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KC Low's Journey From Being An Introvert To A Digital Media Marketer
What does it take to do something you've never tried in life? What does it need to change and transform yourself into something you've dreamed of? How does it feel when you are actually living the life of your dreams? Here's a personality, whose life can definitely provide you with the answers!
From feeling awkward to even talk to a single person since school days for years, to becoming someone who can convince anyone to agree to his words, is a pretty long and inspiring journey that he has taken. KC Low, a social media marketer from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, currently helps many businesses build themselves on social media. Born in a small town where the highest level of education provided is up...
Place: Malaysia
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22nd March 2017
Enhancing your experience of entertainment - Yuktha Entertainment Services
Haven't we all had experiences of attending parties or some kind of program which could have had some kind of entertainment - probably music, dance or a magic show in a birthday party or entertainment of any other kind, but didn't have one? Here is something you might want to remember the next time you host a program and wish to not miss the entertainment!
It was when Saradhi Babu Rasala, the founder of YK software Solutions Pvt Ltd, attended a party and found no entertaining aspect at all, he realized that there was a huge requirement of entertainment services. When he thought deeper, he realized there are hundreds of thousands of talents who do not have opportunities to showcase their talents. He decided to club them both and make way for better events to...
Place: Hyderabad, India
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21st March 2017
Needy Heart Foundation : Restoring the damaged hearts
While there are millions from around the world who are suffering with heart problems, there are also many who are not even aware of how they could prevent themselves from the issue. At the same time, there are many heart patients who are unable to afford to get a surgery done. The Needy Heart Foundation was conceived to help the economically poor to undergo treatment and to bring about an awareness about the preventive aspects of heart disease among the general public.
Mr O P Khanna, one of the founding trustees mentioned, "Earlier, it was only the older people who suffered from heart diseases, but today, the younger generation are also suffering. Lot of them are working too hard and are too stressed from work. Also, they’re unable to make time to take care of their health. They’re strong and have the willpower to do bigger things but they must not forget...
Place: Bangalore, India
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20th March 2017
A Lasting Experience At The Largest Power Market In The Middle East - Power & Transmission Summit
Here’s more you need to know about the 3rd Annual Power And Transmission summit 2017, on the 15th & 16th March, 2017 in Riyadh.
Saudi Arabia is the largest power market in the Middle East with the greatest potential for new projects and sector activity. The expansion of Saudi Arabia's economy, drive for diversification and its rapidly growing population are all contributing to an increase in demand for electricity – currently 4.5 per cent annually. This required expansion of Saudi Arabia's power sector has created the opportunity for foreign investment participation. Energy consumption in the Kingdom...
Place: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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10th March 2017
Student Entrepreneurs, Gomolemo and Babalo from Bloemfontein, Share Their Adventures
Age is truly never a limitation to realize and understand your true potential and to live life, the way you want to. Gomolemo and Babalo, who started their business still in their college, are undoubtedly an inspiration to every student who aspires to become an entrepreneur.
Starting a business while you are still a student at a university might seem to be one of the toughest things, but experts believe that it's the best time to actually begin and set up a business; there is also a whole lot time to experiment when you do not have someone questioning you about your career, since you're still pursuing your education. Such was a smart move by Gomolemo...
Place: Bloemfontein, South Africa
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5th March 2017
The much awaited PROGRAM for India m2m + iot Forum 2017 ANNOUNCED! and Telecom Centres of Excellence, India the joint organizers of India m2m + iot Forum 2017 announced the final program for the two day forum! Read on. and Telecom Centres of Excellence, India the joint organizers of India m2m + iot Forum 2017 announced the final program for the two day forum on Sunday, 27 February 2017, with the Honorable Secretary, Department of Telecommunications (DoT) and Chairman, Telecom Commission, Mr J S Deepak, to deliver the Inaugural Address on 'capitalizing connected world', at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India, on Monday, 6 March 2017. The forum also...
Place: New Delhi, India
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4th March 2017
Spree 2017, BITS Pilani Goa's annual sports festival inaugrated!
Spree 2017 promises to enthrall like never before with big names like Kapil Dev and Michael Clarke making their way to BITS Goa to inspire the athletes! Read on.
Spree 2017, BITS Pilani Goa's annual sports festival was inaugurated on 2nd March, 2017 on the campus' basketball court. Chief Guest Prof. Raghurama, Director BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus graced the occasion as the nation's fastest growing sports festival got off to a rousing start just ahead of the home team began its basketball campaign. The other guests of honour included the fests faculty co-ordinator Mr. Chandu Lamani and other...
Place: Goa, India
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4th March 2017
Varsha Vinn, Who Topped The Country Music Chart At 20, Shares Her Musical Journey
This young girl, at the age of 17, with $300 in her pocket, left to the United States from India, to prove herself in the world of music. Her first debut 'MAGNET' charted to #19 on the Top 40 New Country Music Chart. From an orthodox community to living by herself amidst the unknown, living the life of her dreams, Varsha Vinn's journey undoubtedly sets the path to every girl, to dream big!
Pursuing music was never a question for Varsha. At the age of 3, when most girls would play with their pink teddies, she used to make beats by tapping her hands. With a fun filled childhood, although a lower middle class family, she loved hanging out with her parents who would take her out once in a month. It was no doubt that Varsha would follow the path of achieving in...
Place: Boston, United States
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2nd March 2017
President of Ford Motor Company Fund joins the 5th Responsible Business Summit New York
President of Ford Motor Company Fund joins Ethical Corporation's 5th Responsible Business Summit New York along with 55+ CEOs and business leaders. Read on!
CEOs and leaders from North America's most innovative and inspiring brands in responsible business will gather in New York in March to discuss how to deliver purpose for people, the planet and profits. Jim Vella, President of Ford Motor Company Fund and Community Services joins 55+ CEOs and business leaders to drive the responsible business agenda at Ethical Corporation's 5th Responsible Business Summit New York on March 27-28. Vella will be...
Place: New York, United States
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2nd March 2017
BlockShow Europe 2017: The First Blockchain Oscar to be Held This Spring
March 2, 2017 - the first stage of Blockchain Oscar starts under the BlockShow Europe 2017 programme.
Blockchain Oscar is a Startup Competition, which will be held in two rounds. The first one will take place online for three days on March 2-4. During this stage, the board of expert judges will give the thorough look at the participating projects and assess each one of them; finally, the shortlist of 6 the most promising companies will be selected. These exact startups will join the the second and...
Place: Munich, Germany
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1st March 2017