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Health-Tips for Understanding and Describing Symptoms
A major challenge for many patients is experiencing symptoms of a medical condition that is yet to be diagnosed. They find it difficult to explain or describe them when they visit the doctor. It is important to be able to describe your symptoms as clearly as you can to enable the physician to diagnose the health problem and provide effective treatment.
Doctors are trained to guide their patients during medical examinations and routine checkups as they describe their symptoms. Explain your symptoms in a concise and clear way that your physician will be able to comprehend. Describing Symptoms Effectively The basic aspects of symptom descriptions include telling the doctor about the physical symptoms and how you feel. Terms such as dull or sharp pain are descriptive enough to let your physician know...
Isabella Rossellinee
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16th January 2017
Tea Tree Oil: The Perfect Product for Hair, Skin and More
Tea tree oil is an effective natural treatment for those fighting against skin and hair issues. Read on to learn more about its benefits.
We have by far seen the benefits of Lemon, Lavender, Sandalwood essential oils on our health and primarily on our skin and hair. It is without a doubt that these sniffs change our minds subtly and the health that it brings about is something to be amazed with. Today I shall write about the Melaleuca Essential Oil. A quick brief up on Melaleuca : The Melaleuca is a plant which is commonly...
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3rd January 2017
The magic of Sandalwood Essential Oil
Commonly known for its woodsy, sweet smell, sandalwood is frequently used as a base for cosmetics, incense sticks, perfumes and many others. The Sandalwood essential oil is the perfect remedy for major skin issues. Here are some of its magical benefits.
In my previous write up, we read aboutĀ Lavender Essential Oil and its wonder benefits on the health. Today, I'm going to be writing on the amazing benefits on the Sandalwood Essential Oil. A quick brief up on Sandalwood: Sandalwood is typically a medium sized tree with a very distinct woody aroma. This is usually found in South East Asia, India, Pacific and the Western Australian regions. It has been used traditionally in...
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2nd January 2017
Best Beauty Benefits of Lavender oil
Known for its calming effects on the body, the Lavender Essential Oil can also help you make your skin flawless! Follow the read for some fantastic secrets to enhance your beauty!
What's purple and smells heavenly? Lavender it is! That's right, the beautiful Lavender, as beautiful as it looks, that majestic is its scent. Even larger are its benefits on our health. Lavender by far is the most commonly used aromatic oil in the world. It is very widely used in aromatherapies and in spa like setting and it is done so for all the right reasons. I couldn't agree more that...
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31st December 2016
Add this Secret Ingredient; Enhance your Health and Beauty!
Facing a day with low energy? Worried about the new acne? Tired of dandruff? Feeling that you look older? This element can help you solve them all!
All of us are aware of the wonderful uses of a lemon. Be it its rind or the refreshing pulp, everything of that lemon adds a distinct flavour and aroma to wherever it is put into use. In this write up I am going to be emphasizing on the wonderful benefits of lemon on the health. A quick brief up on the lemon: Lemon is the yellow fruit available most widely and...
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29th December 2016
Hair Science: How it works and how to improve its growth?
Good Hair care is the key to beautiful hair. Keeping a healthy diet and good hygiene is an essential part of maintaining your hair. There are a few other simple things you must know, to ensure it is as beautiful as you want it to be. Read on.
Awareness about hair health in general has seen an upward growth in the past decade and that's a sign of great relief for hair experts. What makes hair so important? Why is it that more and more people are consciously making an effort to maintain hair health? While the term 'hair' refers to any part of the body that it is present at, Iā€™m going to be talking about head hair...
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27th December 2016
Top Beauty benefits of Drinking Water
You might likely know that it's important to stay hydrated. The amount of water you consume everyday plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy body. There are many beauty benefits too! Read on.
This would probably be the millionth time some of us are hearing the term 'water' for health. But mind you, that's how important and vital this is for our well-being. It's the simplest and most effective way to maintain gorgeous skin and hair. Why just skin and hair? It takes care of your overall health. So how does water work on our system? To begin with, our body is made up of...
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26th December 2016
Eliminate your Dark Circles: Simple tricks and tips
There is a huge amount of information on this topic out there, and it creates absolute perplexity when you find 100s of remedies, to an extent that you do not even care anymore. The below article is sure to NOT confuse you, while it provides the necessary information and the solution.
The under eye circles is probably the most commonly seen unwanted geometry in your face. To begin with, nobody likes those dark circles which make your face look dull, tired and unhealthy and all the cons that are associated with it are a different issue to be spoken about. Unfortunately more than 60% of the population exhibit these under eye circles or dark circles in common language or even puffiness or...
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25th December 2016
Acne scar or Acne mark? Treat them Right!
Planning to get your acne scar or mark treated? Here are things you must know, before you begin!
Once the active lesion is healed, it more often than not leaves behind a scar or a mark. One of the most dreaded issues of having acne besides the popping pimples is what it leaves behind. To brief you up quickly, acne is nothing but a pimple which occurs due to the excessive production of sebum from the sebaceous gland which in turn leads to the eruptive lesions. Once the...
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24th December 2016
The Question That Must Never Be Asked Again: 'Why Organic Food?'
I switched to Organic food an year ago and am so glad I did. I realised it would be great for my family because one of my friends took care to explain the benefits in absolutely simple words and I imbibed it immediately. I will attempt at doing the same and would be thoroughly glad, if this article can initiate the change for you and your family's health & wellness by inspiring you to switch to organic food.
Nature is meant to nurture, protect and feed all living organisms & that is why it is referred to as 'Mother Nature'. The air, water, sunlight, soil, plants, animals and almost everything we see around us has a definite role to play. Co-existence is the secret of existence. Most of these resources from natureĀ are available abundantly and free of charge. Research shows that agriculture started around 9500BC and evolved thereon. Domestication...
Gaurav Agarwal
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23rd December 2016