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#LyricalConversations between Janani Shekar and Sandhya Nagaraj
The game of life, exciting yet unpredictable,
two roles to play, you choose, Cain or Abel.
The road ahead meanders with an obstacle at each curve,
up to you, to desist or tackle with verve.

lyrical conversations kaleidoscopic Views
Cain or Abel, or Jesus's twelfth apostle
Two roles are far too less a number..
But if it boiled down to two,
Who would you rather be?

Just as many obstacles there are
Are the number of miracles waiting to happen
Depending on how you see the world,
That's precisely how it comes unfurled..

As righteous as Abel,
to strive hard to be pure and noble;
To accept any upcoming miracle or obstacle,
and to manifest humanity to it's very pinnacle.

What's your take on righteousness?
What's pure and impure?
Why is the striving for nobility?
What's a miracle after all?

This acceptance that you speak of,
Oh, that divine bliss...
That's an answer of the universe,
To questions of everything amiss!

A virtue so right - a model of rectitude,
With a heart that beats solely with purity and joy, never blued.
To live a life driven by moral principles,
sophisticated, yet so simple.

Does morality help when life is in full flow?
Isn't humanity enough to let the joy grow?
To keep life glam on the outside and green inside?
To keep it shimmerin' on the cover,
and simple at the crux!

The very esence of human nature that is,
a cocktail of emotions with a dash of morality.
when the garden within you - is in full bloom,
The outside be as fresh as a spritz of perfume!

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