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Year End or Beginning of an Year

#2022 --> #2023 transition
Year end poetry tk jain Another moment of confusion

Another pause before commotion

Should I rejoice?

Should I smile?

My year bank is depleting

One more year reduced

One more bundle of memories piled

Some desires unfulfilled

Some more piles of unwanted possessions

Some left us forever

Some new faces in our network

Some got angry

Some got disappointed

Did I moved forward

Or slid backward?

Did I got nearer to my goal

Or got into an unending circuit

Did I really consumed 365 days

Or my life has depreciated by 365 days

Is there some positive addition

Or just a flimsy confusion

My goals were distinct

Now they are clearer

But did I clean my glasses?

Why is this goal clearer now?

I alone couldn’t do it

Someone helped somewhere

I really forgot them

This is the time to salute

Pray for their happiness

Let me thank them

Some preached

Some criticized

Some condemned

Some ignored

Some berated

Some castigated

They all helped

They helped me

They identified

My pile of vices

Something that I missed

Something that I forgot

Something that I couldn’t see

Something that dragged me down

Year end poetry tk jain Rediscovering myself

Revisiting myself

Absolving myself

Let me rekindle my aspirations

Let me revive my lost appetite

Let me reinvent myself

Let me take another step

Stretching my urge to grow

Crushing my urge to sleep

Taking inspiration from the doers

Inhaling the positivity from the youth

Did you like and share my thoughts?

Did you support my post?

How do I thank you?

How do I repay you?

The world is a web of thoughts

You are what you keep thinking

Thank all those who inspire

Thank all who share noble desire

Let's revive the real life

Some sparkling smiles and some hungry hopes

Let's revisit old theories

Let's revive urge to inspire

Create new theories

Create new paths

Lets again sharpen our pencils

The world needs many holy books Can I add a few lines of ideas..?
Can I be one of the inspirers..?

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