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'Breakthrough Starshot' Encourages Exploration Into the Deep Unknown
For as long as man has been able to dream, he has reached for the stars. Space has always been the final frontier, and while humanity has made enormous strides in exploring the great unknown, it's difficult not to feel as though we've only scratched the surface.
Since the launch of the first manmade object into space by Russia in 1957, the world's space programs have worked tirelessly to extend farther than ever before into the great beyond. The latest initiative toward that end is “Breakthrough Starshot.” Back in April 2016, Stephen Hawking announced that a new project, funded by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, will attempt to launch a state-of-the-art spacecraft 4.3 lightyears away from our sun and...
Megan Ray Nichols
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19th March 2017
A Different Path for Inventors
Many innovators spread all over the country are today busy in inventing techniques to support the already established industries and organisations. Here are a few inspiring innovations, which are serving the entire mankind and the environment!
The law of nature of survival of the fittest is found even in the industrial sector. The strong and powerful survive and wipe out the small and powerless. The powerful organizations not only attract more resources, but also more admirers and supporters. They are able to lobby with governments and get the funds diverted to their desired sectors. They are also able to amass huge intellectual properties. Many times, their...
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11th March 2017
8 Breathtaking Technological Discoveries & Breakthroughs
Here is the list of the some of the technology innovations which thoroughly surprised the entire world with their emergence.
1. Microscopes Even if microscopes weren't integral to the discovery of the cell - the building block of life as we know it, and we still would put them on this list of sheer coolness. How else were we to watch chromosomes replicate or marvel at the mosaic pattern of a mosquito eye? Without microscopes, a staggering portion of our world would remain invisible to us. The naked eye cannot see...
Saurabh Borse
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7th February 2017
4 Ways to Get More Speed Out of a Mac
Want to make sure that you're getting as much speed out of your Mac? It goes without saying that more speed generally means higher productivity, which is often important - especially if you're using your Mac for work.
The good news is that it isn't all that difficult to speed up your Mac, and here are the 4 methods you should use: Close unnecessary apps and processes Any app or processes that are running will consume resources (i.e. RAM and processing power) and affect your Mac's overall speed. As such you will want to close any apps that you don't need, and also use the Activity Monitor to find processes...
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24th December 2016
Standard Oscillator Tube RF Welders Vs Vacuum Tube Powered Welders
Problem #1: Poor (or No) Arc Controls Some RF Sealers can arc several times a day, especially if your welder is not properly tuned or arc sensitivity is not set properly. Arc forces to stop production to clean the die or burned materials and repair or replace the die completely. Solution: ONEX RF has superior controls that virtually eliminate arc problems. Problem #2: Reduced Productivity Once an RF sealer arcs, operators must stop and the process....
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19th December 2016
Green Bridges Inspire Sustainability and Green Living
Recent revelations about humanity's real impact on the environment have inspired great minds the world over to rethink old inventions to make them 'greener'. Over the last couple of decades, this environmentally sensitive mindset, combined with innovations in engineering and design, has had a noticeable impact on trends in construction and architecture. Today's builders are creating beautiful, sustainable structures - examples of which include green bridges that combine energy efficiency, low-impact construction,...
Megan Ray Nichols
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19th September 2016
3D Printing Inspires Medical Breakthroughs
Advancements in the medical world and technology bring along with them a hope of a better life for people who otherwise could not dare imagine leading a normal life. With cancer cures to alternate medicines to advanced surgeries, we have seen significant progress in this field. Added to this list is the 3D printing technology, which with a material like Liquid Silicone Rubber is all about creating a carbon copy of every individual's cells... in other words, a promise of a better life to those who never imagined it possible.
Desktop 3D printers were once considered a novelty - a nifty piece of technology you could pick up for a couple of hundred dollars to print just about anything you could design in a computer. They've been used to create everything from Dungeons and Dragons miniatures to low-cost prosthetics for amputees, but until now, they’ve just been unique and functional novelties.  However, with new advances in 3D printing technologies that allow...
Megan Ray Nichols
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17th June 2016
Military Aircraft in Need of an Upgrade
Although the United States Air Force has long been considered the best and most powerful in the world, the aging fleet of aircraft that’s currently in use could be an indicator of pending change. Failure to protect our nation's skies can lead to vast and catastrophic consequences in the future, so the importance of maintaining a first-in-class fleet of aircraft cannot be stressed enough. However, this begs this question: Is it...
Megan Ray Nichols
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21st May 2016
Top Green Building Trends
With all eyes on the future of the planet, it's good to know that science is making all kinds of advances to make our world a little greener. One of the most exciting areas of eco-friendly development is the construction industry: There are lots of great new ways to reduce your carbon footprint while building or remodeling your home.
Take a look at some of these top choices for green construction methods. Any one of these will make your building project more eco-friendly - invest in several, and you'll be doing the Earth a big favor! Xeriscaping Xeriscaping is a fancy word for designing your landscape to thrive in your local conditions. It’s especially important in California and the Southwest, where ongoing drought is a serious issue. Instead of wasting precious water...
Megan Ray Nichols
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7th April 2016
Is Your Facewash Harming the Environment?
Microbeads were once touted as a better way to clean and exfoliate - introduced to soaps, body washes, and toothpaste - but now it's become apparent they have various unintended adverse effects.
What Are Microbeads? Microbeads are tiny plastic spheres created to provide increased scouring power. They measure between 10 micrometers, or 0.00039 inches, to one millimeter, or 0.039 inches. But when these items are used in personal hygiene products and then washed down the drain, their long-lasting effects are far from over - in fact, they've just begun. Where Do Microbeads Go? The beads make their way from a sink or shower to the...
Megan Ray Nichols
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3rd March 2016