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My visit to Ahmedabad International Literature Festival
Here is a glimpse of what one experiences at the Ahmedabad International Literature Festival!
As a teen Author and writer, I was in awe of joining the Ahmedabad International Literature Festival: different literary discussions, different workshops on Indian Literature and poetry, intelligent readers and venerable visitors. I planned to visit Ahmedabad on 10th of Nov. and booked my itinerary as the festival was on 12th and 13th of Nov. it was going to be the largest International Festival in India. Among the best luxury...
Place: Ahmedabad, India
Mridu Bhattacharya
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16th January 2017
Indicators, Data, the SDGs and YOU(th)
Governments, civil societies, and the general public need to work together to ensure the sustainable development of all. With strong indicators in place, the SDGs will have greater potential for realizing human rights! Read on
Do you remember what happened in September 2015? Let me remind you. It was at that time that the world witnessed a historical moment: the United Nations embraced the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with its 17 goals, 169 targets and 230 indicators, set up to monitor the implementation of this ambitious agenda. Our task is clear: We (yes, that includes you) should leave this world better than we found...
Place: Quezon City, Philippines
Jose Maria Nunag
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16th January 2017
Innovative Entrepreneurs to Fight Tough Times
Today, each day is a test for entrepreneurs to prove themselves, their employees and the company. From recruiting the right talent to adapting to the changing advances in the market, there is a lot for the CXOs to deal with. There are certain times when you almost quit but wish to try once again. Here is an experience of an entrepreneur who fought through such hardships and has today begun to shine in the industry. Read on
Business cycles affect all. Technologies, globalisation and other such trends affect businesses. Bikaner once hosted the largest wool market of Asia. However, with the passage of time, the trade invited new competitors. Globalisation and resulted easier import norms resulted in tougher competition from the wool from New Zealand. Chokla Wool (the wool originating in Bikaner region is called Chokla wool) lost its supremacy. The wool processors and traders started losing...
Place: Bikaner, India
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16th January 2017
WECETS - The Summit for the Youth
What are the areas of growth, enthusiasm and innovations? What are the sectors for the youth? What are the occasions for the youth to experiment and innovate? Youth need platforms for connectivity, where are such platforms? Let's share with the future-makers the events, which are the occasions for the future-makers to meet and share experiences.
Youth of today need opportunities in emerging sectors to do something new, something impact making. The youth of today has tremendous energy, positive thinking, Emerging sectors also depict the youthfulness and therefore they are the sectors, which should be the targets for the youth. These are the sectors, where there are umpteen opportunities for innovation, creativity, and growth. These are the sectors, where demand exceed supply, where opportunities exceed the...
Place: Jaipur, India
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5th January 2017
Rajasthan Kabir Yatra
Follow the below piece and feel the joy of celebrating at the Rajasthan Kabir Yatra, a week-long travelling music festival spread across six rural and urban locations in and around Bikaner!
How about walking through the sand and creating out mark forever? How about riding a bike amidst sand-dunes? How about listening to Sufi music and Bhajan amidst desert surroundings? How about being part of nature and loving our existence. How about forgetting our worldly problems and surrendering ourselves to the almighty, the ultimate spirit? How about being face to face with those who have devoted their lives towards sufi-music, spirituality,...
Place: Rajasthan, India
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17th December 2016
Creating the Success road-map for Generations Together - Yogendra Singh Rathore
Words fall short to define this young man, who has been contributing to the success of many lives. Read on to learn more about this hero who stands as the perfect role model for every youngster who dreams to attain success at a young age.
"There are many human needs. We all have needs in life; it could be love, family, money, security and many others. But, many of us forget one of the most important needs, which is, contribution. It's a global need. Living happy is right, but it's also a responsibility to help others live happily" says the National Level Mind and Memory Trainer, inspirational & motivational public speaker and a life coach,...
Place: Mumbai, India
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14th December 2016
Group Call App Used For Calling A List Of People, Crosses 50,000 Downloads Mark on PLAYSTORE!
Apps are meant to make life better & this certainly is one of them! The Group Call makes your life easier each time you have a large list to call! Mark the words 'EACH TIME'.
A terrific solution to solving the issue of having to call a large list of people has been produced in the name of GROUP CALL meaning the requirement to call a group/list of people. The app is a result of the need of the founder to make calls to a group/list of people. In the contacts list of phone a list of people whom you segregate into a separate list...
Place: Bangalore, India
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14th November 2016
Prettifying the Little Angels in her Marvellous Creations - Sudeepa
A lady whose life dwells in the clouds of breathtaking creativity and who loves working with the miniatured gowns that stud the cute babies. Plough through the tale of this spirited lady who is a perfect exemplar to work-life balance.
What could be the most serene and pleasing thing that could rejoice us? Well, if I have to answer this question I would say smile of a baby which delineates purity of a soul. As the rainbow which embellishes the storm havocked sky, the breezes that bring you the scent of drenched soil after a ruthless downpour, the moon radiating bliss in the mysterious dark, babies take me to the...
Place: Hyderabad, India
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18th October 2016
Self-transformation through else-transformation!
Read on to know how a set of passionate youngsters from Bangalore became the reason to impact thousands of lives and how the joy of giving has earned transformation in their personal lives!
How often do we think about our social responsibility? When was the last you planted a sapling contributing to the nature? When was the last time you helped a stranger? When was the last you helped someone's life get better? When was the last you donated a meal? When was the last you taught an underprivileged kid how to write? When was the last you distributed your old clothes to someone in need?...
Place: Bangalore, India
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17th October 2016
Creating a Better She!
With the increasing respect for women in the society in the last few years, there are still women around the world who are being exploited, harmed and humiliated; there are still women who are deprived of education and are not allowed to work. The younger generation is now evolving to help such women build themselves well, amidst the society! Read on
With the continuous fight for gender equality in the past few years, the i3 delegates of Bangalore moved a step ahead in empowering young girls, preparing them for the challengers as they grow up to become women. As the theme of the week was announced to be 'women empowerment', the delegates went back with a lot of excitement and energy to empower every single woman possible. The theme being a vast...
Place: Bangalore, India
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15th October 2016