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Boosting Sales Performance through eLearning
The process of eLearning represents the use of digital technology to deliver courses to online learners with the goal of helping them acquire knowledge quickly and effectively. Schools have been leveraging eLearning for quite some time now and many companies have also realized its potential. In fact, increasing number of businesses are using it to train their employees and improve their skills.
Utilizing digital technologies for the sake of eLearning has become quite popular nowadays, especially when it comes to training employees, sales executives as it offers a lot more benefits than conventional learning. Since sales is an integral part of any business, hence we have listed out some of the key advantages of eLearning as compared to conventional learning, so that you can gain a better insight into why the former is a better choice than...
Kamy Anderson
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21st March 2017
How to Successfully Manage Remote Teams
Managing remote teams can be difficult - especially if you're used to being able to sit at the same table as your team members on a regular basis. Whether you're working with a remote team for a temporary period of time (such as an extended business trip) or in a more permanent arrangement (such as a series of global or nationwide projects), you're going to have to change the way you approach team management.
You can still do most of the same things you used to - you'll just need to put a special twist on them. Prioritize Individuals When everyone is in the same room, they’ll naturally motivate each other and intuitively figure things out to some extent. When your team members are farther apart, they may lose a little bit of the initiative they’re inspired to take in a group environment. You’ll need...
Heidi Finigan
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20th March 2017
Invest In Fixed Deposits To Save Your Money From Economic Turmoil
Though interest rates on FD are supposed to alter from time to time, fix deposit of a lump sum amount is the best investment opportunity at low risk.
Share market investments are definitely one of the most beneficial options for long term investments. But there are people in India who aren't aware of how share market investments work. Either that, or they're not ready to work with the stock market and its unpredictability. In this case, a fix deposit is the safest and the most reliable investment option for such people. Understanding Fixed Deposit A fixed deposit is an investment...
Nitin Arora
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19th March 2017
Vicarious Liability - How to keep your business safe when your employee commits a crime
You hope that your employees will never get you into trouble. Unfortunately, that might not be the case. It's important to be prepared in case the day comes that someone working for you commits a crime. Though you haven't been involved, you could be considered to be vicariously liable. Prevent that from happening with these tips.
Create strict policies When you are setting out contracts and job descriptions, make sure that you have policies that are very clear about what the employee is and is not allowed to do. If it is considered that you gave the employee an opportunity to abuse their power and commit a crime, then you are liable – so don’t create the opportunities. Make it clear that illegal acts will not be...
Lucy Taylor
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19th March 2017
5 Ways to Turn Your Blog into a Living, Instead of Just a Hobby
While blogging itself has been around since the birth of the internet, only within the past 5 or so years has it bloomed into a lucrative way of life. Stay at home moms are making a living with their good housekeeping tips, artists are making money offering advice and tutorials, small businesses are pulling in more customers by making their enterprise more personable and approachable, in fact, 60% of businesses had a blog in 2012!
While most people might think the "blog market" is oversaturated, the truth is, if you want to join the race, grab a horse and start running. Because while you may offer similar services as 100 other blogs out there, no one will ever have the same thing to say as you do, and your way of doing things might change the way someone else does them...
Katie Kapro
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7th February 2017
Prepaying Your Home Loan EMI vs Investing Your Money
The crucial decision of whether you prepay your loan EMI or invest your money, plays a major role in also managing your finances on a long term basis. There are several aspects to consider. This read shall help you take the right decision between the two.
When you apply for a loan, you'll have to take numerous factors into consideration. It's important to ensure that the process of repaying your loan planned smoothly. It's important for you to analyze your income and make calculations which will give you a better idea about your liability to your bank.You need to make the right choices to ensure that your financial stability isn't affected negatively. Prepaying your home loan...
Nitin Arora
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18th January 2017
Keeping High-Performing Individuals Fiercely Loyal
One of the ways you will know that you are a high performing individual is that you will have an innate desire for personal growth as well as professional growth, here's why: Today's workforce has a deep desire for mastery in what they do.
One of the reasons, so many organizations are struggling to keep their top talent both loyal and engaged is because of the natural evolution of high-performance individuals. Today's top talent want to maximize their human potential, Sadly, many organizations and leaders are at best routinely giving lip service to these needs, or at worst completely ignoring them all together. Carolyn Dweck, a Stanford University psychologist and author of the groundbreaking book "Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success," says...
Dov Baron
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17th January 2017
The First Intelligent Basket Bin-e with a New Investor On Board
This is the world of the first intelligent bin. Bin-e recognizes, sorts and prepares for recycling your waste, creating a healthy environment. Read on
When Jakub Lubonski and Marcin Lotysz, entrepreneurs from Poznan, announced to the world that they want to create smart trash bin, capable of recognizing, categorizing and sorting garbage, only few people believed in the possibility of success, let alone invest money in it. They themselves, after nearly a year of seeking help from various investors, were faced with a difficult question - to take a chance and try to put...
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16th January 2017
8 Thumbrules For Successfully Conducting Business Overseas
In today's global era, it has become highly important to learn the art of building businesses overseas, as it's the only way one can achieve the big international business dream by mastering what it takes to build it & then be surprised of how much it can offer in return. The expansion process is a terrific journey of diligence, faith, meticulous planning & focused operations. Here's a piece of 8 powerful thumbrules for conducting successful business overseas. Read On!
Expanding your operations overseas is an exciting endeavour to embark on. With proper planning and execution, the potential rewards and opportunities are vast and enriching. When conducting business overseas, it is necessary to prepare your business and your teams for the challenges and cultural nuances ahead. Successful entrepreneurs know that adhering to the following tips is essential for international success.   #1 - Study the Market While your product lines may be...
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13th January 2017
Leaders With Deficiencies Vs Deficient Leaders
There's a good chance at one point or another you have had the misfortune of having to deal with a leader who was to put it NOT so delicately deficient, (at least in leadership skills). However, I wonder if you have ever worked with a boss who had 'deficiencies' and used those 'deficiencies' to become a great leader? Sound ridiculous? Read on!
There are Leaders with Deficiencies, there are also Deficient Leaders, don't mistake one for the other! Okay, let's dive right into it…  Whether you like these leaders or not there are certain common character traits that show up in leaders as varied as Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and the newest whiz kid Mark Zuckerberg, and every leader in these world has these traits. If you like me are a student of leadership, then you...
Dov Baron
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3rd January 2017