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The Tactic [dot] Money Story: A Story of Innovation and Impact that's Transforming Trading

In the dynamic realm of finance and trading, where uncertainties often cast shadows, two visionary minds have embarked on a journey that is reshaping the way retail traders approach the market. Let us introduce you to the trailblazers, Parvez and Garvit, the co-founders of, a platform that transcends mere trading tools, heralding a paradigm shift for traders seeking clarity, empowerment, and impact.

Tactic Money Venturing Beyond Conventional Horizons

Parvez, a courageous 22-year-old entrepreneur, defied norms by choosing a path less traveled. Originating from Gujarat and having left formal education behind, his rendezvous with startups began at just 18. From navigating the exhilarating world of the stock market to crafting sales strategies from scratch, Parvez's journey has been kindled by his unshakeable belief in "working like a maverick" and his tireless quest for novel challenges.

Garvit, a coding prodigy at the tender age of 21, discovered his passion early on. By 16, he was already immersed in the intricate world of coding. Currently advancing through his fourth year at Guru Tegh Bahadur University, Garvit's devotion to coding knows no bounds. His conviction remains unwavering: in the face of challenges, "no" is but a stepping stone to breakthroughs.

Catalyzing Transformation in Trading isn't merely a venture; it's a mission to equip retail traders with knowledge, strategies, and tools to conquer. Parvez, the Co-founder & CEO, comprehended the struggles of retail traders firsthand. The daunting learning curve, the opacity surrounding advisory services, and the labyrinthine task of managing positions—these were all obstacles he himself had confronted.

Tactic Money Targeting a Vision, Embracing Uniqueness

Their target market resonates impeccably with their vision—the tech-savvy white-collar workforce, aged 21-35. Parvez underlines that this audience's hunger for guidance and openness to exploring fresh avenues align perfectly with's offerings. The platform's distinctive features—risk-mitigated trades, automated position handling, and real-time alerts—dismantle barriers that had once dissuaded potential traders from delving into the market.

Crafting Solutions Born of Personal Struggles

The spark that ignited the creation of sprung from a deeply personal well. Parvez, a seasoned retail trader, encountered the formidable challenges that the trading landscape posed. Pondering his own expedition, he recognized the steep learning curve that most retail traders contend with—a daunting uphill journey that frequently leaves them feeling overwhelmed and disheartened. But there lay a more pervasive issue: many retail traders operated passively, aiming for profits while juggling core responsibilities.

Yet, traditional advisory services often proved inept and precarious, tainted by potential scams, unproductive courses, and the cumbersome chore of manual position management. This seemingly minor concern, when closely examined, revealed its monumental implications. Armed with firsthand understanding and a fervor for change, Parvez envisioned a transformative resolution——a platform designed to seamlessly guide retail traders through the intricate art of trading.

Empowering Retail Traders: Envisioning Impact transcends the definition of a trading platform; it is an embodiment of empowerment for retail traders. With a vision to deliver transparency, comprehension and a route to profitable trading, Parvez and Garvit aim to empower those who have often felt exploited within the trading sphere. Through its user-centric interface and strategic mentorship, the platform bestows traders with the opportunity to decipher the complexities of trading. By fostering lucidity and empowering traders to adopt informed strategies, Tactic aspires to reshape the trading landscape and instill newfound confidence in individuals' trading pursuits.

Catering to the Seekers of Innovation's trajectory is guided by a deliberate strategy—the tech-savvy white-collar workforce, primarily aged 21 to 35. This dynamic demographic carries a hunger for innovation and a knack for seeking advisory services.

Parvez and Garvit discerned the distinctive prospect presented by this group—a chance to present the reality of trading in a manner that resonates profoundly. By addressing the burgeoning interest this age group exhibits in the trading arena, endeavors to dismantle myths, nurture understanding, and redefine the trading experience. Through an amalgamation of ingenuity, education, and accessibility, the platform aspires to transform trading into a tangible and lucrative endeavor for this demographic.

Tactic Money Empowering Retail Traders: Envisioning Impact is far more than a corporate entity; it signifies a crusade to endow retail traders with the wisdom, strategies, and tools requisite for triumph. Parvez, the Co-founder & CEO, grasped the tribulations of retail traders firsthand. The steep learning curve, the opacity shrouding advisory services, and the complexities of position management were all hurdles he had personally overcome.

Parvez's individual struggles as a retail trader laid the cornerstone for the venture. The uphill battle he weathered and the inadequacies of existing advisory services resonated deeply. Recognizing that multitudes of traders faced akin trials, Parvez saw a seemingly insignificant predicament laden with monumental ramifications. The aspiration to alleviate this struggle gave birth to—an ingenious resolution poised to redefine trading.

Their vision eclipses mere profitability; they aspire to empower retail traders, ensuring they discover transparency, comprehension, and profitability. The platform's user-focused approach simplifies trading, providing a strategic refuge for traders yearning for clarity. With the platform's guidance, traders evolve from passive spectators to empowered navigators of the market, embarking confidently on their journey.

The startup's trajectory is expertly charted—a strategic target: the tech-savvy white-collar workforce—capturing a demographic that hungers for innovation and solutions. Parvez and Garvit discerned the potential to dispel trading myths and bridge knowledge gaps. By presenting the reality of trading to this audience, it aspires to nurture a generation of informed and prosperous traders.

Aim for the Cosmos

Currently serving 1000 traders,'s ambitions extend far beyond. Parvez envisions a future where the platform touches the lives of 2.5 million users in India alone, while also casting its influence globally, in markets such as China, America, Japan, and England.

Confronting Challenges with Unyielding Determination

The path of entrepreneurship is strewn with challenges. Capital remains an unrelenting hurdle, driving Parvez and Garvit to lean on loans from friends and family to sustain their dream. Nevertheless, these co-founders tackle these obstacles with resilience and resourcefulness.

Tactic Money In the Age of Digital Revolution and Entrepreneurship

In today's era of digitization, stands tall as a digital-first beacon. While a robust online presence is imperative, the co-founders understand the significance of striking a balance between the virtual and real worlds to cultivate trust and credibility.

Nuggets of Wisdom from the Odyssey

Parvez's counsel to budding entrepreneurs resonates with the essence of his voyage. "Discipline entails embracing tasks you may loathe, yet tackling them with the fervor of love." As a true entrepreneur, he implores fellow visionaries to brace themselves for the journey, recommending a reserve of 10L and the willingness to forgo earnings for a year when embarking on the startup adventure.

Pioneering the Evolution of Retail Trading: Forging Ahead

Their voyage is far from culmination. With a blossoming community of 1000 traders, the platform's influence is undeniable. Parvez envisions the platform expanding its reach across India, while simultaneously setting its sights on the international stage. This vision transcends mere profitability; it's about birthing a movement that empowers retail traders to navigate the intricate trading universe with conviction and transparency.As they continue to metamorphose, it stands as a testament to the potency of empathy, innovation, and unyielding determination within the realm of entrepreneurship. With Parvez and Garvit at the helm, this startup is primed to redefine how retail traders traverse the labyrinthine world of trading.

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