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8 Fun Ways to Spend the Weekend with Your Friends

Are you looking for some fun activity to do with your friends this weekend? Well, look no further as we've got your back with these 8 ideas. Read ON!

Fun Ways to Spend the Weekend with Your Friends We all love hanging out with our friends but figuring out what to do with them on the weekend can be tricky because it's always the case that different people want to do different things and keeping everybody happy is a near-impossible task.

In this article, we'll be exploring 8 cool things to do with friends on the weekend and giving you some advice so you can have some fun.

1. Go for a Hike

One of the best ways to spend time with your friends is by going on a hike together. It's great exercise; it will allow you to bond as you chat while walking and it's also very cheap because all you need is some good walking shoes, hiking clothes and some snacks and drinks.

If you live in an area with lots of hills or mountains, then this is the perfect activity for you, but even if there aren't any hills that are local to you, a long walk in the park can be just as fun and relaxing. If you can get your blood pumping and some fresh air into your lungs, you're sure to have a good time - plus it'll do your health some good!

2. Have a Picnic

Another great way to spend time with your mates outdoors is by having a picnic. You can pack some sandwiches, salads, fruit, drinks, and whatever else you like to eat, and then find a nice spot in the park to sit down and enjoy your food together. There's something special about having a nice picnic with your friends.

This is an excellent activity for summer days when the weather is nice, but it can also be fun in winter if you wrap up warm and take some hot drinks with you. If you live in an area that allows you to have a drink outdoors, why not have a couple of nice cold beers if you're staying close to home or going out in the wild for the weekend?

Fun Ways to Spend the Weekend with Your Friends 3. Go Swimming or Sailing

If you want to do something active then why not go swimming or sailing? This is great exercise, and it's also entertaining because you get to play around in the water together. It also gives you the chance to brush up on your swimming, and it can be super fun and also helpful in case you need it in the future.

Swimming pools are usually quite cheap to enter so this shouldn't cost you too much money but if you don't have access to a pool then maybe one of your friends has a boat that they can take out on the lake or sea. Wild swimming is so liberating, and we'd recommend it to anybody who hasn't done it before.

4. Play Games Together

Playing games together is another great way to spend time with your buddies because it gives you something to focus on other than just chatting, which can be nice if you want a break from talking for a while. Just make sure you don't get too competitive, as we'd hate to be the reason you guys fall out over a fun little game.

There are lots of different games that you can play depending on what type of game everyone wants to play, so make sure to ask before choosing one. Some popular options include card games, board games, and charades, but there are many more options too.

5. Go to a Museum or Art Gallery

If you want to do something cultural for a change, going to a museum or art gallery can be a great option. This is usually free or very cheap to do, and it can be really fascinating to learn about different things together. If you're a young person, student, or a senior, you may also be able to get a pass which will give you free access to lots of special exhibitions.

Fun Ways to Spend the Weekend with Your Friends 6. Have a Movie Marathon

Having a movie marathon is another great indoor activity that you can do with your friends. You can all choose some of your favorite movies and then spend the day or evening watching all the movies back-to-back. If you want, you could also have some snacks and drinks while you're watching the films, which will make it even more fun. Which movie series is your favorite?

7. Go Out for Dinner or Drinks

If you want to do something more traditional together, then going out for dinner or drinks can be a great option. This is usually quite expensive, so it might not be something you can do every weekend, but it's definitely worth doing every now and again because it's always lovely to catch up over food and drink.

8. Go Camping or Glamping Together

Finally, if you want to get away from it all with your mates, then going camping or glamping together can be a great option. This is usually relatively cheap because all you need is some camping equipment, and then you can find a spot in the woods or by the lake to set up camp for the weekend.

Glamping is becoming increasingly popular, so if camping sounds too rough for you, then maybe this is something that would suit you better. There are lots of different places that offer glamping now, so have a look online for some inspiration. It mightn't be cheap, but it's certainly much less stressful.

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