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5 Signs Of A Skin Mole You Should Never Ignore
They may look like perfect beauty spots and a gentle flaw, yet they can be dangerous. So what are the signs you should look for?
I've been treating patients cosmetically for a considerable amount of time now and I love bringing a smile on people's face. Just about two weeks ago, I had a patient coming to me for some other trouble but ended up telling me about a very funny looking mole on her skin. Of course, she I directed her straight to the pathologist and much to our despair; it was a form...
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10th February 2017
9 things you could do to combat the effects of aging
Aging effects on skin are earlier than expected, as we grow older. However, there are certain simple things you could do, the slow down the process. Read on!
In the previous article we stopped at what we could do to combat the effects of aging on the skin.  Here are 9 things you could do to delay the process of aging and look your best. 1. Remove your make up before you sleep: When you leave behind your makeup overnight or if you don't cleanse your face well, what happens is your skin doesn’t get a chance to breathe...
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9th February 2017
Removing Tattoo from Skin - Laser Treatment Method
Regretting getting that tattoo on your skin? The good news is, laser tattoo removal techniques can help you to get rid of it with least side effects Here's everything you need to know about it!
Tattooing is considered as a very trendy and common practice these days. Almost 30% of the people in the United States have at least one tattoo. A variety of social, cultural and physical life changes influence the decision to remove the tattoo like allergic reactions, regrets about the decision, seeking or joining a new job and for replacing one tattoo with another. Various techniques are used for removing a tattoo. Dermabrasion...
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8th February 2017
Anti-Aging Tips For Your Skin and Hair
It's the dream of every one of us to stay younger and healthier. Here's what you could do to slow the aging of your skin and hair!
There is a very wise saying which reads 'Don't complain of old age, many are deprived of this privilege'.  Well of course this is true. We have all been gifted with a beautiful body and none of us should be complaining no matter how imperfect it may seem. Taking care of this body though is totally on us. Ageing is said to be a process of growing old. So what?...
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8th February 2017
5 Reasons that might be stopping you from switching to Organic food
There is abundant information about benefits of Organic Food available on all forms of media. However, there still remain some simple queries which prevent many people from taking action on it. There are simple answers to these simple doubts which I have addressed here in forms of common queries that arise and exist and what can be done about it or what the reality around those is.
1. Organic Food is expensive. Why should I pay a greater price, when food (not organic) is available for lesser? For the same reason why you pay a doctor, when medicines are available with the chemists. It is necessary to know why you are consuming something, rather than just consuming it since it is available. Chemical based Pesticides and Fertilisers are poisonous and hence,..
Gaurav Agarwal
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3rd February 2017
Simple Yet Effective Tips To Keep Your Teeth Strong And Healthy
Follow the tips below for an overview of how you can maintain your oral health without having to spend much time!
Smile is a curve that sets many things in life straight and I totally believe in its power. What are we doing to save our beautiful smiles? Besides its functions on the basic chewing and eating food, our teeth serve a bunch of other purposes, the highlight for most of us being its cosmetic value. Without a second thought, the smile is one of the first things someone would notice...
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20th January 2017
Essential Oils For A Health Holistic Living
You could look out for specific information on benefits of each type of essential oil on our 'Fitness & Health' section. Here is an abstract of all of them put together for you to easily recognize the right essential oil to heal specific issues.
The amazing benefits of Essential oils are something that history has seen with evidence. Essential oils are natural, without side effects and of course therapeutic.  There are around a dozen of essential oils or even more which work to beautify the skin and hair from inside out. I’m going to be giving in a quick brief about the most common skin and hair conditions and the oil commonly available and...
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19th January 2017
Most Effective Ways To Overcome Hepatitis C
You are not on a death row if you have this disease.
Hepatitis C is an infectious disease that affects our liver; it is caused by a virus with the same name and the symptoms in initial periods of the disease are usually unnoticeable. However, over the time symptoms like discolored urine, yellowish skin and many other symptoms may become visible in a patient. If untreated for long time, the Hepatitis C causes Cirrhosis of liver and ultimately leading to liver failure...
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18th January 2017
Healing Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil
The mother of all essentials oils-Frankincense, has some of the most important benefits for adding more beauty to your skin and hair. When in doubt- use Frankincense. It has its usage in almost everything one can think of.
A quick brief up on the Frankincense: Frankincense gets its name from the French dictionary and it means incense. This is basically a resin known for its aroma. They are obtained from trees of the Boswellia genus. This resin is obtained by slashing or stripping the bark of the trees and thereby allowing the resin to bleed and harden. This process is usually done after around 10 years of the growth...
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18th January 2017
10 Things you ought to ask yourself about the way you look
How you present yourself is certainly one of the major aspects of how confident you shall be. Use this short guide and assess yourself or add this to your to-do, while you read through each question.
Some thoughts to use as a guide to your beauty treatments. 1. Am I absolutely sure about my own attitude to my looks? Beauty care is optional; the amount of time, thought and money you spend, or don't spend, on your looks is entirely up to you. "I refuse to fuss about my appearance, simply can't be bothered; I'd rather be liked for what I am." Fine, fighting words that there's no...
Natalia Moore
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18th January 2017