A collection of poems that inspire or share a powerful message for betterment of humanity.
Camel Festival : A Deserving Tribute
The Thar Desert has celebrated Camel Festival on 14 and 15 January. "Lovely Planet" has called it one of the best five festivals of January. Camel is the true icon of desert. Even with its last breath, it is trying to entertain us.  Camels are reducing in numbers and with this trend, they are soon to become extinct. Its unfortunate that some people love Camel meat more than Camel Ride. It...
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16th January 2017
Cancer cures
Cancer cells spread like a crab
Until they form together holding
Each other and forming a growth
But the growth isn't the problem
As our cells grow and die every single day
If we have the slightest cut or injury
Or even just stroke our skin we shed cells...
Steve Kelly
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10th January 2017
A Journey With Her!
A journey with her
life is the mortal an unpredictable existence
love is a life with immortal persistence
every journey has an origination
and a destination for its culmination
I didn't know when it began
A journey of love a journey with her
being a cattleman, a journey was a business...
Vinod Nebhnani
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4th January 2017
Waving 2016 & Welcoming 2017
Memories worth sharing.
will be carried in hearts…
leaving all pains and bearings.
The chariot of hopes is ready.
and swiftly we will depart..
and step into a blissful year.
Resolutions will concentrate our hearts.
determination and dedication will be a pin-pointed dart.
with a new year, let's begin new...
Vinod Nebhnani
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31st December 2016
The Winner Inside...
Always! There's a winner inside
in those who believe and inspire, 
Looking up fearlessly at the sky
while walking over the high tides;
Dreaming the impossible with belief
He's the one who present it live,
brave enough to chase his fortune always stands by his heart's side...
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28th December 2016
Timeless toil and a wanderer's eye,
Always tensed for the eagle's cry,
Hope and desperation mingled within him,
For these were his companions;
The Traveller's minions Traversing valleys, ridges and mountains,
The journey's culmination finally stood before him...
Nehal Pratap
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21st December 2016
A special gift!
Dreams started to cease,And slowly set in the breeze,The joyous sun danced with delight,Recessing moon enjoyed this sight. A balmy weather set the mood,Thick trees covered like a hood,Chilly wind flew with no bound,Pitter-patter created a magic sound. The sky turned bright and blue,Rainbow blushed will all the hue,Stars took leave from the scene,The total sight looked serene! Opening my eyes I saw,Things that made me awe.Beautiful a day, so swiftSent...
Aishwarya Ashok
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20th December 2016
Let's just tell what is in the mind
Just stop the time,
The time will pass
Some talks are still at larynx
let those feelings be described
Imprudence was a time ago,
but compunction is Alive
if you do not want to parley
Let be made meeting of eyes...
Vijay maloo
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17th December 2016
The sun it is!
It ripped in the air, pompous and alone,
stirring gold within from every angle it shone.
With pride and trust, staring with might .
Inventing a religion called time and beliefs who were named day and night.
It tore through the snores and made them all roar for a new period ahead...
Syed Abrar Ahmed
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21st October 2016
Welcome Diwali
Season of wealth, breathe confidence
Celebrate posperity, inhale opulence
Emit  buoyancy, exhale splendor
Every day is celebration, Every day is joy
Just need an occasion, fill out the vacuum
Kindle aspirations, the rays of hopes...
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20th October 2016