A collection of poems that inspire or share a powerful message for betterment of humanity.
The sun it is!
It ripped in the air, pompous and alone,
stirring gold within from every angle it shone.
With pride and trust, staring with might .
Inventing a religion called time and beliefs who were named day and night.
It tore through the snores and made them all roar for a new period ahead...
Syed Abrar Ahmed
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21st October 2016
Welcome Diwali
Season of wealth, breathe confidence
Celebrate posperity, inhale opulence
Emit  buoyancy, exhale splendor
Every day is celebration, Every day is joy
Just need an occasion, fill out the vacuum
Kindle aspirations, the rays of hopes...
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20th October 2016
An Earnest Friend
When I met you,
Very little I knew.
As time passed away,
Me and you sway.
You are the one who understands the fact,
That you and me have to make a pact.
The way you captivated your attraction...
Nikita Bhojwani
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17th October 2016
Coffee - The Ultimate Life Enhancer
A coffee has an impeccable taste,
A coffee can greet friends together,
A coffee can make anyone's mood,
A coffee has a twirling sensation,
A coffee can immerse,
A coffee has an alluring aroma 
Which captivates one's attention...
Nikita Bhojwani
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14th October 2016
Love for Nature
When I walk closely
I observe my surroundings
The birds fly so high
So wanna i
The mountains look so
radiant to me
In the beautiful sky
It's an imaginative world...
Nikita Bhojwani
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13th October 2016
Love makes us
Love makes us strong, even though the heart within is weak
Love makes us smile with tears in eyes
Love makes us happy, even when reasons to be sad are many
Love makes us selfless when the world around is selfish
Love teaches to share, even when we have not much in spare...
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12th October 2016
Saluting the Soldier
When flower stoops
it salues you
When stars sparkle
they salute you
When the wind blows
it salutes you
It is not the Sun
Nor the Moon...
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10th October 2016
Marriage is not about big things, it's all the little things done with love
Marriage is not just sunrise it's being together in sunset too
Marriage is not just kiss on the cheeks but its kiss on forehead too.
Marriage is not just about laughter it's also about holding close while the other one cries...
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7th October 2016
A Wish for Wishes
At the interface of DUSK to DAWN
made a move to the holy place of town boom of ringing bells in resonance
peace imparted by the chaunting plesence
wishes sailing towards the holy centre
some in solitary torment,some in venture
A handful of plights,disguising others's sight
A few exclaimed in heavy decibles...
Vinod Nebhnani
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15th September 2016
Days of Old
How things were and could be again
Our ancestors dreamt, we have to carry on
They planted, we have to nurture growth
Our great grandparents had unrivalled virtues
Our values ail today, tomorrow has no promise
Our audacity and tenacity wavers
Our fore fathers lived healthily, sickness abounds now...
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14th September 2016