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The Global Pallet Rack Industry in 2018
Most of understand that pallet racking increases storage density of the stored goods & associated costs with the racking increases with increasing storage density. While this is minimum understanding, what happens with the industry still remains a story to be told. Read ON!
Pallet racking basically refers to one of the most used tools for storage systems around the world. It’s basically used for storing and/or stacking palletized loads. Because of so, pallet racks have easily become a fundamental tool for businesses that partake in storage, distribution, and material handling operations. It is because of such pallet racks that companies are able to efficiently operate and supply their customer’s demands. As a result of the...
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26th September 2018
6 Tips To Instantly Increase Your Ecommerce Traffic and Sales
Have ecommerce business ideas and wish to take them to newer heights. Here's how you can!
E-commerce is more than just pitching products and services online and hoping they will sell. You need to develop and maintain your brand and earn customer’s trust in order to keep the sales consistent throughout the year. Entrepreneurs and e-commerce marketers are both constantly struggling for new ways to generate traffic and increase sales and the following 6 tips are guaranteed to help you achieve just that. Instagram With over a...
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4th September 2018
How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur without an actual Business Degree
Do you really need a degree to become an Entrepreneur?
Starting a new business in a competitive market can be tough. This is especially true for ambitious individuals without academic experience or degrees to back their claims. Investors, clients and job candidates are often reluctant to work with people without higher education. Is it really impossible to start a business and become an entrepreneur without a business or an equivalent degree? The answer would depend on who you ask since many...
Kristin Savage
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11th August 2018
Apple Becomes The First Trillion Dollar Company. Here’s One More Reason WHY!
Trillion dollar brands have too many things unique about them to observe and learn from. Here's something we at iu emagazine found very interesting. Read ON!
Trillion dollar market capitalization isn't something many very very big companies can even dream of. It's combined value of nations, equal to multiple multiples of other big companies & something of true historic value. It's certainly a dose of inspiration for those who think richest people own the most valuable companies to start believing valuable companies create enriched people.  Starting with the leadership of Steve Jobs, insane vision, terrific culture &...
iU eMagazine
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8th August 2018
Business News That Everyone Should Know About This Week
Businesses far and wide are constantly changing. They’re making huge news far and wide. This week brought some of the biggest news ever from the business world. What do consumers need to know about this week and the businesses that made the big news?
Today, it was announced that Tesla had held its annual meeting. The results of that meeting were released earlier today. Shareholders disapproved three proposals put forward. However, they did give a vote of confidence to CEO Elon Musk and that will keep him on Tesla’s board for a bit longer. The vote came at a very tough time for Tesla. Then, Musk became emotional and laid out his plans for the...
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27th June 2018
Top Tips For Raising Additional Funds
Whether you are trying to raise funds for a big purchase, clear outstanding debt or simply to inject some wealth into your bank balance, there are all kinds of different ways that you can raise funds.
Many people struggle to set aside any money each month once they have paid various bills and essential costs, but this does not mean that it is impossible to quickly raise some spare cash. Read on for a few ways that you can quickly raise money - many of these could lead to a significant cash injection and allow for a brighter financial future. Sell Unwanted Items The internet has made it...
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27th June 2018
Tips on Choosing a Corporate Lawyer for Your Company
Apart from your accountant, auditor and mentor, a corporate lawyer is one of the most important people that you want to have in your corner as a small business owner. That’s because corporate lawyers have the skills and experience needed to handle a variety of different legal matters that as a business owner, you simply don’t have the expertise or time to handle on your own. Here's what you need to know.
In fact, having a corporate lawyer for your business means that you’ll have someone to call and depend on whenever your company faces legal issues. However, choosing a corporate lawyer is not easy, as you need to find someone who understands your industry and has the experience as well as the reputation to back up their resume. Here are some tips to help you choose the best corporate lawyer for your...
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20th June 2018
The Market for Stellar Lumens is Growing - What are the Reasons?
When first appeared in the market, Stellar Lumens did not receive much attention. However, the things have changed since its creation in 2014, and it is now deemed by many professional investors one of the best projects in 2018. Is this really true? What’s the catch with Stellar?
What’s happening with Stellar Lumens? The current XLM to USD value changes but revolves around $0.3, and the current market cap is approximately $5.3 billion. There are both external and internal factors that brought about the skyrocketing of the Stellar (XML) value. Some of these factors include infrastructure change and even partnerships with some of the biggest names in IT. Take a quick look at the stats. At the beginning of 2018,...
iU eMagazine
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19th June 2018
Creating Positivity in Your Staff
A team is a must for any enterprise and its growth, but, a motivated team is most vital for a day to day proceeding of an epic company. Here are few tips for creating positivity in your staff and building on it. Read ON!
It matters not whether you’re a CEO, a business owner, a manager or simply a supervisor, having people reporting to you puts you in a position of responsibility for their well-being and their happiness as well as their productivity and reliability. As a manager, it’s a smart move to attempt to pick up the group’s morale in order to improve your staff’s work rate: it’s one of those accepted parts...
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31st May 2018
Simple Ways to Improve Customer Care
Customer being the cynosure of all business growth, customer care automatically assumes and receives its position in the business world. Better customer care is one of the best ways to better your business and here's a dose of inspiration to stay simple and yet improve on your ability to deliver to quality customer care. Read ON
Providing an excellent standard of customer services is absolutely imperative if you want your company to go far, gain an outstanding reputation, and become a leading competitor in your industry. Putting your customers first should always be at the heart of everything your company does. After all, without your customers, you would no longer be in business. When it comes to customer services, many business owners mistakenly believe that boosting...
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19th May 2018