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3 Things Singaporeans Should Do Before the Singaporean Dollar Slides
The exchange rate of Singaporean dollar against other major world currencies such as the USD, EURO, yen, and AUD has greatly appreciated in the past ten years. The SGD has gained so much strength that the Singapore nationals can travel almost anywhere in the world, for the simple reason that traveling expenses will be less dear than they would be back in the city-state. However, the good lavish days may...
Place: singapore, Singapore
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16th April 2018
5 Inspiring Accomplishments / Achievements Worth Sharing Today
Inspiring news updates from around the world. From different disciplines and backgrounds. It's inspiring to get dose of inspiration from different fields at once. Read ON!
Dorado Beach Volleyball player Ashley Ellerd wins a Gold medal at FCCLA qualifying for a trip to Nationals that would happen in Atlanta.  Source: The UTSC Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee Team wins the 2018 University of Toronto Intramurals Winter Season Championship. Source: Dean’s Office’s own Karen Shamoon wins the Larissa Allen Employee Experience Award* at Ryerson University, which happens to be Canada’s Leader for career focused university education. This is...
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iU eMagazine
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29th March 2018
iGathering 19 to be Held in Stockholm
iGathering location is finally announced. It's SWEDEN. Get geared for 2019. You are well informed and above all, well in advance. See you there.
Press ReleaseThis iGathering will, for the first time, be going international: taking place in Stockholm, Sweden, on Tuesday the 17th April, 2019. The i-Gaming forum, also held in Stockholm, will happen later this year on the 18th of April. Key stakeholders in the industry will get to network and exchange expertise as they experience sumptuous fine dining - an exclusive culinary treat which privileged C-Level invites can avail themselves of. The dinner...
Place: Stockholm, Sweden
iU eMagazine
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13th March 2018
Learn How To Avoid Getting Blindsided By The Holiday Rush
There are possibilities for employees and management to get into sloppy situations by heavy rush at stores during holiday seasons of shopping. Here are few tips for you to sail through well and get it right this time. Read ON!
Each and every year, typically beginning with Black Friday in the U.S. and Canada, retailers find themselves wholly unprepared to face the strenuous reality that is the holiday shopping season. With more and more customers coming in and longer lines developing as a result of this consumer onslaught, employees and managerial presences alike can feel overwhelmed by the influx of activity in their respective departments. And while many tips are available...
Place: United States
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21st November 2017
Raghavendra Hegdekatte Shares How He Lives The 2 P’s Of Life - Passion And Purpose - To The Fullest
Dreams drive our lives, they keep us going; they help build our lives and are the means to shape our destiny. Life can essentially be discovered only by living, experimenting and building it. Standing as the definition for the same, this young dynamo from Bangalore has managed to successfully make the art of music his identity. Read on!
Bringing to you, the story of Raghavendra Hegdekatte, which wouldn't just inspire but would also ignites the hearts of every reader! This 22 year old youngster, always bubbling with energy, has been living a life that could lead many aspirants towards following their dreams and fulfilling their aspirations. Each one of us is unique but one similarity which most of us share is that we want to become successful some day in our lives. Each...
Place: Bangalore, India
Rakshitha R
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17th November 2017
Cheap New Ways To Call Ethiopia From Canada
Ethiopians in Canada - Are you frustrated with the high cost of long distance and the unreliability of calling cards? Here's inspiring solution for your problems. Read ON!
Ethiopians living in or visiting Canada face the same problem every time they try to call family and friends back home; long distance rates are simply too high, and finding a payphone or a landline to use a calling card is too inconvenient. Everyone uses cell phones today, and it’s simply easier to make long distance calls with your cell phone. But you need a way to call without paying...
Place: Toronto, Canada
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14th November 2017
Singapore: A Centre of Excellence for Arbitration
Singapore is officially the Republic of Singapore, sometimes referred to as the "Lion City", the "Garden City" or the "Little Red Dot", is a sovereign city-state in Southeast Asia and now becoming popular as centre of excellence for arbitration. Read ON!
Singapore has a complex and inspiring culture, both in terms of its east Asian heritage and its global role as centre for business and commerce. As such it has become a focal point for legal arbitration and some are predicting that the direction Singapore is taking could lead it to become Asia’s version of the Hague. As economic relations between Singapore and China become more intensive and agreements such as the...
Place: Singapore, Singapore
Murray LeClair
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8th October 2017
XIMB Business Excellence Summit - Celebrating Inspiring 30 Years
Xavier Institute of Management celebrated 30 years of distinguished service in the field of academics and business, and society. This celebration was aimed at bringing together alumni from diversified realms of business in the hope of creating an insightful blend of ideas, to make the next leg of the journey even more fulfilling.
In this pursuit, the institute inaugurated the Business Excellence Summit on the 22nd of September at Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, in the presence of twenty six distinguished alumni of the college spanning across the 30 years. This was done to initiate an opportunity to interact, celebrate, discuss, reflect and collaborate. The central theme of the event was, ‘Building the vision for XIMB at 40 in accordance with the VUCA...
Place: Bhubaneswar, India
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4th October 2017
What You Need to Know about Hit and Run Crimes in Australia
Well informed citizens and truly inspired people. Knowing and learning about how to deal with hit and run situation is not only a benefit to safe guarding yourself in one such situation as a victim but it helps to know it even if you were to be on the side of the error to avoid becoming a criminal and seek legal assistance. Read ON!
Inspiring Through Information is the objective of Inspiraiton Unlimited and we bring to you a detailed structure of how you can be empowered to protect yourself from being a victim in cases of hit and run in Australia. The group that suffers the most due to the hit and run accidents on the roads of Australia are the pedestrians! If you have been involved in an accident like that, then...
Place: Australia
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4th October 2017
Bangalore's Lady Trainer cum Entrepreneur Gets Into the League of Finalists. You Can Have Her Win! Vote.
Here's your chance to support her work and help her win to become a true role model for many others who are making their way up.
An excerpt about Kiahra A Punjabi from CEO Magazine:Kiahra is a Bangalore based learning strategist, who cofounded Sankalp Academy with her husband Amit Punjabi in 2007 to empower and enable people so that they can produce progressive results in every area of life by helping them to realize their potential and nurturing it. The academy conducts a wide range of training and coaching programs and conferences that aid people in strategizing...
Place: Bangalore, India
iU eMagazine
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30th September 2017