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Student Debt Weighing You Down? Consider Moving!
Are you a recent graduate drowning in student debt?
Welcome to the club. Many graduates are not making regular payments on their student loans. While unemployment rates are steadily improving, the chances of a recent graduate finding work is little better than flipping a coin; around 40% the unemployed are recent graduates. Traditionally, college graduates are expected to move out on their own. You are supposed to become fully independent after reaching this milestone. In modern times, this notion has...
Cody Hill
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12th November 2016
Power Play: Position over Person
Assuming any position demands that the person is out and the position is in, which is easier said than done. How easy is it for anyone in a position of power forget that it is their position that is of value (even while they did what it took to make sure they deserved it), and even easier is it for their friends/family/social circles to forget that this person's position comes first, the person comes next. Hard to live by, difficult to fathom, and hardly followed, the author talks about how reverence to a position affects lives and does matter at a large scale.
How many times have you had someone you were close to, enter a position of power? And no, I don't mean power only in the traditional sense. Let me explain. This afternoon, at 5th block Jayanagar Raghavendra Mutt, the current swamigalu took seat to perform the legendary- not to mention, mind blowing- "Samsthana Puje". In this process, they worship the Lord of all Gods, Shree Ram. Rama is held at the...
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31st October 2016
Steer Clear of These 4 Career Mistakes in Future
With the onset of the last quarter of the current year, it is time to give wings to your long pending plans and act in a direction which would lead you to higher level of career success. The passing year must have taught you a lot of lessons when it comes to making vital career decisions. Not only you must not repeat those mistakes, but also you have to be more careful and change your habits according to changing times. Here are five things you need to stop doing right now to be a more successful professional.
It's the end of the year, and the right time to start planning for how you would like your career to look like in the coming year. Sometimes the best way to do something right is to stop doing something wrong. If career is your first priority this saying will ring the right kind of emotions in you. Needless to say, there are some habits that can cost you an...
Saurabh Tyagi
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27th October 2016
A Heritage of Values : The Zephyr of Urdu Ramayan
23rd October was a special day for the culture and tradition of Bikaner, The recital of Urdu Ramayan infused amazing freshness and revitalised the age old traditions, love and respect for our past and commitment to the eternal values of simplicity and spirituality. As Mr. Sunil Rampuria and Asad Ali were reciting the amazing sonets of Urdu Ramayan, I was wondering about what has gone wrong with the present so called...
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25th October 2016
IoT Tech Expo: Leading global IoT event
Manufacturers, Developers, Engineers and IoT Technology Providers arrive in Silicon Valley this month for the Leading Global IoT Event.
The IoT Tech Expo will be descending on Silicon Valley next week (October 20-21st) for 2 days of top-level content, discussion, case studies, live demos, workshops and plenty of networking opportunities. There will be 8 conference tracks, an exclusive Samsung Workshop, IoT hackathon and a vast exhibition including robotics, 3D pizza printers, drones, mind-reading tech and more! Over 4,000 have already registered for the event which features 200 leading speakers...
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20th October 2016
Venue Expo Leads On Education For The MICE Industry
Learning & Development Stands Above The Rest At This Years Show | EXHIBITION CENTRE | LIVERPOOL | Venue Expo 2016 can without a doubt claim it's finest year of education to date after securing some of the best keynote speakers in the country and is set to deliver it's largest exhibition to date. "We've worked tirelessly to ensure that this year's exhibition delivers a visitor experience unlike any other" comments Bryce Muldoon,...
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19th October 2016
5 Questions On Critical Infrastructure With Larry Clinton
Larry Clinton, CEO / President, Internet Security Alliance tells Qatalyst Global about his thoughts on the state of cyber security in critical infrastructure.
What three cyber security trends do you see happening within critical infrastructure ? The first trend that I see is that the Cyber Security system itself is becoming technically weaker due to the expansion of the system and the explosion in mobile devices. The fact is, the attack community are using their enormous profits to reimburse their business. They are going back to the core protocols that the internet was built on...
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4th October 2016
How is 'Facebragging' Hurting Relationships?
In recent years, our personal lives have become public. Today, we can celebrate milestones in our lives by sharing them on social media. Every little achievement can be shared. Looking through a typical Facebook feed highlights this phenomenon: details on romantic relationships, images of honeymoon destinations, and photos of newborn babies are plastered on social media. A phrase has been coined for this practice - 'Facebragging': Facebrag: To use Facebook as a...
Cody Hill
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3rd October 2016
Barcelona readies itself to become the global capital of the industrial IoT
Intel to explain the Internet of Things that will transform the processes of the fourth Industrial Revolution at IoT SWC 2016
-  The vice-president and general manager of the Intel Internet of Things Group, Jonathan Ballon, has been charged with giving the first conference at the prestigious IoT Solutions World Congress 2016, organised by Fira de Barcelona.  -  The adoption of IoT platforms connected to robots and AI systems; the security, interoperability and manageability of systems; and the configuration of an ecosystem of partners that offers end-to-end business solutions are just some...
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30th September 2016
The IoTS World Congress will showcase the potential of industrial IoT through 10 testbeds
The leading companies from different technology sectors come together to find IoT-based solutions
How can we put an end to missing baggage at airports? How can we reduce noise in our cities and improve their water management systems? How can we successfully integrate renewable energies in the electricity network? How do you control a vehicle fleet from an office or improve the performance of a fashion store or even a hospital? From 25 to 27 October, the Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions World...
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28th September 2016