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3 IoT Applications That Can Make Your Business More Efficient
Modern businesses are spending more and more time these days working to integrate the Internet of Things with their practices. But what exactly does that mean? Read further to know what it is and how you can use it too, to boost your business.
The IoT is basically the automated network that comes into being when devices and programs are connected to each other. Devices can share information for purposes of easy availability, instant analysis, and pure efficiency. Let's look at a few ways in which you can use the IoT to boost your business. Simplified Accounting In an interesting article on the IoT's impact on the accounting business, it was mentioned that cloud ecosystems were being...
Blaine Kelton
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29th October 2016
2016 Trends That Can Make or Break the BPO Industry - Are You Ready?
Outsourcing continues to let BPOs be in business. But it is emerging technology which will be instrumental in making or breaking the BPO nucleus in 2016 and beyond. Unless you keep pace with the trends, you might suffer a slump. Join us in catching up with the latest trends that need to be added to the planning strategy for continued progress.
Bi-model IT is shaping new processes BPOs need to enable themselves to use cloud services (hybrid models), social media platforms, automation, and business analytics. These will be the main drivers for the entire year, as they will mitigate cost factors in several departments. There are BPOs with high performance and their long-lasting business relationships have been a result of the value created through technology. Leading BPOs feel that it is...
Abhishek Jain
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19th October 2016
How to Prevent Employee Theft
Employee theft has become one of the top concerns in businesses in many parts of the world today. Here's what you must know about preventing it.
Businesses in the US lose over $60 billion dollars a year to shrinkage. The biggest cause of loss? Employee theft. Not only can physical theft result in huge losses, but stolen data can result in further damage. What can business owners do to prevent shrinkage due to employee theft? Fostering Honesty Entrepreneurs who want to reduce shrinkage might want to investigate methods of fostering honesty in the workplace. This starts with hiring procedures:...
Cody Hill
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17th October 2016
5 Awesome Ideas To Use Your Creativity For Better Blogging
Blogging is not as easy as thoughts in your mind and translating it through writing. When you create a blog, you are targeting an audience, audience that will read the blog you wrote and if possible share it and let others read it. If blogging is as easy as expressing one's emotions or thoughts, then what is the sense of others reading blogs.
What readers would want to read is factual information, or something that can satisfy and feed their questions, inquiries or their interest. They will not waste their time reading non sense, especially if they have no much time to spend and they know they have a lot of reading material options online. When you create a blog, your goal is to get as much target market as you can. There are...
Andy Bell
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15th October 2016
Leveraging your Skills in the Workplace Presentation
Presentation is not just about a Power Point. It's not a skill that everyone's born with. But yes, it's a very important one in the corporate world today. Read on for some techniques.
A confident individual with an upright, erect posture and someone who is certain about their qualifications and skills is bound to exude positivity and present themselves in a positive light to the recruiter or even the general public. A presentation is not only a formal PowerPoint presentation that has been categorically prepared for, but entails any form of communication that helps convey the message in a direct, clear and distinct...
Rachael Everly
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13th October 2016
5 Fears that can stop you from becoming an Entrepreneur
Henry killed one of his enemies and had to come in front of the King to explain his action and receive the punishment.    The king concluded that Henry's motivation was greed and envy. "Henry," the king said, "I shall sentence you to death by hanging or to enter that door in front of you. Because today is my birthday, I allow you to choose. "What is  behind the door?" Henry asked. "You will...
Carmen Jacob
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12th October 2016
Simple Steps for Designing a Collaboration - Boosting Workplace in Your Business
When considering how to boost your productivity, increase creativity, and foster good working relationships between employees, many employers tend to overlook the importance of collaboration. As one of those hot-button words in today's business world, collaboration is often the key to setting and meeting goals, but many people don't fully understand it. Read on.
Workplace collaboration is a way of getting multiple individuals or departments working towards a similar goal. It includes idea-sharing, resource-sharing, and open flow of communication. Taking steps to boost collaboration in your business can help you get an edge on your competition. Here are a few easy-to-implement strategies for doing just that. Open up Communication Sometimes it’s as simple as letting your employees contact one another. Often, employees from different departments have...
James Pointon
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11th October 2016
How to Use Blogging to Grow Your Business
Everyone has a blog these days. Some people use them for personal branding, some use them as a creative outlet, and others use their blogs to grow their businesses. People are constantly searching for answers on the web. Read on to know how to use this opportunity right.
Users like to learn, and they appreciate learning about a subject that complements their lifestyle. Your products and services certainly fit within someone's lifestyle. If you can answer their questions and engage them intellectually, the engagement of these individuals can expand your business. Readers become customers if you play your cards right. Understand Your Audience A blog that's too vague won't serve any purpose, and a blog that's too narrow won't get...
Tess Pajaron
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6th October 2016
Top cyber security vulnerabilities that plague your business (and how to fix them)
When running your own business, these days there is more to think about than just installing CCTV to cover your office. Security must lock down on your online activities, as these can be the biggest source of risks to your company. Data leaks, hacks, denial of service attacks, and more could threaten the future of the business. Learn how to fix the top cyber security vulnerabilities.
These are the top vulnerabilities in your cyber security, and how to make sure that they cannot be exploited. Annoyed Employees Your employees have access to everything, and they could use it if they chose to. Most people would never think of doing something devious with their employer's system, but that can change when they realise that they won't be around much longer. A disgruntled employee who has decided to quit, or...
Amelie Coel
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4th October 2016
How to achieve the highest level of business networking?
Two days full of networking and 4000 1:1 meetings with startups, investors, executives and developers are about to disrupt the tech community in Europe and beyond again. Read on.
The fourth edition of Wolves Summit, an international conference focused on innovations in technology, is taking place on 25-26th October 2016 in Warsaw, Poland. The programme will also include an additional day dedicated to implementing innovations in business, Wolves Summit R&D. The Polish disruption 2500 participants will gather in the capital of Poland to discuss and exchange knowledge about startup and business ecosystems. The selection of Warsaw as a conference venue is...
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3rd October 2016