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Inner Self

Poetry by Dr Nitin Parab

I snatch the rays from the morning sun
And harness the power of the dawn
That vital burst of energy
To make my day go strong

Days of the past all remind us
That this day too shall pass
And remain in the nostalgic programme
Of the flower that has lost its bloom

I keep telling my inner self
Be strong, be healthy and wise
For it's for a purpose born
That you have visited this garden in life.

And as you meander in the paths
There are a few choices that you need to make
However difficult the choice may be
You need to harness it by the sly.

Time immortal makes people shy
On what they have achieved so far
In the timeless race of the spirit
The conqueror stands conquered

This Poetry was first published in the book "Insights For A Good Life" authored by Dr. Nitin Parab

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Dr. Nitin Parab
Dr. Nitin Parab is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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