A collection of write-ups / articles that trigger inspiration, emanate positive energy directly from the author's encyclopedias of lessons of life and experiences.
December 5: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!
Unleash the unknown powers within you with these lessons from some of the pioneers of our history.
Knowingly or unknowingly, there occur situations in life that helps us realize that our ability is much more than what we think it is. It is also important for us to be prepared for certain situations that are bound to throw challenges at us. Follow this read that shall not just give you strength to handle them, but also help you to prevent you from wrong doings that might otherwise...
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5th December 2016
December 4: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!
Great lessons of life are sometimes learned at much unexpected moments. This can be that moment to help give a new beginning to your life.
Most of us have heard about our great leaders from the past and have also felt proud of their achievements, but it is very rare that we look deeper into their lives, learn about the challenges that they had to push themselves through and take back lessons from them. Here we bring to you lessons from different aspects of the lives from 5 great leaders born this day. You might...
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4th December 2016
December 3: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!
The following lessons from the stories of our leaders from history, are sure to help you at every step towards success.
Every time we are stuck at certain points of life when life throws challenges, there are always 3 options - stay where you are forever, or escape from the problem and worry later, or face the challenge and move forward. Although most of us wish to choose the third option, we mostly choose between the first two. It is after years together, we regret not taking the right decisions. Life...
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3rd December 2016
December 2: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!
Every story from our history has always taught something new and added great values in our lives. Learn from these 5 great leaders from our history, the secrets to lead a successful life!
While all of us are striving very hard to achieve our goals, we might have forgotten the basic but the most important lessons to be remembered during the journey to reach those goals. The following lessons from the life of 5 great personalities born this day, can help you refocus and get better at what you do. 1. People will hate you, rate you, shake you and break you. But how...
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2nd December 2016
December 1: 5 POWER Lessons From 5 Leaders Who Made History On This DAY!
We bring to you abundance of inspiration from these 5 leaders, whose lives' lessons can be a reason to change your life today! Read on.
Out of the hundreds of thousands that are born each day, only a few hundreds make it to pinnacle of successes in life. Here are 5 great lessons from those very few leaders who made it to heights: 1. Your history cannot decide your future. Your identity at birth cannot be decided by you, but it all lies in your hands to define yourself before you die. A lesson derived from the...
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1st December 2016
Do you end up wasting most of your time thinking about your dreams and end up doing nothing about them?
Well, here is something you must read to get a better clarity about your goals and know how to achieve them.
First of all, why is it important to have a dream or a goal? The very idea of having a dream gives your life a purpose. Having a target in front of you keeps you going. Once you are motivated enough to work on your dreams, you serve as a source of inspiration for others like you. Don't we all get gratified to know we were able to influence someone? Once...
Manchit Kaur Sachdeva
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26th November 2016
How to follow your passion
After years of shifting from one job to the other, and from trying to fit in to different industries with completely different roles and after working in several different countries, I can definitely say that the only way to truly succeed in life is by doing something that you're truly passionate about. That being said, I am now really close to finally finding my calling in life in terms of...
Rana Tarakji
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9th November 2016
Valuing what we have: Are we doing it right?
Many a time we forget that our mothers/wives/women in our lives are much more than the superwomen we see in the ads on television. Many a time, we don't realise the value of the herbs we grow at home until the doctor prescribes a tonic made of the same thing as a cure for the illness we have. Many a time, we learn the value of something we already were blessed with in our lives, a little too late. Bringing you this article to let you do a small check in your life, so that you don't let things- and people of value slip away before realising their worth!
Two people, three days. A simulated environment of more freedom/less freedom than they're normally accustomed to for 72 hours straight. With absolute involvement- complete to the point where the line between reality and simulation faded away. And the results? ASTOUNDING. The adage "We only realise the value of something once we lose it" is unfortunately not as outdated as I would  wish it to be. The 21st century man has a comeback stating...
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29th October 2016
Stop Expecting an Easy Life
Were you also told in your childhood to study and work hard then, only so that you could have a comfortable life later? How true is it? Let's find out
It's a cold winter morning and you want to spend it lazily on your warm bed but you have to move out of your comfort zone to complete an assignment. Then you somehow convince yourself that you are a student and have to study so that you can enjoy later in life. We all did it at some time or the other and got things done. How many times have...
Anish Dhakal
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3rd October 2016
In Quest of Death
Why do you want to live? 'To die' is probably the most unexpected response. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die. In a book entitled 'A Catalogue of Gods' there are listed thirty thousand Gods man has ever worshiped from a crawfish to a man. It leaves a tiny space to wonder about the number of people who regard death as the cruelest of all...
Anish Dhakal
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30th September 2016