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A Guide to Travelling and Camping with Less Luggage

Travelling and Camping with Less Luggage Are you someone who can’t seem to take less luggage with you when traveling and camping no matter how hard you try? No matter what plan you make, how light you try to pack, you still end up with a ridiculous amount for your trip. Well, you aren’t alone!

Many of us struggle with camping and traveling with less luggage and find ourselves stressed by the thought of packing, dreading attempting to streamline our luggage. Thankfully, we have come swooping in to save the day!

Today we have a brief guide that will help you travel and camp with less luggage! Keep reading to find out more, and remember to check out CamperGuide for more information and excellent recommendations for camper trailers.

How to travel and camp with less luggage?

Without further ado, let’s get into this guide and see how you can travel and camp with less luggage!

It all starts with a bag.

Choosing the correct bag is often the key to traveling light. A simple way to travel with less luggage is to limit yourself to one bag and select a smaller bag. This will stop you from adding more to your bag and force you to prioritize what you need!

Try a 40-45 liter bag. These are usually the size for carry-on bags with airlines and are ideal for traveling and staying in hostels! You might want to up this to two for camping or opt for a larger size to accommodate the more items you will need.

A backpack is a good option as it can be carried around easily. As you have to carry it, you will pay more attention to the weight, avoiding the temptation to overfill the bag again and leaving you with hefty luggage to lug around.

Opt for a waterproof bag where possible and one made of lightweight and durable material that will hold up when you camp or are spending the day exploring.

Travelling and Camping with Less Luggage Pack must-haves only

When packing your bag, pack only what you need and must have. It's a good idea to layout all your gear and eliminates anything you don’t need. It can also help write a list of everything you need and stick to the list only!

First-time campers might find themselves bringing more because you feel you need it, or it can feel comforting/safe. Try and fight this urge where possible and bring only what you need.

Remember, if you are traveling to a popular destination or camping on a campsite, you can always purchase an item you have forgotten there or on your way! Yes, that is annoying, but you don’t need to take everything. You can always purchase food and toiletries on the way if needed.

Make the most of miniatures

If your trip is short, invest in some reusable travel-sized clear bottles. You can fill them with enough shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel for the duration of your trip. You don’t need to lug large bottles with you, just take what you need. You can do the same with your skincare too!

You can also purchase mini toothpaste and hair care products that will help you to save space. It’s also worth checking if toiletries are available when you arrive, especially if you are not camping or glamping instead.

Travelling and Camping with Less Luggage Limit your clothing

Don’t pack more than a week's worth of clothing. There is almost always somewhere to do laundry while you travel. This might be harder when camping, but you can always pop to your nearest town and make use of a laundrette if needed. Opt for clothes that you can layer too, and where possible, your thickest layer when you travel.

Don’t waste precious space on a large jumper or coat, where it is while you travel, giving you more space for your other clothes. Opt for versatile pieces that you love and can be mixed and matched easily. Where possible, go for a simple color palette and timeless pieces. You can always dress an outfit up with jewelry or a small clutch bag if you are heading into town for an evening when traveling!

Keep cooking gear minimal

We aren’t suggesting that you start foraging for berries, but keep your equipment minimal to save space. A camp stove, fuel, one or two pots and pans, and some tongs will go a long way! Pack some foil for wrapped dinners and a mess-kit for everyone in your group, and you will be amazed at what you can create with these times!

Bring some food with you too, but avoid things that need to be refrigerated if you can’t keep them cool. You should be fine with the temperature changes at night, but you might want to be cautious during the warmer summer months.

Final Thoughts
And there you have it, a guide to traveling and camping with less luggage! Give our one bag rule a try and see how much you can fit in it! Remember, you only need the essentials, and anything you forget can always be bought en route; there’s no need to weigh yourself down with unnecessary items!

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