Poetic Spree
A collection of poems that inspire & share a powerful message for betterment of humanity.
Forever in the NOW!
Having traveled so far away from home That home doesn’t seem to be recognisable anymore... Having taken so many roads that weren’t necessarily mine, That the next roads of my life is reduced to the bundle of things that I did.. Having seen the truth that all are one and one is all, That the definition of love is beyond those lives I have met or touched...
Sandhya Nagaraj
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3rd March 2018
Prison Without A Case
 I am a fault of my creation, I made the world lose their minds over one commotion, Tease or read and write about what you see, All I can tell is it never been about me, You chose to create a world without limitations, Show them your scars and wounds to prove, The jury last spoke but none were moved, When did you want me to ask of your accusations? Looking at it now more than before our...
Rajiv C Doraiswamy
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7th December 2017
The Mirror
I look at it and find myself in, I can see, see me I can see my face I can see the uniqueness of creativity I shy away I hide away I peep and see how the other looks like I wish to fit into the world I hide myself from the world I begin to colour myself The colours to cover my faults I stare the mirror and smile Yet it reminds me of what I am not I ignore and walk...
Sonal Lobo
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21st November 2017
It's YOU!
When being alone lets me closer to a mirror virtual by my sideand stand I alone as a muddled poserwho elude me - is it eye or brainimagery formed is yourswhen I gaze up in strain Convening energy to avoid tepidnesswhen I knock at cerebrum's doora mild wobble disrupting calmnessI begin to think and think hardbut in dismay they(thoughts) do departwho eludes again is it brain or you conquering them apart. Muddled...
Vinod Nebhnani
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22nd September 2017
Not You
The person you just laughed at for their stupidity, may have never thought to behave so in the first place. The person you just jeered at for their silly jokes, may have cracked it with an intention to bring a smile on others' face, Accept them for who they are, remember they are just not you.   The people whose dressing styles you question may be comfortable in what they wear. Being stylish is what you admire,...
Sonal Lobo
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2nd September 2017
Lost and Found
That was the day
I always remember
My lost heart found in some chamber,
Love was not in any way, his companion
Burning that innocent as fast as camphor;
The Dreamy Eyes And The Mighty mind
Both were doomed and deemed blind...
Nikhil Jain
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22nd August 2017
If a mirror could talk..
They made me all shiny and bright,
They told me to always reflect the light,
But I have failed in what I was set to do,
For every smile I get,
I see tears too.
You show me scars, they run deep,
They're covered under long sleeves,
You feel fear..
Keerthana Udupa
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27th July 2017
I make a wish
Every time I look at the stars and enjoy its sparkle
I wish you would be near me and hold me close and tickle.
Every time I see a lovely couple standing by
I wish you would be next to me holding my hands tight.
Every time I hear the church bells ring
I wish u were kneeling next to me and praying with me for a while..
Sonal Lobo
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10th July 2017
Ran I Ran
Ran I in haste to chase and to chase 
No respite, for fatigue should not dawn upon
Hurry Up! Brace Up! For there is no time to Waste. 
Kill the doubts, if dubious you are 
Run you must and fast enough
take a lead, for there are countless others
Be submissive and never question...
Vinod Nebhnani
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6th July 2017
An Ode to The Indian Army
The sun swelters harsh on them
The frost bites into their skin
Brooks of their blood flow; yet
The metals on their chest clink with pride.
They kill, not because they hate
They kill, because they love
Each of today’s smiles, laughter and revelry
Exists due to that selflessness of the olive green livery...
Sathwik R
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5th June 2017