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6 Workplace Philosophies For HR Heads of Organizations (Part 1)

Workplace philosophies are an internal guiding force in an organization. Here is what some of the successful HR Leaders have to say about the type of Workplace philosophies followed in their companies. This is an excerpt from Savitha Hosamane's Book Erupt With Joy. Read ON! #StayInspiredOnTheGo
Workplace Philosophies

(A couple of lines relating to Workplace Philosophy & its importance)

Intel’s vision:
If it is smart and connected, it’s best with Intel

Employee development in Intel is nurtured through close alignment of the workforce contribution to the organizational road map. Apart from innovation in work-deliverables, the innate desire of employees to innovate in different streams and the output of that is showcased in multiple innovation forums throughout the organization.

On the Manager Development front, managers are empowered to hold the employee responsible towards the end goal, rather than micro-managing the day-to-day activities. Channelizing the workforce towards the goal to develop the best products, motivating them and energizing the workforce with unique methods of support and development are the key measurable in the process of how managers are expected to nurture their teams. From a Leadership development perspective, the focus is towards the direction and laying out the deliverables over a long period. The measurables are towards the vision, mission and all-round exposure/experience in multiple facets

-Manas Das – Director, Business Operations

Intel India

Nurturing a professional ecosystem

At SHEROES we have a diverse workforce ranging from 19 to 50-year-olds. Anchoring, in terms of experience and energy, is the path we take to bridge the gap, and our employees enjoy benefits like being able to bring their babies to work. Our workspace comprises an open, fluid layout. A culture of appreciation and celebration within the team is the key focus. As a team, collective responsibility is taken with emphasis on individual outcomes that add value to the bigger picture. Empathy, nudging team members to move in the direction of their potential, offering listening skills to others, mission-centricity is what binds the whole group together.

- SaireeChahal - Founder & CEO


Driven by Intent

In TAFE Access, training is imperative at all levels on a day-to-day basis from the day of induction. Customer behavior learning on a practical basis is provided apart from product training. It is a continuous on-going process based on the requirement. There is a culture of an approachable environment with responsible ownership. Genuine concern and care is a predominant factor. Changing the incentive structure even during lean periods is an added feature.

– Pushpalatha, HR Manager,

TAFE ACCESS, Bangalore.

Workplace Philosophies

Celebration is the key

The vision is to celebrate the fullness of life by honoring and preserving the natural ecology of mother earth as well as mankind – as part of one universe. We work with enthusiasm and overcome challenges as we “think solutions”. Communication and understanding are the means of achieving balance for issues. The employees enjoy a lot of flexibility, are being heard and taken care of with relaxation breaks. They adhere to meditation, outings and birthday celebrations. The management being easily approachable strives to work with commitment. Integrity and honesty are the core values of Greenpath. The attrition rate is very low.

- Jayaram – Founder

GreenPath, Bangalore

We are “For One Another”

Workplace flexibility has an impact on satisfaction, which positively impacts productivity. At Continental, people have the freedom to act on their own with responsibility. It helps them feel motivated and feel more satisfied while taking ownership of their work responsibly. We make a demographic analysis of challenging emotions that could surface in the next 3-5 years. The focus is to not let go of the competence while remaining flexible. Our leaders are our message transmitters to build confidence.

– Marcel Verweinen, Country HR Head,

Continental, Bangalore

Delivering Happiness

In Milaan, the value system of trust, speed, and transparency defined and moderated by senior management has improved the processes and has bolstered the management of internal and external relationships. Clinical audits by internal and third-party sources have improved the standards of delivery and patient–care, catering to the "life-changing” experience. Talent engagement platform enables a vibrant and participatory work environment for doctors, specialists, and staff of all departments. It aids to gain mutual respect and recognition.

- Vasudev P.K, Head HR,

Milaan, Bangalore

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