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5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Workday Productivity
There will be times when being your best version seems almost next to impossible. When no matter how hard you try, you just cannot focus. The worst part is, there can be a point when you see it as daunting or you reach the brink of giving up. What you do not know is you can improve by starting to change your habits, thinking, and trying something new. All it takes is little yet constant effort to reach the level of productivity you crave for. Here are the five simple ways you can do to revitalize your workday.
Learn to Prioritize One Day at a Time Look at each day of the work week as a specific job or purpose. After all, everyone wants to feel accomplished, and the only way to achieve this is to learn to prioritize each day. For instance, on a Friday, set a goal of wrapping up a project you started at the beginning of the week. Although you have other tasks to finish,...
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18th August 2017
7 Inspiring Tips To Make Your Office Eco-Friendly
Are you doing everything you can to ‘go green’ at work? We share tips that your business can use to help protect the environment and eventually make your office a green and eco-friendly office space. This isn't an exhaustive list, but this surely is a terrific start. Read ON!
How to make your Office Eco-Friendly There are many reasons why you should try to create an eco-friendly office. By making small changes, your business and office space can ‘go green’and it would also reduce your business energy bills while you help reduce carbon footprint and recycle efficiently to protect our environment. Our crisp green guide here shows how easily you can make a positive impact in your office. How to create an...
iU eMagazine
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18th August 2017
A Workforce Like No Other
If you find yourself struggling to complete tasks in your workspace or always sit there considering the ‘what-if’s’, then this infographic is perfect for you! Ensuring that your workplace runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, especially in a warehouse, is extremely important to increase productivity and lessen the risk of things going wrong.
This infographic has been created by the warehouse management system software specialists PeopleVox, who explore the idea of a superhero workforce.Are you familiar with the world’s most famous superheroes? If so, what superheroes would you hire to carry out particular jobs? Do you agree with this infographic? Or, even better, what superhero would you be? Here are just a few examples of well-known superheroes, perfect for various job roles: The Director –...
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16th August 2017
20 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Are Awesome!
Entrepreneurship is a game which is definitely difficult to master, however it is the greatest game one can ever play.
If you are different than most people around you and often feel like an outsider, then you are what they call ‘weird’ in the corporate world but in the world of business, you are a genius! However, you don’t always have to be a genius to be a great entrepreneur; you can be a great recruiter and hire smart people instead. If you think that entrepreneurship is your true calling, then...
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9th August 2017
Interview with Richard Soley, Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium
Dr. Richard Mark Soley is Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium and is responsible for the vision and direction of the organization. In addition to this role, Dr. Soley is Chairman and CEO of the Object Management Group (OMG) – an international, nonprofit computer industry standards consortium -- and Executive Director of the Cloud Standards Customer Council – an end-user advocacy group
A few years ago, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) was a concept unknown to most but in the last couple of years it has become key in the future of many businesses. Cheaper sensors are already being produced and deployed and innovations in hardware, analytics and machine learning will combine to create big opportunities for companies big and small. Where are we now in the roadmap of this next...
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9th August 2017
How To Take A Technological Solution Global?
Commercialising and taking a technological solution to the international market is a feat not accomplished by many. While there are endless small and mid-sized corporations working tirelessly to produce innovative and expansive technological solutions, it’s a rarity to see a majority of them succeeding in marketing their product or solutions on a global scale.
However, while it may be a rarity, the possibility of expanding your business internationally is not completely unheard of. In fact, it is quite possible, but only if you possess the right knowledge. Here’s how you can take your innovative technological solution to the global market. Identify Your Niche Market The first step towards an international business or technological expansion is to research and identify a niche market that you can...
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8th August 2017
4 Essential Tips for Creating Top Notch Sales Videos
Videos have quickly become the single most effective way to generate sales due to their ability to attract attention, foster interest, and engage the audience. That being said many sales videos are a lot less effective than they should be, with some even bordering on being stale and dull.
If you would like your sales videos to stand out and live up to the potential of the medium, here are 4 tips that you should take to heart: Don’t try to sell It may seem counterintuitive, but you shouldn’t try to sell a product or service in your sales video. Instead you should focus on driving across a message that encourages the viewer to make that decision. Typically this means informing...
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24th July 2017
How to Make Data Security Important to Your Employees
You love your business and worry about problems that could hurt it. You know that data breaches are one of the worst problems that companies face, but do your employees understand the problem? If not, they could put your business at risk. Explore the following guide on ways to make data security important to your employees.
Explain the Cost Your workers may not worry about a computer problem such as a data breach. Teach your employees about the potential cost of a data hack by letting them know that the average data breach costs a company $221 per compromised record. For major corporations, a hack costs more than $7 million on average. For your small business, losing even a few hundred files could bankrupt you. Your employees may...
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19th July 2017
5 Benefits of Employee Engagement
Employee engagement is an important concept in modern businesses. With most businesses becoming even more competitive, it is essential to find small gains that can help your business gain the edge. One of the ways to get ahead is to engage your employees in a way better than your business rivals.
Here, we describe the top four benefits that you gain when you use employee engagement strategies. 1. Productivity is an important benefit of engaging your employees. Remember, you should especially engage the employees that are already at the peak of their performance. This means that they are willing to go over the hump and provide you something additional.
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11th July 2017
11 Must BUY Things For The 21st Century Entrepreneur / Intrapreneur
If you are an Entrepreneur or an Intrapreneur, through with your boot strapping and now building a solution for the world or providing products/services and building a company, these are few things you might want to own for various reasons I think you must. I could bring in a list of 11 purchases that I find most useful but you are open to share more of those you think important and am sure this list will only get more useful as you help build it too.
I am sure retail therapy does wonders to all of us. But, sometimes it's not just the therapy part, but the need that needs to be addressed and then life gets on to a track that brings us more promising results and the growth we were looking for. I'm sure you are already looking around you, inside your pockets, visualising the stuff in your living room, in your bag..
Sujit Lalwani
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7th July 2017