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Bangalore Witnessed The Chef Post's Cold War - A Dessert & Drink Degustation
Further to the signature launch of The Chef Post portal last September where the city witnessed its top chefs walk the ramp in style, the portal has become a favourite amongst many to stay updated about chefs & everything culinary. On 10th February 2017, The Chef Post hosted their first grand event of the year - Cold War.
Cold War, which was a towering successful event, was a celebration of dessert & drink pairing with the top hotels in the city. This year chefs from 11 luxury hotels of Bengaluru participated in the event held at the JW Marriott Bangalore, and presented their signature dessert that was paired by the erudite winemaker, Dr. Akshay Baboo. He is a winemaker, researcher, rootstock consultant, and beverage consultant. He has vinified...
Place: Bangalore, India
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24th February 2017
Spree '17
BITS Pilani, K. K. Birla Goa is all set to bring to you Spree '17 from 3 March to 5 March, a sports carnival like no other; a celebration of sport and an opportunity for the fastest, strongest and the most skilled athletes from across the country to challenge their limits and emerge victorious. With a host of events that include regular events, as well as off-beat events, Spree can be expected to cater to every athlete.
5 reasons why you need to pack your bags and be a part of this biggest sports carnival this March: 1. Top Level Competition: If you're a sports person, there is no better place to test your talents than at Spree'17. With colleges participating from multiple cities, Spree'17 would provide you with the perfect platform to go against some of the top college teams in the sporting arena. The number of participants...
Place: Goa, India
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20th February 2017
Thalassemia And Child Welfare Group - NGO From India Supporting Child Health & Education
Most of us have enough resources in life and still grumble about what we do not have, while there are millions of kids around the world, who do not even have basic necessities of life, including proper health. This NGO from India, is doing stupendous work, focusing on health and education of such kids. Read ON!
Thalassemia And Child Welfare group , an initiative started by a group of women with the only motive to help children suffering due to incurable diseases, has today helped create awareness and cure thalassemia -a fatal disease, for more than 200 patients from in and around Madhya Pradesh. The organization and its people have also been the reason to organize several blood donation camps and create awareness programmes in more...
Place: Indore, India
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10th February 2017
Gathering of Entrepreneurs from Diversified Domains
Here's an abstract of all that happened at Intrigue Summit 2017, Delhi, India
New Delhi | 28th Jan 2017 Salesgasm's Intrigue Summit that was held on 24th Jan 2017 at Gurgaon, was a great success with excellent knowledge sharing and sheer audience engagement. The event was a powerful one and saw many of the finest minds sharing their knowledgeable experiences that grasped the attention of the delegates and kept them engrossed and willing to learn more. The inaugural keynote session was held by Mr. Sai...
Place: New Delhi, India
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8th February 2017
India m2m + iot Forum 2017 receives support from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India
Honorable Secretary, Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to Inaugurate the Exhibition on Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) Startup's at India m2m + iot Forum 2017
Tuesday, 24 January 2017, New Delhi, India – India m2m + iot Forum 2017 announced, Mr. J. S. Deepak, Secretary, Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Ministry of Communications, Government of India, confirms to inaugurate the most anticipated and awaited m2m and iot forum of the year on 6 March 2017 at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi, India. The 4th edition of India m2m + iot Forum 2017 will host a dedicated...
Place: New Delhi, India
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7th February 2017
Is Mbilwi High School Undisputed Best Performing School in Limpopo or is it Designed to be?
Are the rating of schools in Limpopo, in most places for that matter, produced in an accurate way? Read on for the statistics
At the beginning of every year, thousands of people gather at a certain venue to listen to the MEC for Education in Limpopo announcing the grade 12 results. Amongst the thousands are, politicians, religious leaders, chief directors and directors in the department of education responsible for schools, teacher unions, principals, teachers, SGB’S and many invited stakeholders and academics. To add to the list, media, both print and electronic is invited,...
Place: Limpopo, South Africa
Koketso Marishane
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23rd January 2017
Sanskar to Sanskar : Journey from home singer to professional singer
The below piece of write-up that showcases a few examples of the journeys of a few devotional singers, is certainly though-provoking, emphasizing on the importance of preserving our rich heritage.
Sanskar Channel has been trying to spread "Sanskar" – the culture of devotion to social values and spiritualism. Traditionally Rajasthan has been a state where women have been put at back foot everywhere, and generally they are not encouraged to take a leading role. However, when it comes to giving "Sankar", they do come forward and try to preserve and protect our culture, values and spiritualism. There are some instances...
Place: Bikaner, India
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17th January 2017
Innovative Entrepreneurs to Fight Tough Times
Today, each day is a test for entrepreneurs to prove themselves, their employees and the company. From recruiting the right talent to adapting to the changing advances in the market, there is a lot for the CXOs to deal with. There are certain times when you almost quit but wish to try once again. Here is an experience of an entrepreneur who fought through such hardships and has today begun to shine in the industry. Read on
Business cycles affect all. Technologies, globalisation and other such trends affect businesses. Bikaner once hosted the largest wool market of Asia. However, with the passage of time, the trade invited new competitors. Globalisation and resulted easier import norms resulted in tougher competition from the wool from New Zealand. Chokla Wool (the wool originating in Bikaner region is called Chokla wool) lost its supremacy. The wool processors and traders started losing...
Place: Bikaner, India
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16th January 2017
Indicators, Data, the SDGs and YOU(th)
Governments, civil societies, and the general public need to work together to ensure the sustainable development of all. With strong indicators in place, the SDGs will have greater potential for realizing human rights! Read on
Do you remember what happened in September 2015? Let me remind you. It was at that time that the world witnessed a historical moment: the United Nations embraced the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with its 17 goals, 169 targets and 230 indicators, set up to monitor the implementation of this ambitious agenda. Our task is clear: We (yes, that includes you) should leave this world better than we found...
Place: Quezon City, Philippines
Jose Maria Nunag
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16th January 2017
My visit to Ahmedabad International Literature Festival
Here is a glimpse of what one experiences at the Ahmedabad International Literature Festival!
As a teen Author and writer, I was in awe of joining the Ahmedabad International Literature Festival: different literary discussions, different workshops on Indian Literature and poetry, intelligent readers and venerable visitors. I planned to visit Ahmedabad on 10th of Nov. and booked my itinerary as the festival was on 12th and 13th of Nov. it was going to be the largest International Festival in India. Among the best luxury...
Place: Ahmedabad, India
Mridu Bhattacharya
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16th January 2017