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Quark Scholastic Aptitude Test (qSAT)
Quark 2018 | BITS Pilani, K.K. Birla Goa Campus
Quark is the annual techno-managerial and innovation festival of the BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus. Quark Scholastic Aptitude Test (qSAT) is an event of Quark organized every year at a national level. Started in 2014, with a participation of 500 students, we have expanded our reach to cities all across India, getting an overwhelming turnout of 2000+ Students last year. qSAT'17, is a national aptitude test that shall take place...
Place: Goa, India
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22nd July 2017
8 GB Ram - Musical Band living the 2 D's of Determination and Dedication
Have you ever seen musicians turning into magicians? Here is a story of young minds who have cast a spell of magic through their unique style of music, on every listener and are continuing to. We all dream, we chose to grow but what do we really do to reach our high aims? Many times, we don’t really progress in the direction of growth though we are committed and dedicated. Reasons may be many; inadequate guidance, lack of encouragement and many more. I got a chance to meet a set of young spirit-filled enthusiasts who believed in their inner strength to live their passion. These talented set of passionate youngsters shared their experiences, lessons and success formulae which are essentially required for us to excel at what we got to. Here is more to it!
Striving hard to abide by their likes and achieve all their aspirations, the Indian fusion musical band named, 8 GB Ram never gave up when their very first onstage performance was a mess. Using courage and dedication as their winning ingredients, they believe that it’s the passion that makes you a winner rather than talent. The team, inclining towards learning constantly and consistently, stands as an example for holding the...
Place: India
Rakshitha R
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21st July 2017
Objectway triumphs at the 2017 'Systems In The City' awards, for the fourth year in a row
Digital Wealth Management platform crowned “Best Digital Advisor-Client Solution”
London – July 14, 2017 – Objectway, a leading provider of investment management and digital software solutions to the worldwide financial services industry, has added another prize to its trophy cabinet at the 2017 Goodacre “Systems in the City” Awards in London. Digital Wealth Management, Objectway’s integrated solution supporting the whole digital investment management process, won the “Best Digital Advisor-Client Solution” prize. The company has also been confirmed as an...
Place: London, United Kingdom
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14th July 2017
Education for Transformation : An Inspiring Journey of Hansraj Surana
A person can change his fortunes through sustained efforts and if a person continues on the right path, he can change the fortunes of others also.
Hansraj Surana had a very difficult childhood. His family was settled in Eastern India, which got partitioned into Eastern Pakistan and eventually into Bangladesh. His family suffered heavily in the process. There was acute financial crisis. Mr. Surana thought that the only option for him to survive and grow was through education. He studied Mining Engineering and got appointment in Coal India Ltd. His job gave him all that he...
Place: India
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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6th July 2017
An Intriguing Marketing event coming up in Singapore
Salesgasm, which organizes world class conferences and expos across the globe focused on Sales and Marketing is all geared up to host the much awaited event of the year - "Intrigue Summit".
It is the digital marketing buyers and suppliers rendezvous coming up on 26-27 July 2017 and taking place in Singapore. The mission is to make a difference in the lives of digital marketers by creating an intriguing platform for education and high quality networking. The Intrigue Summit will be equipped with essential digital marketing knowledge delivered by leading decision makers such as CEOs, CMOs, Marketing Directors and other senior marketing professionals...
Place: Singapore
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4th July 2017
Digital Marketing Buyers and Suppliers rendezvous
Intrigue Summit in San Francisco Organized by Salesgasm on 13th& 14th June 2017 at Sessions at the Presidio, San Francisco, the 2-day Intrigue Summit gathered hundreds of digital marketing professionals from the USA. These experts shared with each other intriguing and latest ideas for their digital marketing endeavors. Also, they leveraged the summit to broaden their networking base and better connect with the digital marketing connoisseurs.
The speakers at Intrigue Summits were experienced professionals who are passionate about marketing and hold a senior position in their respective organizations. The speakers who shared their insights on digital marketing at Intrigue Conference include but not limited to Eric Edge (Head of Marketing Communications and Industry Relations at Pinterest), Randy Rayess (Co-Founder at, Eli Schwartz (Director of International Marketing at SurveyMonkey), Rahul Khanna (Global Head - Marketing and...
Place: San Francisco, United States
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3rd July 2017
Engineering Students - Divya & Shravanya from Bengaluru have designed an 'Efficient Waste Collection Mechanism'
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world", said Mahatma Gandhiji. Here is a write-up which throws light on a work that has the potential to bring about a great change in the society's garbage collection system, adhering to simplicity.
The garbage menace is one common factor that most of the metropolitan cities all over the world are working on. It is also the most common complaint amongst the dwellers of the society. The 'World Health Organisation' (WHO) states that about 4-5% of the deaths each year, all over, are due to the diseases caused by inefficient garbage disposal and about 6% of all ill-health and disabilities also are due...
Place: Bengaluru, India
Sathwik R
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30th June 2017
Swaad Caterers & The Tamarind Tree Come Together To Produce Location Cum Food Experience That Will Leave You Inspired Forever!
Bangalore as a location for those that are getting wed, or planning a celebration/party or an exciting event has just added a real feather in the cap.
The most exotic location that offers the feel of an Escape to the past, to an Amphitheatre under the stars, The Tamarind Tree is a place where the old, the new, and someplace magical are crafted into an exquisite tapestry. Welcoming antique doorways lead you in to traditional courtyards, interwoven by cobble-stoned pathways. Frangipani blooms against the filigreed Bandstand. Elegant pavilions & panoramic beauty invite you to surrender to the charm of The Tamarind...
Place: Bangalore, India
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21st June 2017
Bhagyam A Aravind - Impossible is Nothing
When you are a human being as normal as others in thoughts and skills but have a disability and people tend to ignore your abilities and see your disabilities, how does it feel to be in such a society when people think more than twice to give an opportunity without sympathizing on you or scrutinizes you for a mistake to point out? When I contacted her to know about her and her feeling on this mindset, she came forward happily to answer the questions and make people aware that people with disabilities are no less than anyone and they are just normal as anyone anywhere.
Bhagyam A Aravind is a 32 yr old woman, a Research Scientist, Entrepreneur, and Recruiter. She lives with her family in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She was asked about her inspiration to get into this field. She said, "Learn new technologies to make a change for the better, my drive to reach as many people as I could and share mutual benefit and learn a new field and help people find...
Place: Chennai, India
Shredha Narayanan
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15th June 2017
ReDirect - A Conference To Realize Your Potential, Direct Your Energy & Lead With Certainty
Transform yourself and your business. Utilize your energy where it's actually needed. Create opportunities to innovate and facilitate growth.
Bangalore, India: Be there to make most of your talents, experience the leader in you and transform yourself at Sankalp Academy's Conference, ReDirect, scheduled for 24th June, this year at the Lemon Tree Premier. One of a kind Conference, focusing on realizing your potential, leading your life and organization to success.  Think of this as Google Maps. We use it to direct us to our destination. But what we love about...
Place: Bangalore, India
Amit Punjabi
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3rd June 2017