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11 Coffee Hacks That Will Instantly Improve your Morning
We all love that first cup of coffee on a morning, don’t we? Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of the first sip. But what if that feeling could be made even better? Or what if you could save money or time and get the same great taste?
Here are 11 coffee hacks that will make your mornings even better: 1. Use Cinnamon Rather Than Sugar If you like your coffee sweet but are worried about the negative effects the sugar or artificial sweetener is having on your body, then try switching out your sugar does for cinnamon. Cinnamon has a lovely sweet taste, but without the damaging elements found in sugars and artificial sweeteners. 2. Add a Knob of Butter I...
Dennies John
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27th April 2017
Home Treatments for Curing Any Chronic Skin Disease
Home treatments, are lauded for their natural qualities, and long lasting features. If you are considering home treatment for your chronic skin condition, here are a few suggestions!
If you are suffering from a chronic skin disease, your first stop is probably at your local dermatologist's office. While topical steroids may be powerful for relieving inflammation and itching, there are not without their shortcomings. Many people tend to avoid conventional skin treatment because most of these medications do not address the cause of the problem. Furthermore, some topical treatments are associated with adverse side effects. Home treatments, on...
Craig Middleton
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27th April 2017
5 technologies that are improving the lives of the elderly
As you age, it's not uncommon for certain attributes, such as sight, hearing and memory to become impaired. This can be a difficult adjustment to make in everyday life and can often feel like a loss of self and independence. Here are five of the best technologies that are making it possible for the elderly to regain some of their independence and life fuller and happier lives…
Paro: Paro is a robot seal which was created by Japanese engineers. This technology is based on the premise of animal therapy and the benefits it can have. This seal is so sophisticated that it is responsive to actions such as name calling, commands, touch and light/dark. It’s believed that animals like cats and dogs possess the right qualities to be beneficial in a stressful situation – touching and feeling...
Alice Porter
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26th April 2017
Roots Of Hair Loss: Causes, Symptoms and Remedies
Hair loss can happen in many different ways depending on what's causing it. It's quite normal to shed 50-100 hairs a day. It doesn't result in thinning your hair since the newer ones grow simultaneously. Hair loss occurs when this cycle disrupted. The cause may be due to various factors. Here's all you need to know about its causes and treatment options!
It is believed that 7 out of 10 people are reported to be facing with hair loss. Today we shall see the various ways we lose our hair and what we can do about it. There are different types of patterns in both...
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6th April 2017
Hair loss issues? Is Alopecia the cause? Here's all you need to know
If you see a lot of hair on your brush after you comb, or on your pillow, or shower drain, there are chances you have the autoimmune disorder of Alopecia. Here's more you need to know about it!
In the previous article we have seen the various causes and patterns of female hair loss or thinning. In this write up, we shall see the male pattern of hair loss. Technically, a male is prone to hair 'loss'...
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27th March 2017
Simple Remedies To Prevent Your Hair Loss
There's nothing that can match a thick head of hair that shines with natural hair. But a lot of people suffer from hair loss! Here are a few things you need to do to prevent your hair loss!
We have seen previously the various causes of hair thinning and hair loss and the different patterns in both males and females. In this write up, we shall see what we could do about hair loss and the various treatment options both surgically and non-surgically. Much as a I hate to...
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23rd March 2017
Small Dietary Changes To Improve Brain Function
Chronic diseases are an increasing global challenge. However, a change in trend has been observed where individuals are now opting for healthier lifestyles to improve overall well-being. The first step to a healthier lifestyle is dietary changes.
Individuals aiming to improve their health should consume a balanced diet while strictly monitoring their caloric intake. Detoxifying the body and maintaining the ideal weight is equally essential. Moreover, some seemingly minor changes can also improve mental health and brain function. Not a lot of focus is drawn on how a balanced diet can help improve memory and general brain function. An unbalanced diet – a diet high in sugar intake...
Audrey Throne
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22nd March 2017
Vegetarianism 101: Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals
From Meatless Monday campaigns to veggie burgers at fast food joints, the popularity of vegetarianism is increasing in the U.S.A.. Today there are more than 19 different varieties of vegetarianism in existence, and more than 7 million people follow some form of vegetarian eating in this country alone. Whether your motivations are inspired by ethical, religious, or health concerns, you can "do a body good" by restricting your intake of meat and meat products. Read on for some compelling reasons why this is so.
Why delete the meat? Chew on these reasons According to a recent position paper of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), not only is a vegetarian diet nutritionally adequate, but it is also associated with a reduced risk of chronic diseases and cancers, and with an increase in longevity. Specifically, says the AND, a well-balanced vegetarian diet is healthier than the standard American diet (SAD). Features of a vegetarian diet...
Isabelle Clover
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21st March 2017
5 Signs Of A Skin Mole You Should Never Ignore
They may look like perfect beauty spots and a gentle flaw, yet they can be dangerous. So what are the signs you should look for?
I've been treating patients cosmetically for a considerable amount of time now and I love bringing a smile on people's face. Just about two weeks ago, I had a patient coming to me for some other trouble but ended up telling me about a very funny looking mole on her skin. Of course, she I directed her straight to the pathologist and much to our despair; it was a form...
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10th February 2017
9 things you could do to combat the effects of aging
Aging effects on skin are earlier than expected, as we grow older. However, there are certain simple things you could do, the slow down the process. Read on!
In the previous article we stopped at what we could do to combat the effects of aging on the skin.  Here are 9 things you could do to delay the process of aging and look your best. 1. Remove your make up before you sleep: When you leave behind your makeup overnight or if you don't cleanse your face well, what happens is your skin doesn’t get a chance to breathe...
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9th February 2017