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How to Tackle Workplace Stress and Encourage Employee Efficiency & Productivity
In any workplace, productivity, innovation, and efficiency go hand in hand. If you are an ambitious entrepreneur, you would want to cultivate these factors at your workplace. Fair enough! But is your workforce sufficiently productive and efficient?
Consider this: Your employees energetically start their day, stay laser-focused and at the end of the day somehow finish the given tasks. But have you ever gave it a thought what does their workload...
Michael Zhou
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15th March 2018
Inspiration To Acquire More Customers With Best Contact Center Software
A quick solution for small businesses. Read ON!
Businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, are intimidated by the thought of implementing an in-house call center solution. Just thinking of call centers conjures up visions of dedicated and expensive IP hardware and IT infrastructure with attendant costs of investment and maintenance. Modern contact center solutions are far more sophisticated yet simpler and affordable because they are software based and run not only on existing desktop computers and laptops but also on laptops in a...
Hardi Vora
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15th March 2018
Inspiration For Saving Money When Sending Consumers Goods As A StartUp
Saving money is good for a startup in whatever form it might be realised. Cost cutting isn't for giants alone, it's called saving when it comes to startups. Here's what you could do to save money while sending consumer goods as a startup.
As a startup, you’ll of course want to ensure that you can provide a seamless parcel delivery service, however you’ll also want to minimise the amount of money that you spend on delivery in order to maximise your profit. Luckily for you, there are many ways to save money when sending consumers goods, allowing you to focus on more important financial situations within your organisation. Whether you’re in need of...
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13th March 2018
The Basics Of Setting Up Your Business Online
The presence on the web has become vital for every business today irrespective of the scale, size, nature of the business. Here's how you can get it done with few easy steps. Read ON!
Today, getting online is one of the fundamentals of running your own business. With an increasing number of users now navigating the web to find local brands, order products and book services, it’s more important than ever before to have a strong online presence. At the very least, your business should have its own website where new and existing customers can go to find all the information that they need....
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22nd February 2018
7 Ready Ways To Fund Your Online Business Idea That Needs Low Capital To Start
Low startup capital ideas are taking shape and rising as unicorns today with technology being a powerful enabler for many such ideas. If you have an online business idea and know that it needs low capital but don't have sufficient funds, here's a quick set of ways for you to get your dream going. Read ON!
A lot of people have ideas and they wish to get the idea rolling but at times aren’t self-sufficient with funds. With online business ideas costing lower capital at the onset they are always worth the try especially if they are a part of your dream. Here are 7 ways you can get your online business idea that needs less than £2000 rolling and LIVE.  Use your old savings One of the...
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8th February 2018
Why are temp agencies more beneficial for employers trying to find staff?
Hiring the right people is the most important aspect of growth for any business and even more when you are a new business with lower capital available. Here's a quick insight on what could help you achieve just that. Read ON!
As the job market keeps changing and some companies look online to find new, talented employees, it would be easy to mistakenly believe that temp agencies aren’t needed. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Companies soon discover that trying to vet random people for a vacancy quickly becomes a nightmare, as they’re not equipped either size-wise or procedurally to handle it. Let’s look closer at why temp agencies are still...
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1st February 2018
How Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from Hiring These 5 Personality Types
Hiring right can take your organisation and the vision to sky rocketing heights. Here are some tips for you to learn from and hire the personality types that match your enterprising spirit. Read ON!
A business is only as successful as the people that it hires, which is why it is so important to find the right person for the job. Of course, some personalities are more suited to succeeding in business than others, and business solutions providers, Sage, have identified them. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator has become a popular method of quickly determining a candidate’s personality type at interview, and is a good indicator...
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9th January 2018
Things to Consider When Designing Brochures for Your StartUp
Brochure design is like the first of the few steps most businesses and startups take to communicate their ideas, products and services to people. Here are some compact set of thoughts to inspire right and more apt design for your brochure.
Brochures are an excellent way for businesses to efficiently and effectively communicate information to their audience. Because they offer an inherently compact and easy to digest format, brochures are an excellent, and best of all very cheap, way of disseminating information. In an age where most of our communications with one another make use of digital formats, something of the art of designing brochures and newsletters has been lost by...
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9th January 2018
The Cheapest Yet Most Effective Ideas to Promote a Startup
StartUp journeys are Inspirational from every perspective. The most inspiring aspect at times is the resource crunch and management of resources to achieve maximum Output. This often needs great ideas to scale which have low budgets. Here are some terrific ideas for marketing your startup. Read ON!
Startups are known for having a razor-thin budget for promoting their business or product since most of their money goes into development costs. That’s reasonable given how many don’t even have the budget to pay everyone a salary; some give away shares or stock options instead. The need to market a business for little or no money is leading to many desperate ways to promote a venture. However, startups cannot...
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18th December 2017
5 Inspiring Business Ideas to Start At University
Starting a business at university gives you the opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur, or at least generate some extra cash. Here are some terrific ideas.
Today, university students and university graduates alike struggle to find employment in their desired career sector more than ever. Having studied a particular subject for 4 years, we can quite see the frustration. Luckily, starting a business at university gives you the opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur, or at least generate some extra cash. Whatever you do, though, we strongly suggest to not give up your essay writing. Whilst...
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8th December 2017