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6 Most Voted Time Management Apps for Accounting Start-ups
Time is of the essence regardless of what are we talking about. This is something that we all seek and never have enough. We all need more than 24 hours per day to finish everything we have planned, especially when you are an accounting start-up firm. Technology has always proved to be time-saving, if you use it right. Read on for some tips.
When you have everything organized properly and take advantage of every minute, you will see how long day can be. Here are some tips on how accounting start-ups can save time using various apps for accounting management, if you're into that kind of business. Why using technology is important in business? Technology is advancing, and that means we have to as well. If you want to exceed your expectations and fulfill your...
Joel Corde
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27th October 2016
Consider These 7 eCommerce Tips Before Opening An Online Store
eCommerce is Booming. With growth in smartphone and tablets, eCommerce sales continue to grow Year on Year. Read on for some Do's and Dont's.
According to ComScore  to estimates, eCommerce will generate about $340 Billion in 2016 compared to $ 231 billion in 2012 in the United States alone and yet it is a very small percentage of overall retail sales. With the multibillion-dollar expansion of eCommerce & Mobile commerce, many small businesses have shown interest in having eCooomerce store for their business as well. As a small business owner it is really important to understand...
Gaurav Kanabar
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14th October 2016
How to Web Startup Spotlight 2016
Applications are now open for How to Web Startup Spotlight 2016, deal making program for promising tech startups. For the first time this year, the program welcomes applicants from all around Europe. 50 startups with global potential are expected to join the program and pitch their products on the main stage of How to Web Conference. Besides, they will attend 1 on 1 meetings with potential business partners, gain media...
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19th September 2016
Top Investment Ideas Just for Your Business Funding Startups
It's difficult to start a business and expect big things. Most people make the mistake of trying to start too big. Usually, they take huge loans and when their business fails because they are too ambitious, they can't pay back the loan. They get depressed and feel like there's no way out. If you have faced these situations, here are some ideas for you.
Starting too big is a common mistake people make. Even though you feel everything will be great and that your idea is unique, it's still not a good idea to start big. Individuals who start from scratch and start small have a higher success rate than others. You can easily expand your business when you generate enough revenue. The great idea is to have low auto insurance during the start...
Joel Corde
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25th June 2016
Think Ecology, Think EcoHoy
Climate, environment, glaciers, water crisis, forestation..... Have you heard these words? A lot of words are spoken on these issues. But only spoken... There is a lot of gap between words and actions. Governments, institutions, organisations, NGOs, associations, international bodies and what not. It seems that everyone is planning to do something - but alas... only planning. Where is the action? We keep listening about depleting forest cover. We keep...
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23rd April 2016
Quality, tasty and healthy food during your train travels anymore - Khanagadi, your travel's Best Food Partner
As the food industry continues to boom, here is a start-up venture that has entered into the domain, and with a vision to enhance the quality of food that are consumed by passengers travelling by rails. Read on to know the story of its growth, spreading across the nation.
In a country like India, where railways is one of the major modes of transportation, it is undeniably challenging to manage every aspect of travel including food, hygiene, electric power and many others, in the large travel network; food especially, is a major problem faced by millions of passengers every day. The rice that is cold, gravy that is under quality, idly and sambhar that has lost its taste, those...
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6th April 2016
The Best Companion to enhance your Online Shopping experience - Compare Munafa
Due to e-commerce space that has widely increased since the past few years, there is more time that goes in shopping online rather than the regular offline shopping. Here is a startup that has added uniqueness to its portal and can help you find your needs in lesser time. Read on to know its story of evolution.
Compare Munafa, an e-commerce portal that was founded by three young leaders - Kanchan Sukhija, Vivek Agarwal and Harsh Maur, has had more than 25,000 subscribers to its portal in the last seven months of execution. While Vivek, Alumina of the Nottingham University Business School, takes care of the overall business development having had experiences on venturing many other businesses, Kanchan, who is a bachelor’s in business management and masters...
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5th April 2016
Corporate Startup Summit 2016: Already Running Four Years
Bonn - Top notch speakers, lots of interesting topics and workshops: Corporate Startup Summit International 2016 presents a worthwhile agenda for national and international participants interested in Corporate Entrepreneurship. Corporate Startups Summit will be hosted in the fourth year already. But it’s also the first timethis international platform for Corporate Entrepreneurship is going international, landing in Zurich, Switzerland. The two days event will be packed with interesting best-practice examples, workshops and...
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28th March 2016
Contentmart - Your perfect content partner
Launched by Creative WebMedia, is a virtual content marketplace where businesses can easily get in touch with content writers. Creative WebMedia has envisaged Contentmart as an easily accessible platform for clients and writers alike. Content is King In a world where content plays an important role in any company's overall business strategies, clients are in constant search for writers who can fulfil those needs. How often do we yearn for a...
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1st March 2016
6 Trends Seen In Startup Services And Products
2015 was a huge year for startups in India, and the buzz around them continues to grow. Provision of services and products are making a big impact on the modern society. What one ends up wondering is, what will be the future of these trends. The trend plays a major role in getting investors for any business.
6 major trends including Online training courses that were seen in startup services and products that were not only accepted but also revolutionised the industry, were: 1. E-Commerce From grocery to high end labels, everything is now online. The vegetable vendor from your local market and your plumber can all be booked on the go with a tap of a finger. The target for these services, though, is not just restricted to Tier...
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2nd February 2016