A section to give platform to people who dream to become Ayn Rand, Paulo Coehlo or Dan Brown but haven't just cracked the fluidity yet.
Why not from animals?
Many a times, I feel bad about my life because of the wrong decisions that I had taken and for the consequences of it. Somehow, I am capable to move on in, thanks to the inspiring & inspired persons of the world. Yes, those are the people who relentlessly made me to think the positive aspects in my life and to feel positive about it. With due respect to them, I...
B Sriram
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7th September 2016
Dignify your Womanhood
It is a known fact that the society is pushing women into the mold of being perfect, sexy, hard, gossips, wicked and many other things but one thing a woman must not fail to be is - real. A woman can be successful in life by maintaining her true identity. One thing women must learn to do in this day and age is to be themselves. The news media daily...
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
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11th August 2016
Kinds of Poverty
According to my findings, there are dimensions of poverty and understanding them will help you to overcome them. I did not write this piece to scare you but to enlighten and empower you to be on top of your game. Here are kinds of poverty: 1. Financial Poverty This is the predominant kind of poverty for it is the lack of money or cash. Having streams of income, investments and savings will...
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
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5th August 2016
What books really are in the present era
Just sometime back, I saw something that truly baffled me in this present era of our existence. Walking past the Lagos Island has been my usual routine for some time now, but last Friday was exceptional when I pictured a scenario that really brought me to thinking of how we would survive the hurricane that is set to manifest in due course.I walked past stands of home videos and books...
Onuoha Ignatius Obinna
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28th July 2016
Snake and Ladder
Most of us would have played the game of snake and ladder or at least we would have watched people play the game. It can sometimes be a really annoying game as it seems to never end, but on the other hand, it's a game where one cannot predict anything; anyone can be on top and within the next move can land down. It is so relevant to each one of our...
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4th July 2016
Qualities one should possess to become a leader
Winning hearts is as tough as winning a war. One does need weapons to win a war, in the same way some qualities are needed to win over hearts. A ruler can influence people only when he is in power, but a leader can influence even if he don't have any power. What are those qualities one should possess to become a leader? These are some of the qualities that differs...
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22nd June 2016
Leadership Lessons I Learned From John C. Maxwell
My name is Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha,  a Nigerian-born writer, communicator, life coach and social entrepreneur. One of the things I love to do is to learn from the purple sagacity of men and women that are ahead of me in the journey of life, I use what I learn from them to better my life and that of others. Dr. John C. Maxwell is a motivator, author and leader extraordinaire who...
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
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20th June 2016
How to find happiness in life
Though everyone wants a happy life, very few have it. Is this because of the reason that some people are lucky and some are not? I don’t think so. "What does happiness really mean and how to find it?" Answers for these questions differ from person to person. There is no common definition for happiness. For instance; you may feel happy if you visit new places, and some other person may...
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11th June 2016
A New World You Showed Me
"Are you winner if you have no competition? Or are you a winner if you have more competition?",
Motivated by YOU! 
"If someone is not competing, you must trigger them to compete",
Learnt from YOU!
"Commit targets in front of others. That's when you are committed at work"...
Chethan S Hugar
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31st January 2016
You don't 'FAIL'!
Life is a mixture of ups and downs, isn't it? We come across variety of situations where we regret not having a prior knowledge of what we want to do or wanted to do. This, in turn makes us waste a lot of time regretting over the past actions and wondering about the future. Finally, we end up losing self-confidence of accomplishing our dreams which all happens due to the...
Keerthana MR
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24th January 2016