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Sifting Through Sands Of Life


What according to you is life in full flow?

The sweet course of success,

Or the occasional mix of blows?

The plentiful fruits of success that we reap,

Although the journey strenuous;

And the lessons learnt, perpetual and deep.


Life is but a consequence of our actions

Successes and blows, an outcome of the same…

Tis’ for us to choose, to make our own concoctions

After all, tis’ the biggest game!

The journey strenuous

We manage to make of it

While it can also be joyous

If we keep our body and mind fit...


A whole package that life is, in a nutshell,

The valuable lessons learnt and many a story to tell,

The secret to living life to its very end,

Is to brush off the past and live in the present.


Standing afar a desert, all you see is fine sand

The insects, the life, the movement all blurred to the naked eye.

When you get down to join its merry band,

You see that the fineness is just a lie!


Portrayed simple, yet so complex that life is,

The overall experience, enthralling and bliss,

Every nook and corner of nature has something to teach,

Like, as fierce as the sun and as calm as the beach.


It indeed is simple but for some, complex,

It can sometime seem playful and yet sometimes perplex!

It sometimes seems to be a boon and sometimes just like a hex,

At the end it’s not just about our reaction, but also our reflex!


An intricate plan for us that the universe has woven,

Trust your intuition and believe that you are the one chosen!

Every chapter that passes by – never to recur,

Take life as your vehicle, you being the chauffeur!

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