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Walk through the Alley to the curtains of Silver Screen - Sandeep
It is true that life is not a bed of roses. We are tested in various ways. We sweat; we fall; we bleed. But ultimately it is all about rising up, rising to a greater height each time we have a fall because that is how the process of life's growth takes place. Sandeep's life sketch is a plinth to the above apophthegm.
As a five year old kid, the only thing that excited him was tapping his feet to Prabhu Deva's beats. His love for dance kept flaming up in the form of performances at his school functions. This flame one fine day lit up a bonfire when he joined a dance school. Having observed his artistic talents, his parents wanted him to learn painting but his vigilance for art pulled him...
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12th July 2016
Elevating the bar of Laughter! - Harsh Beniwal
The social media is open for us all. Today Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have become the top trending platforms for us to connect to the world but some people are using these apps in a much smarter way. One such is Harsh Beniwal who is showcasing his talents through these medias and guess what? People are crazy about him. One of the popular Viners of this country, shares with us his story. Read on!
"Live a life such that, in the end you will be laughing and the world will have tears in their eyes". These insightful words by a 20 year-old youngster plunges a deep enlightenment, one which he carries with himself every day, only to be triggered to work harder and never to be faltered from his goals. Here is Harsh Beniwal, a Delhi-based Actor/Viner, who currently has a whopping 130,000 followers on Instagram...
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12th July 2016
Wordsmith of 'the hidden language between Body and Soul-DANCE' - Sandhya Raju
In conversation with the lady who is the definition of grace and creator of a new world of ecstasy and ethereal existence. Sandhya Raju is an ebullient and scintillating dancer who speaks to the world through her manifold rhythmic patterns, melodic gestures and subtle facial expressions. Having been trained under the legendary guru, she holds a vision of passing on the legacy to thousands more across the globe.
Sowparnika : Is it true that one stage performance that you watched has pulled you into the world of dance? Tell us more about how it happened? Sandhya : At an age of eight, I happened to visit a stage show in Bangalore by my dance teacher Vempati Chinna Satyam and his troupe. It was called 'Ksheera Sagara Madanam' which was about the churning of ocean of milk between Devas and...
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27th June 2016
Art of Tailoring the Life - Yogesh Choudhary
Everybody in this world is different. Everybody deserves to be given an individual plan that is best suited for them. So what's yours? - Here is a seven lettered answer that Yogesh Chaudhary has blazoned to the world as FASHION.
Fashion is a lifestyle, says Yogesh Choudhary who has created a label for himself in the fashion industry with his own expression of contemporary designs. "To me fashion is not just what we wear but how you carry yourself, whom you hang out with, food you eat, what goes on in your head, it is everything. It has a deeper meaning that talks about ones inner personality." From his childhood days,...
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8th June 2016
Stimulating lives with the 'P's: Patriotism and Peace - Aya Chebbi
Here is a young woman from Tunisia, who has been the reason to inspire and change hundreds of thousands of lives of the youth of Africa. Having faced all kinds of challenges as a woman and as an activist, she has continued to empower the world through her initiatives. Read on, to learn from her story of crossing the challenges to achieve greater visions!
Meet Aya Chebbi, 28, from Tunisia, Pan-African feminist activist and blogger. She is also the founder and Chair of the African Youth Movement. "We, as young people from all over the continent continue to share the same struggle - economical, political and others. African youth's marginalization is an issue that should be worked on. The African Youth Movement started as a facebook group that has had many inspiring young Africans from...
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6th June 2016
Exploring 'True Self' with excellence at every step! - Bharath Rao
Career plays a very important role in everyone's life and growing faster in the industry needs lessons of experiences. Here are the lessons from his experience, this persona shares, from his journey of having worked with different kinds of organizations in various roles and as a founder of an organization himself. Read on!
Meet Bharath Rao, Founder and CEO of Coinpit Inc, a pure Bitcoin in/out exchange, a futures exchange which offers futures contracts denominated in Bitcoin. Bharath Rao, born and brought up in Mangalore, India, pursued his B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) in Mysore University and then moved to the United States to pursue Master of Science at the Syracuse University. His career began with his own start-up immediately after college which had to stop...
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2nd June 2016
Lessons from the journey of the experienced! - Ronny Boesing
Lessons of the experienced always teaches, not only the way of life but also gives an opportunity for an individual to perform better in the next set of encounters in life, to achieve higher at an earlier time. Read on to learn from an experienced entrepreneur-cum-traveller whose journey of 30+ years, can give you the deepest insights!
Meet Ronny Boesing, CEO of Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS, CEO and founder of OpenLedger and the CEO at Coinsbank LP, also an avid traveller who has travelled to more than 65 countries (of 5 continents). Ronny has had varied learnings and experiences travelling and working in different domains and in various roles, facing both failures and successes for more than 35 years now, that he shares with us. With more...
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20th May 2016
A wave of change through Theatre - Naeema N Butt: Pride of Pakistan
It is a pride to see more women creating their identity in this world, coming from an environment where it is hard to even raise voice against corruption happening around them. Meet one such lady who has made a mark with her incredible passion to empower the world. Read on!
Born in Lahore, Pakistan, in an orthodox family, she still grew up like a tom boy - always adventurous, found interest in sports, got attracted to drama, was inspired to create a change and is now creating a change as a social activist and through theatres. Meet this lady who inspires not just through her words, but through every action of hers. Introducing  Naeema N Butt, founder of PEHLAAJ, President...
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12th April 2016
Transforming the way Farming is done - FarmERP
Here is the journey of two engineering graduates from a family background of farmers, went all out to create innovation using technology to help the farming sector. Read on to know how they faced the hurdles as first-generation entrepreneurs and gradually evolved to establish the brand.
Entrepreneurship is clearly one of the most powerful and influential words of the past few decades. As Indians are finally taking their coats off to take some real action into the business world, we see many ingenious and groundbreaking ideas coming to surface. Small or big; the expanse of an idea is only based on the largeness of one's vision and one’s ability to stretch it beyond the horizons. Even...
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4th April 2016
Uncovering the arduous journey of the 26 year old Social Entrepreneur - Karolina Mazetyte
"I always wanted to prove to the world that a young woman can do great things. I also wanted to spread a lot of love and peace to everyone." - Karolina Mazetyte. Peaceful, simple, humble, thoughtful, mature, self-motivated are the words this 26 year old, inspiring woman can be defined with. Read on!
Karolina Mazetyte is the co-founder and President of Youth to Youth initiative, that aims to inspire and empower youth worldwide through actions and projects implementation on local, regional and international levels. Karolina is also involved in volunteering for various initiatives that inspires youth towards growth and has been the reason for many to gain opportunities too. She is also Peace Revolution’s European Peace Summit Coordinator. To grow so high, at...
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4th April 2016