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The First Intelligent Basket Bin-e with a New Investor On Board
This is the world of the first intelligent bin. Bin-e recognizes, sorts and prepares for recycling your waste, creating a healthy environment. Read on
When Jakub Lubonski and Marcin Lotysz, entrepreneurs from Poznan, announced to the world that they want to create smart trash bin, capable of recognizing, categorizing and sorting garbage, only few people believed in the possibility of success, let alone invest money in it. They themselves, after nearly a year of seeking help from various investors, were faced with a difficult question - to take a chance and try to put...
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16th January 2017
8 Thumbrules For Successfully Conducting Business Overseas
In today's global era, it has become highly important to learn the art of building businesses overseas, as it's the only way one can achieve the big international business dream by mastering what it takes to build it & then be surprised of how much it can offer in return. The expansion process is a terrific journey of diligence, faith, meticulous planning & focused operations. Here's a piece of 8 powerful thumbrules for conducting successful business overseas. Read On!
Expanding your operations overseas is an exciting endeavour to embark on. With proper planning and execution, the potential rewards and opportunities are vast and enriching. When conducting business overseas, it is necessary to prepare your business and your teams for the challenges and cultural nuances ahead. Successful entrepreneurs know that adhering to the following tips is essential for international success.   #1 - Study the Market While your product lines may be...
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13th January 2017
Leaders with Deficiencies vs Deficient Leaders
There's a good chance at one point or another you have had the misfortune of having to deal with a leader who was to put it NOT so delicately deficient, (at least in leadership skills). However, I wonder if you have ever worked with a boss who had 'deficiencies' and used those 'deficiencies' to become a great leader? Sound ridiculous? Read on!
There are Leaders with Deficiencies, there are also Deficient Leaders, don't mistake one for the other! Okay, let's dive right into it…  Whether you like these leaders or not there are certain common character traits that show up in leaders as varied as Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, and the newest whiz kid Mark Zuckerberg, and every leader in these world has these traits. If you like me are a student of leadership, then you...
Dov Baron
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3rd January 2017
How To Avoid Dangers Of Multitasking With The Right Office Fit Out
In today's hectic, fast-paced work environment, the ability to multi-task is often viewed as a desirable and admirable attribute for employees to have. After all, a typical morning may include listening to instructions from a senior staff member, while simultaneously checking emails and text messages, organising paperwork and sipping on coffee. Yet, scientific research has shown that multitasking can be incredibly draining, hindering productivity and even adversely affecting the health of...
Reno Macri
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19th December 2016
Make an Unforgettable Customer Experience With These 5 Tips
Building up a particular and novel upper hand is pivotal for business achievement.
Throughout the years and in my work here at Xero, an organization giving cloud bookkeeping programming, I've conversed with a great many little entrepreneurs and have discovered numerous trust that their organization's prosperity depends entirely on offering an unrivaled item or administration. Not by any stretch of the imagination genuine. The regularly ignored key to achievement is not item based and is very effortlessly feasible for business visionaries than their...
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19th December 2016
6 Ways to Create a Memorable Customer Experience
The unseen details are the main problem - would you say you are paying consideration on the 'easily overlooked details?'
It is often the little details that customers recall even more than the product they purchased or the service they received. Little details that customers notice, and that makes them feel good about not only making the purchase, but making the purchase from you, is a significant part of the overall customer experience. Here are six ways to go above and beyond good customer service and boost customer loyalty. Attentiveness New York...
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19th December 2016
How To Align Sales And Marketing To Achieve Success
In many organisations, sales and marketing staff are in constant conflict with one another. For instance, the sales team may complain that the marketing department is failing to generate enough high-quality leads, while the marketing department may feel sales staff are delivering the wrong messages and failing to seal the deal. Here are a few ways to align the two to achieve the best results.
Successful companies manage to align sales and marketing in order to improve the customer experience. Indeed, a report from Aberdeen Research shows that businesses that achieve strong alignment enjoy an average annual revenue growth of 20 percent; well above average. So how can this alignment be achieved? 1. Align Sales and Marketing Messages Successful alignment requires both teams to convey the same messages to customers. A functioning marketing department will create demand...
Monika Gotzmann
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19th December 2016
The Golden Rules of Running an Online Business
In many ways, running an online business is very similar to running a business with a brick-and-mortar location. Certainly, the general rules of business are the same. Run your business with an eye toward profitability, and do what you can to keep your customers happy. It seems easy enough, right? But a business that is completely online, with no physical location that customers can visit, has some different kinds of special challenges. Let's take a look at some of the challenges online entrepreneurs have to deal with.
Have a Business Model. A business model is the key to any business, whether it’s a physical store or office, or a website.  The simple definition of a business model is a plan for the success of a business.  This plan is created by identifying sources or revenue, whom your customers will be, products and services you will provide, and the details of how you will fund your business.  It’s important...
John Stone
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18th December 2016
6 Reasons to Invest in Call Management Services for Your Business
There is nothing more frustrating than calling a company and having your call dropped, not answered or you are left holding on forever. One of the hidden and unmeasured loss of business is calls like this! The customer simply puts down the phone and calls your competition. Installing a professional call management services system is a must in today's business world. Still not sure? Here are some of the benefits of investing in a professional call management services system.
1. Project a professional image no matter what size you are Whether you are a small startup company with only a few employees or a large organization, your potential customer does not need to know this! They want instant support and great service. From day one, project the image of a well established company. The first contact a client has with you is the greeting on the phone and a professional...
Amelia Knott
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15th December 2016
3 IoT Applications That Can Make Your Business More Efficient
Modern businesses are spending more and more time these days working to integrate the Internet of Things with their practices. But what exactly does that mean? Read further to know what it is and how you can use it too, to boost your business.
The IoT is basically the automated network that comes into being when devices and programs are connected to each other. Devices can share information for purposes of easy availability, instant analysis, and pure efficiency. Let's look at a few ways in which you can use the IoT to boost your business. Simplified Accounting In an interesting article on the IoT's impact on the accounting business, it was mentioned that cloud ecosystems were being...
Blaine Kelton
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29th October 2016