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Dear Mom

Dear Mom, I was so happy and excited

When god blessed you and planted me in your womb.

Dear Mom, I started growing slowly, protected tightly in your bosom

Your womb my warm blanket, your care my happiness

Dear mom, I slowly began to see and feel

I heard the things you spoke and loved to hear u talk.

Dear Mom, how long should I wait

I wish to come out and cuddle up in your arms.

Dear mom, are u sad

Why has the smile from your face suddenly seem to be vanished

Dear mom, are u feeling that I am a little burden difficult to carry around.

Or do you feel I am not worthy enough?

Dear Mom, I am waiting to hear dad talk

I wish to feel his hands on your bosom, and speak to me with love.

Dear Mom a few more months and I will be in your arms

I will lie in your arms and grow up to become the best daughter and love you all.

Dear Mom is it true you have agreed to kill me?

Mom please don’t do that

It’s going to hurt me

Please save me, and give me chance to live amongst all

Dear Mom I am sad to leave you

But the creator loves me and welcomed me with open arms

I shall pray to him to forgive you

Because I shall always love u
Dear Loving Mom.

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