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Meditation: The Super-Conscious Power

What is MEDITATION? This is the most meaningful and historical question. Today, in this space and time of digital technology, what is the role and use of meditation? First question: what is meditation? Meditation is a state of unoccupied mind; mind is simply bundle of thoughts. The elementary and fundamental core function of mind is to think, some time thinking of past or future or somewhere inside the latent virtual dimensions. When mind is unoccupied it does not drift into the past, future or any virtual reality. Meditation is a state of mind living in the present moment, drifting mind with time moment by moment. Meditation means having the same phase of mind and time. The great BUDDHA called this as MINDFULNESS.

Our mind has a limitation and this is the most valuable gift to the mankind; we can think only one thought at a time. The gift is that we can make a choice what to think. Whatever we think, say or write; all these work on our consciousness all the time. Our consciousness keeps working all the time even when we are sleeping. Our mind is always occupied with something; making mind unoccupied is meditation. A meditative mind is that which is not occupied by thoughts. An unoccupied state of mind gives us full access of our mind at all possible levels of consciousness, sub-consciousness and super-consciousness.
Meditation: The Super-Conscious Power,mindfullness
Meditation process provides us full control of our consciousness, this is more like a direct access to control panel. How to Meditate: Meditation starts with controlling our awareness and focus; focusing on our breath is the way inside our consciousness we slow down the breath with all the awareness. On inhale and exhale our consciousness expands to the inside of our being. In Meditation our body is in the state of sleep and our mind is free at the subconscious level. This provides us a gateway to control our sub-conscious energy. Sleeping and Meditation: Our body has a natural way of charging up our energy level called sleep, that's why we feel rejuvenated after a deep sleep. Every night we charge up our consciousness for the next day. "Sleep is an unconscious state of meditation and meditation is a conscious state of sleep." During meditation with the power of our intention and capability to shift awareness, we can regulate the flow of the energy as per our will. During sleep we are limited as we are in unconscious state of mind but in meditation we are in a mode of conscious sleep. So our guided consciousness expands to an unlimited domain.
Benefits: The basic function of our consciousness is to heal our body in every way - physical, mental and emotional. With meditation our consciousness is serving us with full potential; so the first thing it does is healing of our physical body. This is called energy healing. Apart from healing process Meditation synergies our creative side and we are a more creative person, we are more effective and more efficient in every aspect of life. Creative Benefits: Creativity simply is IMPROVEMENT in present set of mind; more creative means we are more aligned to the task and productivity. Creativity of every individual depends upon how one can use his consciousness; creativity is always in a direct relation with the relaxation of mind. More relaxed mind means less occupied and more available for creativity. With the capacity to lead our consciousness we become more successful, more healthy and wealthy. Meditation shapes the creative side of our being. RAM: Ram is the thoughtless state of mind; this state of mind leads us to the ultimate state of enlightenment. In a more scientific language, enlightenment is the capability of life at (RAM) pure sub-conscious state of mind. Meditation is the master key for enlightenment.

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Shruthi Arora
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