I'm not Trapped

Ogwo David Emenike
Published on: 2nd April 2014

I'm not like the caged bird
That sings hopeful songs of freedom
And only dreams of what it feels like to spread one's wings
And leap and soar

I'm not like the prisoner
Locked behind bars of limitation
Unable to reach peaks
And explore and thrive

I'm not a puppet
Under the sway of a hilarious puppeteer
Being pushed to and fro
Against my wilful will

I'm not like the water
Trapped in a well
I'm the flowing river
Coursing forward

Never will I be trapped
By sticky web of deceit
I'm the wind
Catch me if you can

I'm not just like other birds
I'm the soaring eagle
I'm not just like other beasts
I'm the ferocious lion.
im not trapped,freedom
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