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How to Discover Your Passion? and What is Determination?

Some of the most pressing questions of this generation are related to finding their passion. Here is an excerpt from Life Simplified! book authored by Mr. Sujit Lalwani, that answers the questions like how can you discover your passion? Why is Determination the key to success? Read On!
Passion And Determination

In this chapter, I address the most critical issue this generation faces, the greatest prevailing confusion/question among the majority lot of us is “To follow your heart or NOT?”. If yes, then how do we know what our heart is passionate about, is it our inner calling or not? A staggeringly big question hence stands in front of us “What is passion?”

Then the question which tonnes of them ask me – “How do I discover my passion?” is naturally something that would need attention. But besides all this, an interesting term that tags along with these terms is Determination. “You need to be determined to make things happen” | “Determination is the key to success” | “If you are passionate about something you got to be determined to make it happen” are statements we often hear.

“Relationships is not a game of amateurs is what people say.. But they begin to foster between amateurs & become a reason to make them matured grown-ups!” Sujit Lalwani

In previous chapters our discussions helped us conclude that “failure is not the end of the road, it is just the bend in the road”. The one thing that validates this statement & makes you see success as a sure shot destination in your life is determination.

“Determination is the ability to stick to your decision with all your heart & execute what you are doing to your possible best & fullest until you achieve what you desire to.”

Passion And Determination

You want to become a doctor, a sport-star, a cine-star or anything for that matter, you need to GO FOR IT until you make it happen, no matter what the world has on its tongue about you and your desires. The bottom-line is “There is no looking back” – that’s determination.

A lot of people feel that it is difficult to achieve such levels of determination, let alone success which cometh later. On the contrary, I feel, it is way too easy to achieve high levels of determination once what you are pursuing is your passion or a part of your passion or leads towards something that is your passion. When you are interested in something you are turned on during the pursuit, It is these interests turned into a commitment that determines how deeply and strongly you execute something.

What tires us up and what doesn’t is just a result of how committed or interested we are in something.

Again there is a very thin line between interest and commitment. Interests change, commitments don’t; they are fulfilled. People change what they are interested in not what they are committed to or convinced about or what they are passionate for. Hence the best way to develop the ability to stick to what you are doing is to ensure you are passionate about it.

This brings us to our questions “What is passion? How do we get passionate about something? How do we learn about our passions?”

“Leadership is all about caring, daring, and sharing! Caring for people, Daring to Act fearlessly, & Sharing the success with all!” – Sujit Lalwani

Of what I have understood in life, this far, as I stand passionate (deeply interested rather committed) towards a large number of things, executing each one of them really well, I have figured out that there are 2 ways to learn about your passions or develop them:

1. One is you know you are passionate about something by the deep interest the activity triggers in you each time you are involved in it, by default without much mental efforts of pushing yourself to doing it.

2. Another is when you are focussed on to a work, developing interesting sides to it and you are continuously growing your depth of interest towards the objectives and goals of the work, you eventually (due to long-term involvement in it) develop a deep interest towards the work which evolves to become one of the things you are passionate about.

There is a very nice quote applicable for the latter and that is You love something, do it, you don’t love, don’t do it, but when you are doing something you better LOVE IT!”

Now coming to the question of “how does one know what he/she is passionate about?” Based on (a) - The best way to find out your passions or rather discover, is to put your hands into several things in the early stages of your life. It’s in your early stages of life, that you know a career is still a distant thing and parents are your guardians.

A few of the things you step into will stand out to interest you strongly. When you begin pursuing all of those things that interest you continuously, few of them will die out with time and few will continue driving you deeper and deeper. It’s those that drive you deeper with the time that you are passionate about & you shouldn’t hesitate endorsing them as your career or lifetime fields of work and research.

Based on what we discussed in point (b) – the route I discovered is the greatest lesson of my life, my strongest experience. The story is of one of my full-time careers today, it’s an area of my life, though a prominent career of mine, I did not know I was even interested in when I started.

Passion And Determination

Public speaking is what I am talking about and now even writing for that matter. The reason I got really passionate about both of these was owing to one of the things I learnt from my mentors, as mentioned before as well: “You love something, do it, you don’t love something, do not do it, but when you are doing something you better LOVE it!”.

My mentors always taught me to do things with a lot of enthusiasm & love for it, or rather in a word – passionately. Hence, I went on to take passionate speeches wherever I got a chance to as I was involved in a business that needed public presence pretty often. During this journey of delivering speeches, the responses I received killed my doubts and I realized soon enough that I was a good speaker. The responses were overwhelming & they drove me further till I became what I am today. Am still driven!

Travel Moulds A Man, People Mould His Wisdom And Experiences Mould His LIFE...! – Sujit Lalwani

Later, I got determined to be one of the best public speakers of my time. As I continue my efforts towards the same, I write this to you today, standing as a speaker who has already inspired more than a million people in various parts of the world from all walks of life ranging from age 5 to 75.

From marketing to sales to leadership to memory techniques to relationships to emotional intelligence to business development to tourism I have delivered speeches on about anything including “How to live a happy married life?” to over 50 couples at the age of 23, when I wasn’t married. The talk was indeed a grand success. I feel blessed and honored to know that I am a listed speaker in the esteemed & reputed Moscow Speakers Bureau, when once I know I had walked out of selections for debate competition in my college days thinking I stood no chance looking at the rest.

Passion And Determination

So, if you are already doing something and do not know what your passions are, take a goal of being the best of what you are doing, start discovering the interesting sides of your pursuit, after all, everything on this earth can be made interesting, Soon you will get deeply interested in what you are doing. Then, just get determined to be the best in your field amongst all those who belong to your trade/profession.

If you are appearing for an exam, be the best to pass out; if you are a teacher, take the target to have the highest no of students who are deeply overwhelmed with your teaching; if you are a businessman, take the target to stand out as a brand in your product arena; if you are a doctor, be the best one morally and through your service; if you are a sports star, take the challenge to win the titles in the upcoming Olympics or any other titles and so on. No matter which field you are in, strive to be the best! Better than your yesterday.

Once you are determined to be the best in what you are passionate about, Success would find your address even if you were to be hiding in the darkest corners of this earth, even if you were lying down in your living room or you were sleeping away to glory after a spell of mind-blowing effort towards your goals or you just changed your address. :)

This more or less, in the shortest notes of mine, sums up what I wish to communicate to you about what life is, its purpose, what success is, how failure meets us on the way, and eventually how we could discover our passion and be determined about making it big.

Let All Your Life’s Experiences Lead To More Writing & Encourage More Reading..! – Sujit Lalwani

But, all that we discussed would be incomplete without converting your journey towards your visions/dreams into goals and targets. We shall take this deeply in the next chapter, but for now, I end this chapter re-iterating

“You love something, do it, you don’t love something, do not do it, but when you are doing something you better LOVE IT!”

There is no option –



We have to do it!


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While this article is truly inspiring and insightful, the book Life Simplified! authored by Mr. Sujit Lalwani has a lot more content that you cannot miss reading. The book is available both on & for you to grab a copy of your own. Reading books is one of the ways that leaders keep themselves fine-tuned. It grows you to great heights within and without. If you don't find time to read complete books you could subscribe to online platforms and apps like Blinkist that give you short summaries of all major books globally.

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