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Patience is the Virtue!

Patience, undeniably, is a trait possessed by successful leaders. But how can we develop patience? How can we make it one of our traits too? Here is an excerpt from Life Simplified! book authored by Mr. Sujit Lalwani, that can help you with the same. Read On!
Patience is the virtue

It definitely is easy said than done, that patience is the virtue. It definitely is easy, for those who can be patient. For the rest, patience is in itself a goal to be accomplished on the to-do list. (Did I notice another smile on your face? Am sure you can recall all those times when you put down your resolutions and one of them was – Need to be more patient, have a better temperament, or better control on emotion & we lost patience before we could achieve it each time) :)

“Patience Pays.. Is true!

But the greater Truth is that It takes Advance payment Before paying In return!” – Sujit Lalwani

Why is it that some people are able to be extremely patient while the rest of them get restless pretty soon? As I promise to simplify life here, I would bring you very close to understanding what patience is in the simplest way possible.

Just as salt & sugar are universal ingredients, that truly bring taste, but they needn’t be yet added in every single dish. Likewise, patience & determination are two such qualities that bring taste to life, though they may at times not be needed in all situations. It’s time now that you look into the definition of patience that would encompass a majority of its wings for our simplified life:

“Patience is the ability to stay optimistic about the change you desire, ability to wait for the result you wish to see, keeping hope for the desired to happen & continue working towards the goal, having situations & people respond opposite but still not forget that reacting or over-reacting with loss of patience would cost more than the payoff. It's overall the ability to face the adversities of any form in the face and throw them a smile that conveys to them, that you don’t care about them & they are unable to cause pain they desire to till adversities actually get convinced.

You fake it all to your possible best till you can take it all. When you have faked it a lot of times, it becomes a natural attitude, and being perseverant till doing it all becomes natural is what is best understood of ‘patience’!”

After this lovely piece of a detailed definition of patience, if you still have questions on your mind to what exactly is patience – then just need to fake it, face it & take it :)! Did you just lose patience? If not, then you have developed it. :) :)

Jokes apart, let’s take it right – it’s important to know that it’s not a failure to be unable to keep patience at times, as long as you are conscious about developing it, you are on the right track. Stay focussed by reminding yourself of what you wish to be and what you wish to do.

Patience is the virtue

Each time you lose it and remind yourself and regain strength to keep track of life and get focussed with your energies being spent in the direction of your goals, you are actually getting more patient.

Goal Of LIFE Is patience, Goal Of Patience Is LIFE! – Sujit Lalwani

It’s definitely not wrong that someone claimed: “patience pays!” It’s pretty simple for me to answer if you ask me why. The answer is this story which I am reminded of, where a stone crusher would be giving his shots on the stone to crush a large stone that was deemed the toughest rock. On a fine morning after months of trying to break the stone, after about a 100 hits that morning the stone breaks apart and he is called the strongest man around the town.

For years, they relied on him for breaking such tough rocks/stones, and they kept analyzing his food habits and health habits to discover his secrets of strength. Before late, they realized that he was as normal as anyone else, while his strength lay in his ability to keep hitting the stone, till it broke apart. It’s the adversity that lost patience against him.

Patience is the virtue

The strength is in your ability to keep hitting against the stones in your life that are deemed the toughest. Remember they are all man-made, if someone can, you too can.

They aren’t tougher than your will-power. Keep HITTING! Not on the next door girl though, else you shall be hit in return :). Jokes apart, hope you are patiently able to go through this piece of text. Just keep pushing yourself page after page and you shall soon come to the close of this book before you realize it’s done and I am pretty sure half of it if applied could mean a simplified life.


Powerful Ability To Induce Energy N Continuing Enthusiasm

Now, you have added patience to your dreams! All that seemed like a herculean task will now seem achievable. You are STRONG & firm. Time to put down your plan of action Now!

Publisher's Note:

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