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Choreographer Melvin Louis' Journey Is Sure To Light The Fire Within You
We all have a passion for something in life and the desire to fulfill it but life gets challenging at certain points and the direction completely changes. What is it that it takes to cross those hurdles and still fulfill your dreams? Well, Melvin's journey can answer!
The moment you watch him dance, his moves can make you move even if you have never danced in life. That's Melvin Louis, a passionate dancer from Mumbai, who introduced his own kind of dance styles, and is one of the most sought after dancer by the young aspiring dancers of the country, whose YouTube history are filled with the videos by Melvin’s academy. But there’s more to Melvin’s journey...
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24th March 2017
A R Manikanth - From Overcoming Disabilities To Inspiring Millions
While so many people today complain about small issues in life and use them as excuse to not achieve their goals, this man of wisdom, having had multiple failures in life, almost losing hope, also losing the ability to hear, never spoke a word about what was wrong in his life, rather looked at the positive side of life and is today one of the most inspiring writers in Kannada literature.
There are many people around you whose lives you never know about, but can be equally as inspiring as your favourite celebrity. You will surely be surprised and million times inspired when you actually get to know someone in person. One such person, whose life’s journey is unknown to most people, but can truly ignite your soul and make you chase your dreams is Mr. Manikanth from Bangalore, a columnist...
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23rd March 2017
Unlocking The Secrets Of O P Khanna's Inspiring Journey
Mr O P Khanna, 70 but still young at heart, shares some of the most important lessons from 48 years of his journey in the engineering industry, growing up the ladder to becoming the board member of 14 international companies. Read on!
The competition at the corporate is so huge that even before you enter, you are expected to be skilled already. At the same time, the scope for growth of someone who is action oriented, is also huge. You are given more opportunities if you are a person who is eager to learn and are willing execute those lessons quick. The industry wasn't the same 50 years back, when it was...
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22nd March 2017
Akanksha Bhargava - the only woman in India leading a large relocation business, shares her secrets of success
While it's hard for any individual to work in the unorganized industry of package and relocation, Akanksha is creating a revolution, structuring the space, also breaks the stereotypes and sets the pathway for emerging women entrepreneurs. She is also a professional Kathak dancer! Read on
"I was never told in my life that only men do a specific task and women couldn't. I grew up in an environment where I saw my mother work equally hard as much as much as my father did. They helped each other at the same time. I was made to take decisions, make mistakes and learn from them, at a young age. Throughout these years of my journey, I...
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21st March 2017
Dr. Srimathy Kesan:  Making A Better Way For Future Indian Scientists
One of the most versatile women of the country, Srimathy's is definitely a way of life that most women dream of. From giving opportunities for young kids to get early exposure, to serving the society on a large scale, she has done it all! You are sure to go back with unlimited inspiration after this 5 minute-read!
What if when you were still in your school days, and were given a chance to visit the NASA centre and explore the field of science and technology? What if you got an opportunity while you were still a young kid, and were taken to the world’s best universities and were helped to understand the different subjects of studies available out there and the scope to each of the industries?...
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19th March 2017
Maria Appelqvist Talks About Reclaiming Your Sensuality to Create Income Breakthroughs
Maria Appelqvist, Ph.D, is a professional coach, published author, speaker, podcast host and entrepreneur. She works with conscious women entrepreneurs to help them create a breakthrough in their income plateau by showing them how to become aware of their sensuality and feminine power.
Maria lives in Sweden and represents the leading edge of personal transformation. Currently she is building a tribe with women and men who want to learn what it means to be conscious in the area of love. Maria used to be an academic. She describes cultivating learned skills of being very critical and analytical causing her to live in her head...
Lisa Meisels
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18th March 2017
How she did it? - Rohini Mundra Speaks About Her Entrepreneurial Journey In Building 7 Intelligence
While there are lots of efforts being put to fight for women's rights, nothing better than being a woman, taking action and succeeding, can stand as a support to those women fighting for equality with men. Rohini Mundra's journey from a typical Indian Marwadi family, becoming a person today, that many look up to and wish learn from, is certainly a must know for those making their way to success.
Having been born and brought up in an Indian Marwadi family, coming out of the cocoon breaking the stereotypes and getting her first salary of Rs. 2000 in her 9th grade, was the first success of her life. Doing what she wanted to do, rather than what others wished she would do, was the next victory. Taking up work that challenged her, rather than what was easy, was the third....
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17th March 2017
Terry Wildemann Takes Us On The Inward Journey To An Empowered Life!
What does it mean to take a journey inward so you can live an empowered life? Empowered Living show guest, Terry Wildemann explains how to go inward, why it's important and how the journey inward leads to living an empowered life.
Tapping in to Bring Out the Best As an expert in integrating mind body and spirit, Terry coaches and facilitates practical and real world professional development and business programs for intuitive leaders. She is an experienced entrepreneur and facilitator, speaker, certified executive coach and bestselling author. Terry guides students to tap into their inner business game, so that they can bring out the best in themselves and in their teens....
Lisa Meisels
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25th February 2017
Vilas Nayak's Journey From Small Town Ujire to Becoming Asia's Fastest Speed Painter
The brush strokes and the music plays, the audience wonder what's happening and within the blink of an eye, he completes the most beautiful art filled with colours. That's Vilas Nayak! Growing up in a small village, with no exposure, to becoming the quickest speed painter of Asia, being the reason to arouse the passion of art in many youngsters, is the story this man has created for himself. There is more to his story! Read on.
Driving on the path less travelled, with no directions, he has created his own route to his destination and has emerged as an inspiration to many who wish to follow their passion but are unable to, due to unavailability of some kind of resources.  Meet Vilas Nayak, Asia's quickest speed painter, who has performed more than 500 shows in 23+ countries, astonishing every single soul that has witnessed his performance,...
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17th February 2017
Anto Philips & Shreyans Jain: Creators Of 'Under 25' Club - Revolutionizing The Way Youth Is Educated
While some youngsters still think "I'm still very young. It's okay if I haven't done anything yet. I have enough time to achieve", this set of energetic individuals who are still in their early 20s become the reason to direct thousands of youngsters to help achieve their dreams, with the creation of one of its kind platform. Read On!
Anto Philips and Shreyans Jain, who were still 18, pursuing their education at Christ University Bangalore, joined hands together to create this phenomenal platform of Under 25 Club. "We wanted to create a community of people who believe in themselves. What makes us stand apart is the fact that we believe in edutainment; proving that educating youngsters through entertainment is definitely possible. Entertaining in the right channelized way is something that...
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7th February 2017