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3 Reasons Why You Can Get a Business Loan
Capital needs are every business's greatest decision making juncture. Here's where you either win or lose. A good loan can save a deal at times. Here's HOW! Read on.
Your business operation is at a crossroads. There is an opportunity that could generate quite a bit of profit but only a short window of time to take advantage of it. The only problem is you don’t have the capital needed to take advantage of that great opportunity. Owing to some past credit issues, the hopes of obtaining financing are low. Here are four reasons why you can get the...
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20th November 2017
Business Success Rate
This wonderful infographic will take you through some of the biggest statistics regarding business survival rates and business birth rates.
Circle Research a market research agency has put together some of the most interesting facts, for example over 380,000 business’ were born in 2015, with 26% of those business’ starting in London. The main niche of business is Business support, PR and Management consultancy and finally Computer program and IT. Next onto business survival rates, within one year 13% of businesses cease trading in their first year, within 3 years...
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17th November 2017
20 Impressive Personality Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs!
Are you an Entrepreneur or Aspiring to be one? Which of these 20 are already in your DNA?
You might have heard from different notable personalities that failure is not an option. I at this moment would like to disagree with them humbly. I believe that failure should be an option because, when a person fails, he tries and if he fails again he tries again, and this keeps on moving and propagating a person ultimately, the failure keeps you moving on towards better and the best. It...
Essa Jaun
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10th November 2017
Why Share Analysis Is an Essential Skill to Learn for all Business Owners
Analysis is absolutely key to making the best financial decisions, whether it is for your personal finance or your business. The more you can derive meaningful information from the data you have available, the more informed your choices can be.
One important area where being able to both perform and read analysis is a skill that will help you make better choices is in shares and the stock market. You might think this only matters if you are an investor, but in actual fact share analysis skills can come in handy in lots of other ways, too. Here, we look some of the ways having good share analysis skills can...
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10th November 2017
What is CMS and What are Its Prime Benefits?
The future of great content creators is use of CMS. If you own a website, chances are you’ve heard of CMS - the easy to use system that makes it faster and cheaper to keep control over your website’s content. Read ON for details.
CMS stands for Content Management System, so it pretty much explains itself. Even so, we’ll take a look at what CMS exactly is in more detail. And then we will go through the benefits of having CMS. What a Content Management System does CMS’s are there as an aid to website owners and their business. With CMS, you can set specific dates for pieces of content to be set live, control your...
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17th October 2017
6 Things You Should Avoid To Become A Successful Entrepreneur
Want to become a successful entrepreneur? Here's what you need to avoid.
Giving purpose to our life is the most challenging mission we all take at some point. Whether you decide to do it from a professional, spiritual or personal side, it comes along with many challenges and difficulties that might make it look impossible at times. However, there is always a way around it and if you choose to never give up on your goals and dreams, it will only be...
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8th October 2017
What Really Makes Your Trade Show Strategy Work?
Let's talk about the two least-effective “strategies” for several exhibitors, and what strategies work best for the most common trade show sales as well as marketing goals. Read ON!
As Dictionary defines strategy as “a plan of action or else policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.” So, is your trade show plan helping you reach your sales and marketing goals? Let's look at the mistakes, how to deal with them and amazing approaches to a whole new level of success via trade shows. Faulty default trade show strategy #1: keep doing the same thing for years Some trade...
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27th September 2017
What Should You Look for in a Human Resource Management System?
In this article, we take a look at some of the key features that any good HR management system should have. You'll want to bear these in mind when choosing a package that suits your business. Read ON!
Today's tech-driven world is heavily reliant on digital management systems, and HR management is no exception. From start-ups to large corporations, businesses around the world are using human resources management software to streamline their operations and build better teams - but which HRMS package should your business choose? In this article, we take a look at some of the key features that any good HR management system should have. You'll want...
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19th September 2017
What Would Britain's Ideal Office Be Like?
Have you ever worked in an office and just wished that things could be done a little differently? Read ON.
This infographic has been constructed by Cezanne, Human Resources Software experts and explores the idea of that ‘perfect office’. The stats have been collected through a survey that many people throughout the UK took part in. Do you agree with the results?  Of course, only the most important questions were addressed, such as what music should be played in the office and whether there should be an office dog. From factors...
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15th September 2017
Hotmail’s Hottest Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]
Two people (Sabheer Bhatia and Jack Smith) come along to start a webmail service in 1996 and only a year later sell it for nearly half a billion USD. That’s an insanely great return on investment. The story behind how Hotmail got its name is actually quite an interesting one.
When you think about how useful certain tools on the web are: One tool definitely comes to mind; webmail. Webmail has done for personal communications what planes have done for tavel. It’s sites like www hotmail com that have spurred the adoption of webmail by the masses. In fact: Hotmail’s approach as a free webmail service gained traction with the masses so fast that it actually grew faster than any media...
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13th September 2017