Dissociative drugs or Hallucinogens
What Are Hallucinogens and Dissociative Drugs? The term Dissociation refers to one of the ways which our mind copes in situations with too much stress to handle, particularly following traumatic events. This in general, can be used to describe scenarios or experiences where you may feel disconnected in some way from the entire world around you or from your own self. Why Do People Take Hallucinogenic or Dissociative Drugs? Most people go through...
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6th October 2016
Five signs you have a drinking problem
When a person abuses alcohol, it can have a severe impact on all parts of their life. Not only can drinking too much be dangerous to a person's health, but it can make it difficult to maintain relationships, succeed in school, and hold down a job. Many people drink socially, however, and don't experience these problems. So how do you tell if you're drinking too much? Here are five signs...
James Jones
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4th October 2016
Yoga and Meditation: A Healthy and Joyful Pregnancy
Pregnancies can be hard for new moms because they don't know what to expect. On top of that, pregnancies last for 9 months, a very long time through which the mother needs to go through and adapt to that way of life. There are ways to make the whole process healthy and joyful. Read on.
People are also afraid of pregnancies because certain complications might happen, they last long and pregnant women can experience a lot of pain through their pregnancy. So what can they do about it and how can they make the pregnancy less painful and more enjoyable? The answer is yoga and meditation! Staying happy is the key Stress is a key factor that determines whether your pregnancy will be easy and enjoyable or...
Andy Bell
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17th September 2016
6 Ways to Deal with Urge to Use Stimulants
Depending on your addiction, urges will be strong and inevitable. When those urges hit, it is crucial to have a plan in place so that relapse does not occur. Stimulants can make you feel on top of the world, and may even seem intellectually stimulating. But when it comes time to stop using, the cravings can be difficult to handle. Stimulant addiction treatment can help with cravings, but there are still specific modes of therapy and techniques that can be used.
It takes a good deal of hard work to form new habits, and having a series of plans in place will help you to act upon those plans. Being sober when urges and cravings hit can also help to uncover the emotional baggage that might be contributing to your addictive behaviors. Here are some ideas for how you can deal with urges and cravings: Meditation Meditation is an often-practiced technique in recovery, as...
Simone Flynn
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16th September 2016
Getting the Exercise Balance Right to Ensure You Lose Weight
If you want to reduce your stored body fat levels by one kilogram, you have to have a negative energy balance of 7000 calories. You can do this by increasing your energy expenditure or decreasing your caloric intake.
You have to keep in mind that the only way to get your body to use up its stores of body fat through exercise is to undertake aerobic exercise, where you utilise the aerobic energy system. This means exercising at low intensities for long periods of time to burn large numbers of calories. The use of large amounts of muscle mass, such as using your leg muscles rather than your arm muscles...
Natalia Moore
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10th September 2016
5 Tips To Select An Affordable Yet Effective Dental Care
Many people consider regular dental visits to be a time consuming and expensive affair. And this is the reason these people fail to get a routined and organised dental check-up which leads to increased possibilities of tooth damage.
Surely you can't let go off your dental visits. We all know how precious our teeth and oral care is for us. Afterall, our favourite food is dependent on our good dental health. There are ways in which you can ensure good dental health within your budget. Just keep these following tips in mind and you are sure to get the best and most affordable dental care. 1. Get Insurance Health...
James Jones
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9th September 2016
Know Things About Calgary Optometrist
A person uses their eyes every day. Many people experience problems with their eyes. These problems can affect their vision. If a person cannot see clearly they are reducing their quality of life. When a person is experiencing problems with their vision they need to visit a Calgary optometrist.
Health Conditions that Affect the Eye. The Calgary optometrist provides a number of important services. If a person has a disease in their eye the optometrist can diagnose their disease and they will be able to treat the condition as well. They are also able to treat people that have a disease that they were born with. They can treat the eyes of people that were affected with diabetes, high...
James Jones
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8th September 2016
12 Ways to Improve your Willpower and Concentration
Nowadays, people are constantly at work and sometimes they have to work extra hours each day. Jobs that require this are usually difficult and not interesting enough to keep these people going. It's understandable that they don't have the willpower nor concentration to finish the job. In addition to that, employers don’t usually pay bonuses or give out benefits to their workers – only a few companies do this. Thanks...
Paul Gilbert
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2nd September 2016
Excellent DIY Remedies for Heel Pain
Heel pain is one of the most common ailments affecting individuals of any age at some point of their lives. It happens when a ligament, plantar fascia, is inflamed (plantar fasciitis) under different circumstances. Such circumstances varies. It could be caused by old age, wrong choice of footwear, extreme sport activities, standing for long periods of time, fractures, obesity and more. Lots of home remedies are available to ease the...
Andy Bell
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24th August 2016
Root Canal Treatment - Painless Route For A Pain Free Tooth!
Why to live with a painful tooth when an easy solution is just there! A huge population in India prefer coping with a decayed and painful tooth, because they fear, that treating the same would be all the more painful; perhaps unbearable. However the truth is, Root canal treatments are painless! In addition, you earn the luxury of retaining your own natural tooth without the pain it was causing.
Before we get into a thorough discussion regarding root canal, it is important to understand that every paining tooth does not require root canal. So, let us know who can opt and benefit from a root canal treatment. Do you need a root canal? Following are some of the scenarios where root canal can bring about the much needed relief you are seeking for. A patient who visits a dentist with tooth...
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23rd August 2016