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Things to Know About Your Solar Panel Battery Life

Solar Panel Battery Life Solar panels need solar batteries to store energy for future use in your house properly. That is why it is essential to be knowledgeable when it comes to solar batteries and their care and maintenance. Prolong your solar battery’s life expectancy with the help of this article.

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Solar battery care and maintenance can be intimidating. Still, as long as you have the basic knowledge, you will be able to prolong the lifespan of your battery and prevent it from getting damaged and replaced.

Things to Know About Your Solar Panel Battery Life

Getting accustomed to everything about your solar battery, from its maintenance and care to its life expectancy, is a great idea, especially if you are still a beginner in using solar energy and solar panels. Here are things to know about your solar panel battery life.

Solar Battery Life expectancy

A solar battery lasts for 5-15 years. You have to replace the batteries to match with the 20 to 30-year life expectancy of the solar power system you have.

What affects a solar battery's life?

Battery Type

It is important to consider what battery time best suits your solar panels. There are a lot of batteries available in the market. When choosing, you have to keep in mind the three chemical compositions of the batteries.

  • Lead-Acid Batteries
For off-grid energy systems, lead-acid batteries are more widely used. Lead-acid batteries are the cheapest, but they have shorter lifespans and lower depth of discharge.

  • Saltwater Batteries
Saltwater batteries rely on saltwater electrolytes. Saltwater batteries are more eco-friendly, and they can be recycled.

  • Lithium-Ion Batteries
Lithium-ion batteries are lighter and compact. That is why these batteries are the best choice for your home systems. Lithium-ion batteries have longer lifespans and a higher depth of discharge.

Out of all three, lithium-ion batteries function better and longer. That is why lithium-ion batteries are better options for those who use solar energy for their home. If you plan to replace your batteries, HlcBattery sees that you are provided with great-quality and longer-lasting lithium-ion batteries.

Solar Panel Battery Life Solar Battery Temperature

To maximize your battery's life and functionality, make sure to keep its unit at an optimal temperature. Too high or too low temperatures can degrade your battery’s efficiency and damage it.

Solar Battery Warranty

If you want a solar battery covered with a good warranty, you should get lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have a warranty of 10 years, or maybe more. Make sure to opt for manufacturers that have a clear warranty.

Usage Cycles

All batteries have usage cycles, even solar batteries. The usage cycle determines the batteries' lifespan. The more a battery is used, the more it decreases efficiency and the more it degrades over time.

Maintenance and Safety

Now that you have chosen and purchased your solar battery, it's time to know how you should maintain your solar batteries to maximize their life expectancy. Learning how to do maintenance and safety can help you ensure a well-functioning battery and solar system. Regular maintenance can also help you lower costs when it comes to fixing and replacing the batteries.

Battery Banks sizing

Make sure to size your battery banks by choosing a larger size. Energy used for home power increases, and so considering a larger sizing is better.

Avoid multiple parallel strings

To prevent the battery banks from losing equalization, and failing of weak cells, Make sure to avoid multiple parallel strings.

Prevent Corrosion

There are instances wherein cables experience corrosion. Invest in a sealant that can seal your solar batteries' terminals. Getting rid of corrosion will help your battery perform better, which leads to a better-performing solar panel.

Keep batteries at moderate temperature

If batteries experience higher temperatures, they will tend to deteriorate and drain faster. If the temperature around your area is high, it is better to have the batteries inside.

Full charge batteries every three weeks

When batteries are used, even if they are not fully charged, it will affect their lifespan and even damage the batteries. Have your batteries charge fully every three weeks.

Lithium-ion Solar Battery Maintenance

Lithium batteries only need little maintenance, but it is essential to know where they should be placed to prevent damage. Lithium-ion batteries are not well suited for extremely high-temperature and low-temperature places. Installing these batteries in such temperatures will make them degenerate rapidly.

Battery refill

Although almost not all solar batteries need refills, there is one type that does. Solar lead-acid batteries need refills using lead battery acid. To refill a lead-acid battery, just lift the cap and refill with the acid solution.

Remove Oxidation from solar lights

Oxidation more or so happens on solar lights. If you remove oxidation, it will improve your battery’s efficiency. You can clean oxidation from the solar lights by using a damp cloth that has a mixture of warm water and dish soap.


Being a new user of solar energy and solar panels can demand more than just the costs of installation. It requires a good knowledge of the basics, especially when it comes to the solar batteries that are responsible for storing the energy that's harnessed from the sun. It is essential to be aware of a solar battery's life expectancy to know what to expect and choose the best ones for you and your solar panels.

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