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Volcano Inside - Why Silence Outside?

Inspiration to awaken the society in the light of an event that depicts evil intentions and antisocial behaviour. Deep and heart touching poetry by Dr Trilok Kumar Jain

Muni KamaKumar Ji
Shocked and disheartened
Murdering a Muni enlightened
Has conscience evaporated?
Suffocated and relegated?

The world is again for a lookout
Dharma and karma knocked out
Lets transform this world again!
Lets bring back Mahavir again!
Lets enlighten our sleeping mind!
Lets revive our journey to infinity!

Evolution to mankind
Now let it rewind
Is humanity only cruelty?
Is someone speaking for humanity?

Why are you Silent?
Are you giving Consent?
Lets change education!
Lets plant compassion!

Muni kam Kumar Nandi
No news - no activist
Someone searching light
Facing Rawans ready to fight

A society silent on violence
Is all set to degenerate
Speak out against crime
Raise your voice and action
Bring back non-violence from fiction
Living beyond anyone's expectation

Respecting every consummation
Only humans have choice
Only they have a voice
Show me your initiation
This world is our own creation

Bring out your sleeping pen
Write down your frozen sense
Raise our finger towards criminals
Come out openly against the rascals
Every delay is scorching
Silence of intellectuals is disturbingThou are Mahavir
Re-discover your Inner Core
Protect the Enlightened Souls
Stand together with the last hopes

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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