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How to Purify Your Mind? The Mind Purification process

Sound body hosts a sound mind and a sound mind makes way for a truly fulfilling LIFE. Here's an excerpt from Savitha Hosamane's Book Erupt With Joy that leads you to clarity on purifying your mind. Read ON! #StayInspiredOnTheGo
Mind Purification

The mind is a powerful mechanism. It has to be employed intelligently. The mind is just a process. In fact, the mind doesn’t exist – only thoughts, thoughts moving so fast that you barely get a chance to reckon if there is a void between the continuity.
Thoughts are like clouds in the sky. Thoughts are spawning and vanishing since the sky within you is anchored to infinite space. Thoughts come and go, as there is no hindrance, no obstacle. This can be easily seen when we are traveling above the clouds in an aeroplane. We can see the white clouds, which are floating by and above it is the blue sky.
When the plane glides above the clouds, there is a vast expanse of the sky. For example, one thought comes, another thought comes, another and they go on; the gap is small. One cannot notice the interval between two thoughts. So, two thoughts become joined, they become a continuity and because of the continuity, we think there is a mind.

Mind purification

Life is not made up of great deeds; it is made up of small things. How you get up, how you sit, how you talk, what you say; much depends on such gestures. And the main source from where all this action emerges is the mind. If we become conscious of our thoughts, we will slowly start bringing changes in our actions too. Thoughts can transform our whole life. Before every thought, every word and every act, stop for a moment. See what you are about to do, what its results will be. What does it tell you? What will happen as an outcome of it? It is very important to think this way.

All thoughts come from outside, none of them come from within. These thoughts then become attached to the desires within you. Though thoughts come from outside, there is a seed for this thought inside us. To purify our thoughts, it is important to realize that the thoughts, which enter the mind, don’t come accidentally. The thoughts which enter the mind are the ones that we actually want; the rest we just throw away. We are not aware that the mind can also be filled with garbage. Our mind has become an open guesthouse where there are no caretakers and no guards outside to see who is coming in or going out. Watch the mind and protect it so that it is free of impure thoughts. Constantly watch your mind; your thoughts will become more and more pure.

Mind Purification

Pure thoughts

- Thoughts that create a flow of peace inside you are pure thoughts
- Thoughts that bring joy are pure thoughts.

Impure thoughts

- Thoughts that create a sort of restlessness inside us are impure thoughts
- Thoughts that create any kind of disturbance are impure thoughts

Be close to nature. Nature never has impure thoughts. Ex: watching the sky, waterfall or forest full of greenery. Discover and nourish pure thoughts in your life. Make them part of your daily life.

When thoughts become pure, there would be immense changes in even small acts. We should not allow others to litter our minds just like we do not allow others to litter our houses.

Observe Your Thought Pattern

What are the dominant thoughts on your mind right now?

Which thoughts require immediate attention?

Are my thoughts positive/negative?

Am I willing to share my thoughts openly?

Am I able to differentiate between pure and impure thoughts?

Which part of nature do I like best? greenery/ snow / waterfalls / beach / small streams / fields /others. Please write down

Relax The Mind

Close your eyes very very softly. Allow the body to relax. Make only the mind tense. Make the mind tense with all your strength to a climax. Keep it tense. Allow it to relax totally. Release all the tension. Listen to all the surrounding sounds. As you listen silently, totally relaxed, the mind will start becoming silent. Do it for 10 mins. 

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