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What Should You Look for in a Human Resource Management System?
In this article, we take a look at some of the key features that any good HR management system should have. You'll want to bear these in mind when choosing a package that suits your business. Read ON!
Today's tech-driven world is heavily reliant on digital management systems, and HR management is no exception. From start-ups to large corporations, businesses around the world are using human resources management software to streamline their operations and build better teams - but which HRMS package should your business choose? In this article, we take a look at some of the key features that any good HR management system should have. You'll want...
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19th September 2017
What Would Britain's Ideal Office Be Like?
Have you ever worked in an office and just wished that things could be done a little differently? Read ON.
This infographic has been constructed by Cezanne, Human Resources Software experts and explores the idea of that ‘perfect office’. The stats have been collected through a survey that many people throughout the UK took part in. Do you agree with the results?  Of course, only the most important questions were addressed, such as what music should be played in the office and whether there should be an office dog. From factors...
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15th September 2017
Hotmail’s Hottest Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]
Two people (Sabheer Bhatia and Jack Smith) come along to start a webmail service in 1996 and only a year later sell it for nearly half a billion USD. That’s an insanely great return on investment. The story behind how Hotmail got its name is actually quite an interesting one.
When you think about how useful certain tools on the web are: One tool definitely comes to mind; webmail. Webmail has done for personal communications what planes have done for tavel. It’s sites like www hotmail com that have spurred the adoption of webmail by the masses. In fact: Hotmail’s approach as a free webmail service gained traction with the masses so fast that it actually grew faster than any media...
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13th September 2017
The 10 Inspiring Office Commandments
Spending the majority of your day in an office with a variety of different personalities naturally causes tension, but it is highly likely that the everyday stresses that arise in your office environment can be avoided with a few simple rules.
This infographic states 10 office commandments that will be sure to settle petty disputes and keep the office space a peaceful and problem-free zone. These commandments address problems associated with: Smelly foods Loud music Using other people’s property without permission Messy areas Lack of teamwork  If you are looking to expand or start from scratch with a new office, why not check out the variety of serviced offices in Liverpool Street on offer? Apply these commandments to...
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12th September 2017
Enjoy Financial Freedom From Debts With Business Debt Settlement Experts!
When it comes to business debts, it is important for you to ensure that you the right guidance from experienced experts. It is important for you to take time and research to choose the perfect debt relief company for your needs. Compare different companies and check their official websites. Speak to the experts and check your comfort factor with them. For detailed understanding read ON!
If you are a business owner, it is natural for you to seek out loans and debts for different kinds of investment opportunities. When you are in charge of your business, you might not have ready cash funds, and so it is evident that you will look for a creditor that will give you money for these investment opportunities. You are expected to pay back these loans at an agreed...
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4th September 2017
How can HR/Employee Management Software Reduce the Labor Turnover?
Managing employee turnover is one of the biggest challenges for any organisation. It takes twice the income of an old employee to search, hire and train a replacement. Apart from being a costly affair, employee turnover also damages the morale of remaining employees. Here's a solution that would help you ease down on this issue. Read ON!
Until one of the Experienced employees gives a resignation, you may not realize the significance of reducing labor turnover. Undoubtedly, you will find a replacement but the same productivity and expertise in work won’t be delivered by the new hire for months or even many years. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to keep your long-term employees happy and satisfied to benefit the bottom line of the business.To curb labor turnover,...
Ankit Dudhwewala
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2nd September 2017
Excessive spends on building grandeur before sustainability ain’t right for Entrepreneurs.
One of the grave errors that Entrepreneurs might make at the onset of their journey is to lose most of their fund in making everything about their office, lifestyle and other things look big business like without investing on the real assets for the long term sustainability of the business - the people, the ideas, the product development, the delivery of services, the marketing and the overall momentum of the business. Read on!
As an Entrepreneur it’s important to let people know your grandeur and capacities that doesn’t mean you go to an extent of burning your business development fund completely to build the outlook of your office spaces, accessories, dresses, furniture, gadgets, vehicles, drive home cabs, costliest conference halls, five star hospitality for clients, larger than life hiring of brand ambassadors or other things that don’t go hand in hand with your budgets,...
iU eMagazine
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2nd September 2017
5 Reasons For Employers To Invest In Health And Safety Training For Their Employees
There are plenty of workplace health and safety hazards that could be mitigated by awareness, team support, and training. With regular training on workplace hazards, employees will know how to properly respond to threats and whom to communicate with so that others won’t be put at risk. Read ON!
A great place to start if you are looking for Health and Safety training is to obtain the NEBOSH Health and Safety General Certificate as this provides a general introduction to all the necessary procedures. This certificate can be taken by employees in all industries. Also, this creates a basis for specialist training programs. Today, there are training providers that offer online courses to accommodate those with hectic schedules or those...
iU eMagazine
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26th August 2017
How Business WiFi Can Grow Your Customer Base
Are you considering offering your customers a guest WiFi option? Here’s a few reasons why you should if you’re looking to grow your client base. Read ON!
Whether your business operates in the retail sector, the hospitality market, or runs a transport system, your customers are going to have something in common – a desire for guest WiFi. They could be looking for the opening times of your shop, or instagramming a dish from your specials menu, but doing these things requires a speedy internet connection. So why should you be offering business WiFi for your customers and how...
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21st August 2017
10 Ways To Stay Highly Motivated As A Rookie Start-Up Entrepreneur
Being an entrepreneur is hard enough – then, think about being a new entrepreneur and you can surely find yourself in a world of stress. However, focus your efforts on maintaining your positivity, optimistic attitude, and motivation to ensure your success.
Nobody ever wants to hear the ugly truth, he truth usually hurts, but, especially in the world of entrepreneurship, you must always know where you stand. So, do you know what the ugly truth about being a rookie start-up entrepreneur is? The goals you set for yourself, in the beginning, will take time and therefore, achieving your business stardom will take time.  And just to throw even more truth at you from the beginning:...
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20th August 2017