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Determination at its Peak - Supriya Lohith

There isn't a living being in the world who doesn't have challenges but, the experience in FACING them is a bigger lesson of life. Anyone would relate to this story of a singer who fought the hurdles with the highest determination and belief in what she did. Success lies in relishing the journey, more than the destination. Read on to see how her zeal ameliorated the journey!
'Bubbly', 'loving', 'stay grounded', 'enjoy work', 'patience' defines Supriya Lohith, Playback Singer from South India having sung for more than a 100 movies in Kannada, Tulu and Telugu. Born in a family of musicians, it was obvious for Supriya also to be passionate about music and fortunately, she became the first person in her family who entered the field professionally. The grooming started from her home, but eventually, the actual stage appearances and opportunities turned her way during college where she got to be a part of cultural events of college and intercollegiate events. She also reminisces about the college band she was a part of and about the nervousness when she had to perform on stage for the first time.
Supriya Lohith
The first breakthrough occurred during her college days when she was selected to compete with the participants from other states of the Country for a competition held by Times of India. Her first recording with a studio mic betided when she won this competition which opened the doors for more opportunities. Victories continued to add when she won reality shows like Voice of Bangalore and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, through which her network with music directors and composers begun. Her first recording for a movie with the film score Composer Abhimann Roy, and the duet she sang was with one of the most renowned singer of the Nation, Hariharan.

The journey was not plain when it started. A roller coaster ride is very less compared to her hardships of 5 years in the field of singing where she had to go through days when she skipped meals, waited for hours, travelled distances, missed office work and the results were disappointment, frustration, disbelief in self because of which she felt she was devastated. There were times when a decision to quit also occurred in her mind but the words of her father kept her moving - “If there are bright days, there are dark days too. You cannot give up on your dreams just because you had a bad day. If you have to give up, then what is the use of the past years of struggles?”. Such questions and statements made her believe more every time there was a hurdle and the best lesson she always learnt was that fighting with oneself is the biggest challenge but if one could do that, then results are bound to be seen.
Supriya Lohith
“Learn, don’t give up, prove how better you can be and most importantly - patience and because of this, I’m able to analyze the growth in myself” says Supriya , who has currently been the reason for many aspiring singers to stay self motivated. Then came fruitful days which were the result of the 5 years of consistent hardwork and effort when KIIMA Awards honoured her as the best female singer, which was a headway for her longer journey as a singer with positive results and has till date been one of the demanded singers of the south having worked with the most sought after celebrities in the industry. Since last 3 years, Supriya has also involved herself in more than 200 live shows, has loved to perform in front of her fans listening to them howling, whistling and she believes a live show is the best forum for her to get in touch with the audience, a chance to meet the people who have actually made her grow with their support and just a wave back to them can make them more excited.

While she is enjoying her career which is her passion, Supriya does not forget the old times when she faced her first recording with utmost nervousness, the first ever time she heard her own song which got released and thanks the people who have been there for her since then. Her attitude of gratitude towards every person she worked with, her mentors who made her believe and helped her come out of her cuckoon, and also dedicates her success to her inspiration, Sunidhi Chauhan, whom she has followed since child hood days because of her voice and versatility  in singing. Supriya recollects the memories of childhood while she would use the household objects as microphone and enact as a singer performing with the highest amount of energy. She dreams to excel at what she does, perform more shows and just move the audience the way they will never forget.
Having a number of projects lined up, Supriya is looking out for exploring more of herself by singing in different languages and genres. Attitudes of staying down to earth, learning from every experience, being open to learn from anyone and everyone, facing every fear without letting oneself down has been some of the most important lessons of her life which, she believes, are the lessons every person needs to implement in life. Having a hunger to do more and cherishing every small experience has lead Supriya to reach this far and her message to every youngster, “There’s surely a silver lining but it comes with patience. Experience is the way of life and you get it only when you do it. Just know that there is always a longer journey ahead of your current achievements”.

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