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Life's Teachings

The teachings of life

Life teaches you, if you are willing to learn
From every situation and from every circumstance
But if you get into the game of blaming
You have lost the spirit to win

Remember friends it is not the situation
And certainly not the circumstances
That makes you or breaks you
It is all but the conditioning of the mind

For the mind is feeble and flimsy
It takes to the comfort of the senses
And unknowingly make you a slave
Of your habits and your desires

Thus, when it is the time for reckoning
And you look up to yourself in the mirror
Time has passed by and shall never return
You only have a regret at your side.

So again, I speak with all sincerity
That you are the captain of your makingYou are the creator of your destiny
You are the traveller on the path

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