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Oil & Gas Kenya 2017: Shaping the Market of One of the World's Cheapest Oil Producers
Improving global crude oil prices has caused oil and gas exploration activities in Kenya and the East African region as a whole to rise as global confidence in the sector slowly continues to grow back!
Kenya has recently seen significant exploration success with a UK based oil and gas firm indicating oil reserves of over 700 million barrels in the country's north western county of Turkana, in addition to existing off shore drilling sites. The firm reports that the breakeven point for Kenya crude oil is around the $25 per barrel mark, including pipeline transportation costs to the sea port of Mombasa. This puts oil production...
Summits World
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25th February 2017
IESA Vision Summit 2017 establishes trust in making India, the next global hub of the Electronics Sector
The 12th of IESA Vision Summit 2017 proves India's potential to grow and establish as the landing place in the electronics Industry. Read on for a peek at the happenings of the event that was held on the 21st and 22nd of February, 2017.
Bengaluru, India: India Electronics and Semiconductor Association(IESA), the premier trade body committed to the development of a great Indian ESDM(Electonic System Design and Manufacturing) ecosystem and striving to bring into reality, the vision to establish India as the destination for the electronic industry, commenced IESA Vision Summit 2017, on the 21st of February 2017. The two-day summit focused on the theme of 'Design led Manufacturing- Redifining the future of India's...
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23rd February 2017
Ask the Right Questions to The Bus Hire Company
If you have some occasion in your house and are looking for bus hire company, then you will have to ask them a few questions first. These buses will transfer all the people from one destination to other with absolute ease. This option can also be one great choice if you are going for a family vacation.
Here is some inspiration for you to be able to ask the right questions to the Bus Hire Company. Firstly, you need to choose the bus which can accommodate many people. Then you need to ask to the bus services about their packages and price range. These buses mainly offer some comprehensive services which include all major places, and they can be booked for one whole day. But if you need...
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22nd February 2017
Intriguing Sales & Marketing events
Here's all about Salesgasm and the company's upcoming sales & marketing events. Read on!
Salesgasm is a professional sales and marketing training facilitation company. Its mission is to make sure that the world has better and more efficient sales and marketing professionals and no company has to close down because it was not able to market and sell its products/services. Many of the finest sales and marketing professionals from across the globe are a part of the Salesgasm family. There are 2 ways Salesgasm...
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9th February 2017
A peek into the past
Read on for one of the most inspiring part of life, of this young lady, who from India, despite opposition from people around, left abroad and after her thrilling experiences alongside educating herself, went back bagging a lot of honors, including a letter from Barack Obama and has certainly made her country proud. She also shares some of the most important lessons required to be able to make it big. Here's the journey, from the lady herself..
You wake up for school like everyday, all bored and sleepy, go to school, you're still sleepy. Teacher comes in the class, teaches you and gives you homework, you're still sleepy and then she makes the announcement for a 10 month exchange program to the United States of America, and you're not sleepy anymore. That's what happened with me. It was a normal day. I didn't know that that day...
Ramsha Khan
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7th February 2017
Five Unusual Scams to Avoid This Year
Here are some of the most widespread and believable cons attempting to part you and your money! Stay Alert!
A new year gives people across the globe reason to reflect. Statistics may paint an optimistic picture for the upcoming year, but 2016 has been thoroughly branded on social media as the "worst year of all time". For example, while numbers on the economic and military strength of the U.S. paint a positive picture, there are less flattering findings as well. For example, the nation leads the world in credit...
Devin Morrissey
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7th February 2017
Magic Mushroom
This beautifully conveyed story of the Magic Mushroom, is sure to be one of the most interesting stories you will always remember.
In a dark and twisted forest, there grows a special type of mushroom. This kind can't be found anywhere else in the world - only in this particular forest, in one particular clearing, right in the heart of ... but I almost gave away the country. I'm not going to tell you which country, because then I'm sure you'll go there, and try to find this mushroom.And the mushroom can...
Sonali Bhatia
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25th January 2017
Ways to Turn Your Internship into a Career
An internship is the stepping stone between your student life and a new career. A rare chance to taste-test the profession you're interested in, without actually committing to the industry. In essence, interns have the opportunity to take a 'low risk' approach and get their foot in the door.
Whether you're fresh out of a short course, degree or apprenticeship training, it's crucial that your internship offers valuable insight and knowledge into your industry. A good program will enable you to be present in meetings or broaden your responsibilities. The best program will encourage you to actively seek both. If you’re ready to transform your internship into your dream job offer, check out these essential tips. Manage Your Time Effectively Try not...
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22nd January 2017
You'll Find the Music
The below tale that takes you through different times of life, is also sure to help you realize the importance of belief in one's life!
They say the boats still wait.Empty.Gently swaying at the edge of the sea, they wait.Why? For whom? Or what? To answer those questions, you'll have to go back to the time when your great-grandfather was a child.That was a time when people still believed in magic. They saw miracles every day, and they thanked Heaven for them. They believed in fairies, and in elves and imps. They believed that four-leaf...
Sonali Bhatia
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17th January 2017
3 Technologies Inspiring Change in Manufacturing
Here are some of the advanced technologies that are driving growth to change the manufacturing landscape!
The manufacturing industry has seen its ups and downs recently. Companies are moving overseas and layoffs happen left and right. However, new technological advancements have the potential to inspire real change and transform the industry for the better.  1. Additive Manufacturing Many manufacturers are already well familiar with the concept of additive manufacturing. Its origin began hundreds of years ago. Its reputation among modern society is decades old and  it's a process...
Megan Ray Nichols
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16th January 2017