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Train your mind for Success and Happiness

In our everyday life, we face several challenges and unfavourable situations, which have the immediate effect on our thoughts even before it appears on our face or expressions. And those thoughts then begin influencing our behaviour and physical response towards our outer surroundings. We all search for some magical transformation which could help us stay positive and peaceful whereas that magical power is their inside us. We all have the power to alter our thoughts and our actions according to our will; we just need to learn some basics ways to train our mind.

Yes, we can train our mind and we can take charge of our emotions & actions. Meditation is a key process through which one can train the mind to consciously create positive thoughts, one wishes to have in day to day life.
Train your mind
Rigorous practice of meditation can help you transform your thoughts in a positive direction even when faced with unfavourable situations. Meditation enables you to get back to the belief or knowledge that you are a soul and your intellect gradually starts accepting and absorbing this fact. This then becomes the key to taking charge of your emotions and your thoughts. The belief that we are just a physical body and our thoughts are merely a result of the electrical and chemical process in our brain, and we do not have any conscious control over it, we let go of our ability to take charge of our emotions and thought processes in our brain. During meditation, our intellect recognises and realises that our thoughts are our own creation; creation of us as a soul and not the physical body, and using our intellect which is also a part of the soul, we can change our thoughts and emotions.

Through meditation, we can awaken the latent and hidden power within us and reach a state where our mind learns to master the thought process. Meditation equips mind with all the tools that are essential to maintaining calm and compose state during stressful situations. By regular practice of meditation, when we form a habit of being a master of our mind, we consciously form a new tendency of creating only positive thoughts that settle inside us, and our tendency to respond to a negative state of mind in a negative situation gradually ceases over a period of time.

Meditation refers to a process through which our brain and intellect transform our personality, behaviours and eventually our life.

Let’s take an example;
Suppose a teenage guy have had an argument with his father, and he lost his temper. At that point of time, not only the mind but whole body starts feeling uncomfortable and goes in a state of stress. The moment we get into some brawl or fight, our heart starts beating fast in anger and some of us even start shivering due to anger and stress, a discomfort is felt in the stomach and face becomes red. On top of that, we also start feeling stressed and sad. We feel like either the other person doesn’t at all understand us or we have even worsened the situation because of anger. This could have been controlled and avoided. A feeling of guilt also mounts inside which kept tormenting us for hours or sometimes even days. However, we have faced these situations earlier and know the outcomes but still we respond in the same way due to lack of control over our frustration, anger or emotions. A short-term uncertainty and fear of “what next – how the person will respond” occurs whenever we lose our control in front of anyone, be it father, kid, spouse, siblings, friends or at the workplace.

In such a state of mind, when you are feeling depressed or helpless, anger might erupt again and burst out on any other person or even on the same person, which will again worsen your state of mind. But once you acquire spiritual wisdom, you can simply remind yourself that you are a soul and can alter your thoughts and actions by consciously emerging into a sparkling point of peaceful light which is situated just at the centre of our forehead just about our eyes. This simple practice does not only let you become aware but awakens your ability to visualise your true, peaceful, spiritual existence using your intellect.  In that moment, you are able to tap into the pond of peace that is present deep inside your being. You can calm down your mind by holding on to this awareness for few minutes. As this experience grows, you gradually begin feeling a soothing effect on your entire physical system. You gradually get access to the stability and peace that is stored in your mind as well as body.

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AK Mishra
Founder & Managing Director, Chanakya IAS Academy and AK Mishra's Art of Succes

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