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The Youth-like Agile Educational Ecosystems is the Need of the Hour

Ah, the soaring rock Ah, the cool fire's embrace
Wow, evolution unfolds
Energy pulsates, ecstasy graces
Alive and vibrant

What am I talking about?
Whom am I referring to?

Guess the star of the future
Leaping like a frog
Swift as a blazer
No room for inaction
Yes to every challenge
Brewing new ideas
Impossible is absent
Recreate our future
Rewrite our vision
Craft the dream world

Flipped lifestyles
Illogical surprises
Solutions unforeseen
Youth's rightful claim
Institutions truly open
Tomorrow's skills
Bridging gaps wide

youth like agile ecosystems Institutions that are vibrant in the educational environment are thriving places for innovative start-ups & innovators, a stark contrast to colleges producing a disheartening pool of unemployable graduates. There are ecosystems with young people growing their magnetic charisma, while many colleges breed disappointment among degree holders. The gap between outstanding institutions and subpar colleges is widening. However, amidst this, a silver lining emerges. Forward-thinking institutions are paving the way for the future, offering cutting-edge programs in renewable energy, AI, and the Green Economy. Unfortunately, some colleges persist in teaching obsolete syllabi, lacking relevance in the present times.

Shoot the Problem:

A significant number of students find themselves spending only a fraction of their time in college, leading to a squandering of time & potential. Meanwhile, real-world problems await the attention of these young minds. The solution lies in aligning these forces – the boundless energy of youth and the pressing challenges in need of innovative solutions. Why can't we connect the youth with real-world problems that can foster innovative solutions for tomorrow?

How can we Inspire the Youth?

"Youth" resonates with "energy," embodying boundless enthusiasm and adventure. The key to inspiring the youth lies in providing them with challenges and guidance to channelize their energy. Influential mentors such as Swami Samanand, Sujit Lalwani, and Priyanshu Sharma possess the potential to mold them into exceptional future leaders.

These mentors embody what the youth aspires to be, having achieved goals through focused energy transformation. Every young mind deserves a chance to connect with these inspiring leaders.

How can we Craft a Better Future?

Shaping a brighter future involves the symbiosis of innovation and entrepreneurship, pivotal for youth development. Today's youth rejects the challenges of the past and refuses to uphold the status quo. They demand excellence, rejecting substandard performance. Fueled by aspirations and dreams, the youth is poised to achieve what was once deemed impossible.

How can we Solve this Challenge?

To overcome this challenge, it's crucial to instill confidence in the youth, empowering them to construct transformative bridges. Autonomy, coupled with intermittent mentoring from credible individuals, is key. These young minds thrive on inspiration and confidence, viewing problems as opportunities, with the word "impossible" absent from their lexicon. They crave encouragement and trust, rejecting inaction. To initiate this transformation, higher educational institutions need to undergo a pedagogy overhaul, transitioning from teaching to creating an enabling structure.

youth like agile ecosystems This new generation demands different rules and systems. Let's break the existing norms to establish an ecosystem that supports innovators, rewards them, and evaluates group performance. Let us encourage team-builders.

It's time to rebuild institutions, integrating startup training into the curriculum and revisiting it to nurture the creative potential of the youth. The future is yet to be planned; let's dismantle the old bureaucratic structure, creating an agile, youth-ready enabling environment in our institutions.

Let's outline an agenda for the transformation of higher educational institutions:

a. Implement continuous internships for every student throughout their higher education journey.

b. Facilitate ongoing mentoring by industry leaders and professionals to guide students.

c. Establish a robust support system fostering innovative team-building and entrepreneurship among the youth.

d. Revise pedagogy, evaluation systems, and assignments to incorporate real-time problems, offering students short-term projects in their dream companies.

e. Make industry-academia collaboration a necessity, not an option, fostering agility and openness in every institution.

Let us initiate an online movement to raise the voice for the transformation of higher educational institutions. Let's collectively dream of creating a truly transformative ecosystem.

Here is more information on Swami Samanand, Mr. Sujit Lalwani and Mr. Priyanshu Sharma:

youth like agile ecosystems Swami Samanand:

Swami Samanand, a saint and descendant of Samvid Prampara, is an integral part of Samvit Samvaad. His words echo as inspiration to thousands, guiding them on their spiritual journey. Through his association with Samvit Samvaad, he enriches lives, fostering a deeper understanding of the profound values encapsulated in Samvit.

youth like agile ecosystems Mr. Sujit Lalwani:

Sujit Lalwani is a visionary entrepreneur and founder of Inspirational Unlimited, a platform with the vision of 'Inspiration through Information' for you to stay inspired on the go. He is recognized for his impactful work and has inspired millions globally through his talks.

Mr. Priyanshu Sharma:
youth like agile ecosystems Bringing 35 years of expertise, Mr. Priyanshu Sharma is a distinguished language instructor fluent in French, Japanese, Italian, English, and various Indian dialects. His illustrious career involves catering to prestigious clients such as Infosys, TCS, and Airtel. As the Director of the Dante Institute of Foreign Languages, he spearheads a revolutionary teaching methodology, transforming language education on a global scale.

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