A collection of write-ups / articles that trigger inspiration, emanate positive energy directly from the author's encyclopedias of lessons of life and experiences.
Stop Expecting an Easy Life
Were you also told in your childhood to study and work hard then, only so that you could have a comfortable life later? How true is it? Let's find out
It's a cold winter morning and you want to spend it lazily on your warm bed but you have to move out of your comfort zone to complete an assignment. Then you somehow convince yourself that you are a student and have to study so that you can enjoy later in life. We all did it at some time or the other and got things done. How many times have...
Anish Dhakal
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3rd October 2016
In Quest of Death
Why do you want to live? 'To die' is probably the most unexpected response. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die. In a book entitled 'A Catalogue of Gods' there are listed thirty thousand Gods man has ever worshiped from a crawfish to a man. It leaves a tiny space to wonder about the number of people who regard death as the cruelest of all...
Anish Dhakal
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30th September 2016
Never Too Busy: How to be Charitable without Spreading Yourself too Thin
We live in the era of lazy generosity. You click a 'donate' button on someone's crowdfunding campaign and whoosh, you've done it. Generosity quota filled. The face of charitable giving is changing. Charity used to be about afternoons in the soup kitchen, volunteering your time and muscle, but now it seems that all anyone wants is money. Don’t get me wrong, I give online all the time. I'll donate $10 to help...
Katie Kapro
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15th September 2016
Seven Things that Characterize True Leaders
Many people puzzled about what qualities that make true leaders; different school of thoughts have different views on this but here are my thoughts on what characterizes true leaders: 1. They die to Self True leaders are not selfish or self-serving but people-oriented. They can go through discomfort in order to bring comfort to their people. True leaders make sure that their people are well taken care of. They are good shepherd. 2....
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
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19th July 2016
Inculcating and sustaining effective and efficient writing skills in our young ones
The art of inking thinking is a very serious business. To write is to express thoughts through written words therefore, a writer must see himself or herself as an information hub because what he or she writes make or mar lives. Here you'll know how to inculcate this art at a young age.
It is expedient to inculcate in our young ones the discipline and art of writing right - for any attitude one imbibes during childhood and grows with it, is very hard to unlearn. If our young ones learn to write right today and sustain it, then we will be proud of the great writers they will become tomorrow. One virus destroying the good writing skills of our young ones in this...
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
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28th June 2016
Kill the monotony! Less routine brings more life
The writer puts forth questions that you can either address or ignore. And if indeed you choose to address them, you would see that zest and zeal are not to be zipped away but are meant to be let free like in zero gravity! What's your choice?
Do you know what different you did in last 2 days? Last 2 weeks? Or last 2 months? Most of us would be stuck here and realize that we did nothing except following the same routine. Woke up in the morning, went to office for 9 hours job, worked hard to accomplish our targets, came back home, had dinner and slept. This is how we are spending this beautiful life.  Is...
Success Guru AK Mishra
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17th June 2016
The one who shares and cares
There is a famous saying 'Guru devobhava' i.e. teacher is like God. The educational institutions which we study in are our second homes, here we learn, we become wise people and we gain the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.India is a land of great teachers, the educational system in India is of top quality, yet there seems to be a dearth of bonding between the teachers and students,...
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5th May 2016
Weighty Issues
Recently I watched the Telugu movie "Size zero" that beautifully showed the struggles of a healthy girl, who battles it out cheerfully at every stage and succeeds at the end without becoming slim. The movie for me seemed different from other movies because most of the movies of the same concept end up showing the protagonist reduce weight and then become a success. This movie put me in a deep thought...
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3rd May 2016
The Mentoring Chronicles 1: ONE mentor is all you need!
The value of what doctors write in a handwriting which we can never understand can only be realised after taking the medicine they wrote for us. The value of what mentors suggest which we can never figure out why can only be understood after doing as they suggested and seeing the results for ourselves!
Mentoring and cooking are two entirely different things. Actually, what I really mean is that mentoring a batch of students, and cooking rice are two different things. Rice- if one grain has baked, the whole batch is cooked. How simple! But this is not so with mentoring, and that is precisely what makes it an entirely different ball game. What do you think is the most important ingredient in mentoring? I'm...
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27th April 2016
Reverence - what I hit upon on Ugadi
Being reverent is like one of those things that the age old adages say, it is the nectar that appears like poison. Difficult to consume at first, unfathomable about why you must be reverent around others irrespective of how they are, and amazingly sweet at the end. Read on to see what the writer figures on Ugadi, which is recognised as the new year in India
Ugadi, the new year for those following the lunar calendar, falls on April 8th this year. As we finished the celebration at home by performing a worship to the Gods followed by a feast for lunch, I sat down with a book that is supposed to convey the essense of what God is and spirituality is through stories. As I began reading the prose, I noticed the various salutations that...
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9th April 2016