food sector in India. Founded and relaunched by Mr.Parthiv Patel and Mr.Apurv Patel in 2011 food ordering platform catering primarily to corporates, a huge change from the business model of online food ordering, it was launched by a company called DigiCorp in 2007. The new business model of targeting corporate supplies paid off with good early traction but scalability was a tough nut to crack because of its operations-intensive model. In 2014, they made a major pivot by entering into the Restaurant POS industry, what it is known for today. They have 15000+ restaurants using their POS system. The company is present in more than 135 cities across India and UAE, with more than 350+ employees working with them. If you are in a restaurant in Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai, or Delhi, there are high chances that your bill has gotten printed through PetPooja’s POS system. Today, PetPooja works closely with companies like Zomato, Swiggy, IIFL, HDFC Bank, Paytm, etc.

This rapid growth resulted in becoming the startup with the first investment from Udaan, a B2B eCommerce company of $2mn in February 2020.

8. BurnCal:

Startups In Ahmedabad

Founded in 2020 by Anik Agrawal, Vichar Shroff, Kunal Agrawal, and Chetan Reddy, BurnCal envisions disrupting the Fitness tech industry in India. With COVID-restrictions limiting the visits to gyms, BurnCal provides you with a personalized & fun on-demand fitness routine in accordance with the goals you set. It uses advanced computer vision technology to scan your posture & movements, rep count, and calories burnt; and with its AI, it analyzes them and provides you with real-time feedback to improve your postures & movements and optimize the results for you.

9. AlmaShines:

Startups In Ahmedabad

Alumni management has been a hassle for many institutions and Universities. The alumni are either left unaddressed, or the engagement is a time-consuming activity. AlmaShines was launched as a solution to this problem. Founded in 2014 by Mr.Kapil Dev Advani, Mr.Palash Agarwal, Mr.Manohar Sharma, AlmaShines is alumni management software that assists Institutions and Universities in keeping the alumni community engaged. Through its end-to-end solutions, AlmaShines enables the institutes to not only manage alumni easily, but to plan, organize, & promote alumni events, to raise funds, provide networking opportunities, etc. with an investment of just 10 hours/month. It has been trusted by over 500 Institutions including SP Jain School of Global Management, IIT Madras, T.A. Pai Management Institute, etc.

10. Oizom:

Startups In Ahmedabad

According to the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) Report by IHME, Air quality is the 5th largest killer in India. To tackle this problem, Oizom has emerged with reliable AI-based Air Quality Monitoring systems. Founded by Ankit Vyas, Vrushank Vyas, Sohil Patel in 2015, Oizom’s products include:

Polludrone: Air-quality monitoring equipment,

Odosense: A real-time odor emission tracking solution,

Dustroid: An Online dust monitoring system, and

Weathercom: An Automatic Weather Station

Their flagship product ‘Polludrone’ works on innovative e-breathing and active sampling technology that ensures the highest accuracy of the environmental data. To ensure that no parameter is left unmonitored, it is capable of monitoring 27 different pollutants in the air. Oizom has received a seed funding of $82000 from the Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), the technology business incubator of IIM Ahmedabad and SparksLabs Accelerator [Crunchbase].


The above is the list of 10 Startups from Ahmedabad, the others are no less. If you wished to take up the entrepreneurship journey, we hope this list inspires you and kindles the spark in you for the same. The journey of these startups may act as a roadmap for yours. If you know any other innovative tech startup and want to recommend, feel free to do so in the comments below.

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