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Inspiration & Know-How to Start a Fitness Business on a Budget
Your required budget for opening a business will depend on what type of fitness business it is. Gyms require more initial outlay than a personal trainer. However, each fitness business can follow the same general guidelines and steps to becoming successful.
Initial costsInsurance, registration fees and sometimes franchise fees, will be needed no matter what. You must save and plan for these expenses, ensuring you have a positive cash flow. To ensure your small budget can cope with these upfront costs you should plan what you hope to achieve and have a very clear idea of all expenses.Get an accountantHaving an accountant is critical. Before you start, an accountant will inform you if...
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21st September 2017
What Do Startups Need to Know About Health & Safety Law?
While the language of health and safety law might not fit in with the optimistic and inspirational language of startups, you can’t build a successful startup without health and safety. Faking it 'til you make it is one thing, but being sued for gross negligence because you willingly ignored health and safety law is quite another. Read ON!
Health and safety law differs from country to country and industry to industry. It’s for that reason that each startup should be clued up on the health and safety law of its particular industry. To help future startups with their journey, here’s what every startup needs to know about health and safety law.Don’t Believe The Hype About “Disruptive” StartupsStartups are often eager to label themselves as “disruptive”. It’s a word...
Justin O' Sullivan
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16th September 2017
How to do Lean Marketing for Your Startup
Are you driving a startup company? To successfully run a start-up company, along with consolidating the latest technologies around, it is important that you apply effective marketing strategies. In such a case, nothing can be better than lean marketing!
Wondering what does lean marketing mean? It is a client oriented showcasing that includes little trails, crusades and so forth. What's more, this procedure works in time for different assessments so you can adapt with the progressions as well. And, then change your promoting process for procuring gigantic income. It's because of such reasons lean marketing is ideal for the small ventures that have recently been started. In any case, only...
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14th September 2017
What are you into? INVESTING or INVESTORS?
It stands today that I welcome investors to be a part of my ideas & together make great things happen & I soon, in a few years, will see you on the other side of the table if you have an idea, where, I shall be happy to evaluate its worthiness to invest.
When I first got into marketing and sales of an educational product I was inspired by a seminar where the person making great sales spoke about his income and how he believed in investing and not in saving alone. Post that seminar, I started researching more and more about it and I learnt about the epic author & I wouldn’t be wrong in saying..
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1st July 2017
How to Build a Successful SEO Agency
Starting any business venture comes with plenty of challenges. An SEO agency is no exception. In this jam-packed market, making your way through to the top can be a daunting task.
Notably, SEO is the current, and probably the only, “next face” of internet marketing. Therefore, any aspiring online marketer should make the prudent choice of including this efficient marketing strategy for their business. Coupled with the increasing usage and spread of the internet, successful marketing requires more than just regular advertisements. Having said that, building a successful SEO agency that will ascertain the achievement of stellar success is undoubtedly daunting. According...
RIchard Aumaitre
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27th April 2017
Call For Spark.Me 2017 Startup Competition
The organizing team of, one of the most carefully curated business/Internet conferences in Southeast Europe, which is set for May 29-30, in the seaside resort of Budva, Montenegro, has published a call for Startup Competition.
The winning team will have a unique opportunity to present its project to leading investors and media at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2017 Startup Alley, on September 18-20, 2017. This year, the runner-up team gets a prize as well - a 14-day-free stay for two entrepreneurs at Startup Embassy residence located in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, an opportunity made possible by one of 2017 esteemed sponsors, Startup Embassy.  The mission...
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9th April 2017
Corporate Khana: Corporate Bengaluru's Preferred Meal Solution
Bengaluru, being the hub of thousands of corporate companies, has always had requirements for healthier and the right kind of food to satisfy the taste buds of individuals. Although there have been many newer food courts and restaurants in IT Parks and outside, emerging almost every now and then, not all requirements are satisfied; especially the wait in the long queues at most places that provide good food, result in consuming almost double the time of employees, which would otherwise be used to more productive purposes certainly.
Imagine an additional 30 minutes of an employee goes into waiting, then, in 22 working days of the month, 660 minutes are lost; within a year, this leads to the loss of 7920 minutes of a single person, which simply goes in waiting at restaurants. If the same time could be used for some additional activity that could atleast help regain the momentum of each of the employees, this can...
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30th March 2017
6 Most Voted Time Management Apps for Accounting Start-ups
Time is of the essence regardless of what are we talking about. This is something that we all seek and never have enough. We all need more than 24 hours per day to finish everything we have planned, especially when you are an accounting start-up firm. Technology has always proved to be time-saving, if you use it right. Read on for some tips.
When you have everything organized properly and take advantage of every minute, you will see how long day can be. Here are some tips on how accounting start-ups can save time using various apps for accounting management, if you're into that kind of business. Why using technology is important in business? Technology is advancing, and that means we have to as well. If you want to exceed your expectations and fulfill your...
Joel Corde
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27th October 2016
Consider These 7 eCommerce Tips Before Opening An Online Store
eCommerce is Booming. With growth in smartphone and tablets, eCommerce sales continue to grow Year on Year. Read on for some Do's and Dont's.
According to ComScore  to estimates, eCommerce will generate about $340 Billion in 2016 compared to $ 231 billion in 2012 in the United States alone and yet it is a very small percentage of overall retail sales. With the multibillion-dollar expansion of eCommerce & Mobile commerce, many small businesses have shown interest in having eCooomerce store for their business as well. As a small business owner it is really important to understand...
Gaurav Kanabar
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14th October 2016
How to Web Startup Spotlight 2016
Applications are now open for How to Web Startup Spotlight 2016, deal making program for promising tech startups. For the first time this year, the program welcomes applicants from all around Europe. 50 startups with global potential are expected to join the program and pitch their products on the main stage of How to Web Conference. Besides, they will attend 1 on 1 meetings with potential business partners, gain media...
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19th September 2016