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7 Benefits of Integrating a Team Planner into the Workplace
The top concern of any project manager is keeping track of what their team is doing at any given time in the project schedule. The second issue lies in quickly resolving problems such as scheduling conflicts, re-assigning of resources etc. With an online team planner, project managers can resolve these issues in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.
Through easy to use drag and drop features, project managers can instantly assign or re-schedule resources according to project needs and upcoming deadlines. This is a quick and painless way of ensuring that you always have the right resources, with the right skill sets assigned to the right projects. Other common activities such as scheduling a short term substitute for a staff member who has taken an unexpected day off...
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31st May 2017
8 Must Have Attitudes for an Aspiring Studentpreneur
Today, Students taking up interests in the field of entrepreneurship has become pretty common. While a lot of ideas are inspiring and seem to succeed, not all of them have been successful, but all the success stories have a few common attitudes to learn from!
‘Entrepreneurship’ is a term that we, as students, are used to hearing over a couple of years. Came Modi’s ‘Make in India’ campaign and the term gained more prominence. Startups were the new rage. Analysts claim to have seen a 48% rise in the establishments of new startups since October 2014. This can be inferred to students being exposed more to the corporate world at an earlier age than the...
Sathwik R
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30th May 2017
6 Books Every Member of Your Sales Team Should Read
No matter how well-organized and efficient the other departments of your organization are, the real success of a business and its products or services depends on how productive and well-oiled its sales team is.
The sales team, by and large, has the most unique role to play in an organization. It is responsible for converting leads into sales and building trust and loyalty between the customer and the organization. To continue doing well and maintain consistency, it's essential that a sales team should learn to adapt to new changes and strive to learn new techniques for increased efficiency and productivity levels.  As it is, every...
Erica Silva
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9th May 2017
7 Vital Tips for Effective Sales Pitches
Every business organisation differs in its mission, vision, size, industry, and culture. In spite of these differences, the majority of new business pitches are alike in delivery, content, and presentation.
From any realistic business perspective, this approach is counterproductive to developing new leads. It doesn't leave the audience wanting more details or information. Stop and think about it. If your product line or services are unique and innovative, it doesn't take long to figure out that your new business pitches should follow suit in support of sales and marketing.  The Importance of New Business Presentations The reality is, it's not second nature for people to be...
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9th May 2017
6 Pillars Of The Process To Build An Inspiring Website For Your Small Business
Designing a website can seem like an overwhelming endeavor. It is an important aspect of your business and should not be taken lightly. Have a purpose and take it one step at a time.
A website is a necessity for a small business. We live in an internet age. A web presence instills confidence in customers. You want potential customers to be able to find you through search engines or learn more about you after seeing other marketing material. Even if you are not selling products or online services, a website acts as an extension of a business card. It provides credibility and builds trust. Design Whether...
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3rd May 2017
Ways to Pep up Your Business with Salesforce
The issue that is quite common across all small businesses is how to boost and maintain growth without getting into incredibly high overhead expenses. In the current Internet-driven scenario, the steady growth of all small businesses is completely dependent on online business management.
Thanks to Salesforce, you no longer need to hire the services of an expensive IT team for the smooth functioning of your business. Salesforce is easy and convenient cloud-based software where you just require logging in and getting on with your work. If you are thinking in terms of boosting your sales, expanding your business and enhancing customer satisfaction, you must seek expert assistance from Salesforce.com. Key Features of Salesforce Salesforce is...
David Wicks
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26th April 2017
Mobile Payment: An interview with Nico Winkelhaus
Nico Winkelhaus is currently Director Digital Marketing and leads PAYBACK's digital marketing department since 2015. He is primarily responsible for the digitalisation process at PAYBACK - mainly for increasing and monetising digital reach in a global role for Germany, USA, Italy and Mexico. He is also one of the speakers at the Global Digital Leaders Summit 2017. Here are some of his insights!
Nico held several executive positions in Digital Media in organisations like Condé Nast, WEKA Media Publishing as well as ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, where he was responsible for the Brand and Product Management for their TV channel websites.  Nico will talk more on the topic at the Global Digital Leaders Summit 2017. We invite you to check out the full programme of this year's event now! Q: PAYBACK is more than a classic points programme. How...
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23rd April 2017
Designing the Future Workspace: A Balance of Technology Transformation & Employee Expectations
Rapidly changing technologies, an evolving workforce, and shifting corporate values are causing companies to not only look at how to attract and retain employees but also, achieving this through the utilization of technology. Vonlanthen Group of Companies presents this delicate transformation at the Future of Work & Workspace Summit in Barcelona, Spain on May 18th - 19th, 2017.
Working 9 - 5 in a cubicle to optimize space, maximize work, and minimalize socialization is a thing better left in the 20th century. With the rise of the digital age, employers are increasingly challenged to create a workspace that is beneficial to the needs of the employee while capitalizing on tools and technology in the digital world; with the goal of maximizing employee potential for the overall success of...
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21st April 2017
What You Need to Lead in a VUCA World
The best descriptors of the world we live in today are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – a.ka. VUCA...If you’re a leader in this VUCA world we live in, you have a huge responsibility on your shoulders. But, how do you manage the myriad of negative emotions and tendencies created by it? Find your answers as you read through this inspiring piece of write-up!
There are so many changes that happen everyday and these changes In various realms including technology, business, politics, culture and more occur so fast that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. As a result, many business operations struggle to keep up with global trends that are greatly influenced by new values, legal policies...
Salma El Shurafa
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11th April 2017
Becoming A Data Driven Organisation - Fergal Mcdonnell, Regional VP Emea North & Mea, Talend
Recently we had the privilege to interview Fergel McDonnell, Regional Vice President EMEA North & MEA at Talend. In the interview, among several topics we discussed how organisations can become more data driven, the importance of bridging the gap between IT and Business, and what should organisations have in mind when starting their Big Data projects. Talend is represented in the Nordics as well, and you can meet them on Data Innovation Summit 2017.
Q:Tell us a bit about yourself and your background? Fergel: I joined Talend in November 2015 as a Regional Vice President EMEA North & MEA. In this role, I am responsible for driving the geographic expansion of the company into new countries across EMEA, including establishing new offices, implementing a combination of direct and channel strategy, and reinforcing Talend’s partnership network, as well as furthering the company’s leadership in real-time big data.  Prior...
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6th April 2017