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Woven by a Word

Woven By Word

Promises- what a virtual agreement!

A great deal of trust it possesses, never to be bent.

Once made, not to be violated,

If done, the colossal bond formed shall be diluted.


A promise she made to stay forever

Then came a gypsy from afar – pretty and clever…

Hearing tales of distant lands,

Seeing tattoos on the gypsy’s hands…

Our girl thought sadly of a promise she made

And wondered if that word would ever fade.


Promises made… sometimes forgotten,

Words can fade and turn out molten.

As strong as the effects can last,

A turbulence between the souls, can erase the past.


Erase it won’t, only distance,

We all ought to eat our own words truly.

Since this is of huge consequence,

It only does well for us to choose wisely!


Yes, the aftermath of a broken promise enormous,

Can only be averted by putting the mind to play…

Holding your ground and dedication a plus,

The only way to keep betrayal at bay.


The young girl of the town took solace

In the fact that this town was no furnace

For it was home to the one she loved

And no gypsy tale could take her hand – ungloved!

And there it was, a promise kept…

The whole town, in tears of joy they wept

The girl rejoiced, as the world slept,

By keeping her word, a world she leapt.


Keeping up promises, cements bonds like no other,

The trust formed, shall never be infringed, don’t bother.

The aftermath that lingers,

ought to make your journey henceforth, shimmer!


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