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3 Technologies Inspiring Change in Manufacturing
Here are some of the advanced technologies that are driving growth to change the manufacturing landscape!
The manufacturing industry has seen its ups and downs recently. Companies are moving overseas and layoffs happen left and right. However, new technological advancements have the potential to inspire real change and transform the industry for the better.  1. Additive Manufacturing Many manufacturers are already well familiar with the concept of additive manufacturing. Its origin began hundreds of years ago. Its reputation among modern society is decades old and  it's a process...
Megan Ray Nichols
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16th January 2017
The Succeeding Attempt of Unbinding Youth Potential - Under 25 Summit 2017
Here is a gist of what happened at India's largest Youth Festival – the Under 25 Summit 2017!
The Under 25 Summit that envisions to educate youngsters in the most entertaining ways, was crowded with nearly 5000 attendees under the age of 25 (and those that still feel they are under 25!) from across India. The 4 day summit took place from 5th to 8th of January, 2017 at various locations of Bengaluru, India, with the attendees getting an opportunity to learn from experts from every industry possible, including...
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10th January 2017
5 Ways To Be A Great Event Manager
Conceptualising an event is an art and thereafter the results most definitely follow. Consistent events help you build large networks that you could lever them for growth of your business but for that you need to be a great event manager & here's how you can!
Events are a powerful way to make a brand presence and reach your target market. You could be organising events for your company/brand/product/service promotion or for a cause, or probably just to celebrate your success, but, you already know the large amount of check-lists to maintain and follow up and above all the amount of co-ordination it would take to achieve that. To make life easier and simpler to ensure you...
iU eMagazine
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24th December 2016
Latest eSIM Technologies for Consumers
SIM cards are becoming obsolete in connected devices as many companies are moving to replacing the SIM with an embedded SIM. An embedded SIM is integrated, during the manufacturing process, into the device. Therefore, the eSIM cannot be replaced with another card. An eSIM allows devices such as smartphones, wearables, drones, Machine-to-machine (M2M) and tablets to be smaller or provide additional space for other components such as a bigger battery....
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22nd December 2016
4 Must Have Photographer Apps
Today, there are more than thousands of apps available to increase the quality of your photograph on your Smartphone. Moreover, every photographer has the motive to make photos very attractive. And these days, we don't need any DSLR camera for a higher quality photograph, you can do it with the help of your Smartphone using some most top rated apps which can improve the quality of your photograph.
Here is a list of the top apps that every photographer must use in order to increase their productivity of the photos The photographer's Ephemeris The photographer's Ephemeris (TPE) Apps is available for every Smartphone such as iOS, Android or Blackberry. This App will let you identify the perfect location for taking photographs. TPE Apps uses your current location, and it will show you the compass direction on your display depending on the...
Akansha Bansal
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19th December 2016
Top 5 Things to Consider when setting up a new Business
Everyone has their own list of New Year's resolutions, some personal and some more professional - one that is popular among self-motivated individuals is setting up a new business.
This is your year, 2017 is your time to shine – at least that is what you are telling yourself in the mirror each morning. Before you set up that swanky new website and set off on the road of entrepreneurship, it is important to take stock of your current situation. Partnerships First of all, will you be going it alone? Or will you form partnerships (if so, who with?) as you...
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18th December 2016
Big Gypsy Wedding: Eyewitness Account From A Guest!
There's more to it than those reality shows let on.
When we envision a Gypsy, or Romani, wedding many of us may not consider the cultural and ethnic group that it is actually associated with. Instead, we think of Western weddings adopting or even appropriating elements that mass media has taught us are exotic and ‘Gypsy-esque’: colorful scarves, bangles, and wagons adorn the setting and guests. Or at worse, our opinions are influenced by offensive reality shows like My Big...
Sophia Mest
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17th December 2016
Useful tactics to save money smartly during divorce
Divorce can be very time-consuming and very costly. It's a serious matter that should be taken with precautions since you'll have to battle it out on the court. If you are not informed properly, you might get swept up with financial and time-related dilemmas associated to divorce. Read and learn from these tips on how you can save money while preparing for a divorce.
1. Learn about the divorce process You should read about various statues and laws when you are planning for a divorce. You can also seek help and advice from people around you who have been in the same situation. When you do some self-learning about the divorce process and legal child custody matters so you will be able to ask important questions to your attorney effectively. 2. Choose your counsel properly and...
Paul Gilbert
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17th December 2016
Whether the high commission rate of Uber shows a green flag for its competitors?
Uber is experiencing a great loss, which had not been experienced by even small technology startups so far. Uber really takes too much money? Is that the reason behind the loss?
The problem is due to the cut off fare taken by Uber at the end of each transaction. The cut off rate of Uber is greater than many online marketplaces such as, eBay, Priceline, Airbnb, Grubhub and many others. This will be an added advantage to its competitors, so that they can allow its drivers to take the maximum amount of shares from each fare. At this situation, everything should go...
Anand Rajendran
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15th December 2016
Uber Plans To Venture Out In The Suburbs
US based Uber has also started to venture into the suburbs, whose market is currently held by Indian based companies like Fast track, NTL call taxis. It is notable that already their city market for these companies has been eroded gradually over the last few years. For instance in Chennai they have started operating more cabs in the suburbs like Manali, redhills in the north upto thiruporur in the south...
Anand Rajendran
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15th December 2016