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Terry Wildemann Takes Us On The Inward Journey To An Empowered Life!
What does it mean to take a journey inward so you can live an empowered life? Empowered Living show guest, Terry Wildemann explains how to go inward, why it's important and how the journey inward leads to living an empowered life.
Tapping in to Bring Out the Best As an expert in integrating mind body and spirit, Terry coaches and facilitates practical and real world professional development and business programs for intuitive leaders. She is an experienced entrepreneur and facilitator, speaker, certified executive coach and bestselling author. Terry guides students to tap into their inner business game, so that they can bring out the best in themselves and in their teens....
Lisa Meisels
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25th February 2017
Vilas Nayak's Journey From Small Town Ujire to Becoming Asia's Fastest Speed Painter
The brush strokes and the music plays, the audience wonder what's happening and within the blink of an eye, he completes the most beautiful art filled with colours. That's Vilas Nayak! Growing up in a small village, with no exposure, to becoming the quickest speed painter of Asia, being the reason to arouse the passion of art in many youngsters, is the story this man has created for himself. There is more to his story! Read on.
Driving on the path less travelled, with no directions, he has created his own route to his destination and has emerged as an inspiration to many who wish to follow their passion but are unable to, due to unavailability of some kind of resources.  Meet Vilas Nayak, Asia's quickest speed painter, who has performed more than 500 shows in 23+ countries, astonishing every single soul that has witnessed his performance,...
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17th February 2017
Anto Philips & Shreyans Jain: Creators Of 'Under 25' Club - Revolutionizing The Way Youth Is Educated
While some youngsters still think "I'm still very young. It's okay if I haven't done anything yet. I have enough time to achieve", this set of energetic individuals who are still in their early 20s become the reason to direct thousands of youngsters to help achieve their dreams, with the creation of one of its kind platform. Read On!
Anto Philips and Shreyans Jain, who were still 18, pursuing their education at Christ University Bangalore, joined hands together to create this phenomenal platform of Under 25 Club. "We wanted to create a community of people who believe in themselves. What makes us stand apart is the fact that we believe in edutainment; proving that educating youngsters through entertainment is definitely possible. Entertaining in the right channelized way is something that...
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7th February 2017
Jennifer Escalera Shares Her Secrets To Self Love & Growing A Business On The Empowered Living Show With Lisa Meisels
What does self-love have to do with growing your business you may ask? My guest on the Empowered Living Show, Jennifer Escalera, shares her struggles as an entrepreneur and a new mom. We learn the secret to her success - self-love. Read on to find out why self-love is essential when growing your business.
An entrepreneur's mission: Jennifer Escalera is an Empathic Healer. She is a Holistic Therapist and Self-love Coach with a Master's degree in social work. Jennifer's passions are helping women to empower their lives, through meditation, intuition, self-care and crystal healing. Her mission is to help women create a meaningful life with healthy relationships, fun and self-love. Entrepreneurship is a personal journey: Jennifer found it challenging at first to stay true to herself while growing...
Lisa Meisels
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2nd February 2017
Bringing out the Real Accent of 'Mr. Naggs' - Danish Sait
When I was trying to catch up with Danish on phone, he suddenly passes the phone to Vinod Kambli and I end up pulling the words out of my surprised expression "Hi Sir, I really admire you" only to realize a few seconds later that I was a victim of his prank. But imagine the importance of those few seconds of excitement and joy in a depressed person's life. He is a Santa Claus in the lives of people who are badly in need of the medicine-laughter. Read on to know more about his journey.
The guy whose prank calls have gone gaga today was the same notorious brat who wrote a letter to a bank manager when he was six years old, says his mom (momager). Danish recollects being famous in his boarding school for imitating his teachers. It clearly depicts that he was always a creative man and a fun man and this shade of his is not something that he discovered now...
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13th December 2016
Excitement and Happiness DU'Oyehappy' - Varun and Harsh
Birthdays!! Anniversaries!! Proposals!! Celebrations!! These occasions make you go up and down. It is because we all want to make these special occasions extra special and we struggle to add that 'extra' tag to it. Here is a tale of two people - Varun and Harsh who are working to tuck in such unforgettable moments in people's lives.
The first page of my album reads ‘Life is not measured by the breaths you take but the moments that take your breath away.’ It is followed by some of the glorious and special moments that I shared with my family and friends. What can be more precious than the smile on the face of our dear ones and the unforgettable moments of joy with our loved ones? The duo...
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18th November 2016
'Breaking the cliche' - Noleen Mariappen: Powerhouse of Inspiration
Recently, there have been quite a few women who are truly pushing themselves and are creating a mark of their own in the world of entrepreneurship, social welfare, public speaking and many other domains. Introducing to you, one such humbling and truly inspiring woman, who stands as an exemplar for every individual who wishes to create his/her identity.
Meet Noleen Mariappen - an entrepreneur, consultant, author, philanthropist, coach and the list continues. Offering business consulting services through her own venture - Saffa Global, she is also the co-founder in a hologram technology company, NextGen Global. She holds equity in companies like Beverly Hills Choppers (custom-made bikes with a range that will soon be expanding beyond just the celebrity clientele), and Black Gardenia, (an ultra-luxury perfume oil, loved by...
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16th November 2016
Vitalizing lives by crafting Smiles - Dr. Akshari Anchan
One phrase that most people around us tell whenever we have challenging targets to achieve, is "Nothing is impossible." Here is a woman who truly proves and stands as a definition for the same! Read on.
We feel that we actually begin to live our life when we get opportunities to do what we love. To be able to reach a position to do what we love lies in our hands; the decisions that we take, the discipline that we carry throughout, the passion to not let go off your dreams during hard times is what makes one successful. Life always provides two paths...
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5th November 2016
Walk through the Alley to the curtains of Silver Screen - Sandeep
It is true that life is not a bed of roses. We are tested in various ways. We sweat; we fall; we bleed. But ultimately it is all about rising up, rising to a greater height each time we have a fall because that is how the process of life's growth takes place. Sandeep's life sketch is a plinth to the above apophthegm.
As a five year old kid, the only thing that excited him was tapping his feet to Prabhu Deva's beats. His love for dance kept flaming up in the form of performances at his school functions. This flame one fine day lit up a bonfire when he joined a dance school. Having observed his artistic talents, his parents wanted him to learn painting but his vigilance for art pulled him...
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12th July 2016
Harsh Beniwal - Elevating the bar of Laughter!
The social media is open for us all. Today Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have become the top trending platforms for us to connect to the world but some people are using these apps in a much smarter way. One such is Harsh Beniwal who is showcasing his talents through these medias and guess what? People are crazy about him. One of the popular Viners of this country, shares with us his story. Read on!
"Live a life such that, in the end you will be laughing and the world will have tears in their eyes". These insightful words by a 20 year-old youngster plunges a deep enlightenment, one which he carries with himself every day, only to be triggered to work harder and never to be faltered from his goals. Here is Harsh Beniwal, a Delhi-based Actor/Viner, who currently has a whopping 130,000 followers on Instagram...
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12th July 2016