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Events that boast of iU eMagazine as their Online Media Partners:

  • WITI 2016
    San Jose, CA
    Jun '16

  • Café Asia 2016
    Mar '16

  • MIT 2016
    Lisbon, Portugal
    Mar '16

  • Coworking Unconference Asia
    Bali, Indonesia
    Feb '16

  • SURGE 2016
    Bengaluru, India
    Feb '16

  • Development Dialogue 2016
    Hubballi, India
    Feb '16

  • WES '16
    Berlin, Germany
    Feb '16

  • IoT Data
    Crowne Plaza Palo Alto
    Feb '16

  • GMASA 2016
    Jan '16

  • STC 2015
    Bangalore, India
    Dec '15

  • BDL Accelerate 2015
    Beirut, Lebanon
    Nov '15

  • 7th European
    Innovation Summit

    European Parliment, Brussels
    Dec '15

  • 4YFN 2016
    Barcelona, Spain
    Feb '16

  • Sky Tech Events 2016
    London, UK
    Jan '16

  • BUBW Indonesia
    Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    Dec '15

  • Disruptive Innovation
    Festival 2015

    Greater London
    Nov '15

  • Re.Work Connect
    San Francisco,
    United States

    Nov '15

  • TechConnect.Tech
    Astana, Kazakhstan
    Nov '15

  • Big Data World Show
    MENA 2015

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Nov '15

  • How to Web Conference
    Bucharest, Romania
    Nov '15

  • Global Youth
    Entrepreneurs Summit

    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Nov '15

  • Startup Summit
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    Nov '15

  • StartUp India 2015
    Goa, India
    Oct '15

  • BIGIT Technical Show
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Oct '15

4th Annual Back Office Operations Forum, Austria
24-25 Nov 2016, Austria Trend Park Royal Hotel - Vienna - Austria
This year we are organizing the 4th Addition of our Back Office Operations Forum, which has grown to be an industry leader in the banking operations sector. Every year it attracts 100+ banking professionals from all over Europe, as it provides a unique networking platform to exchange knowledge and interact with peers from the industry. We do not engage only subject matter experts, but our speakers are high quality public speakers, which...
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23rd November 2016
CX Conclave 2016
India's Biggest Customer Experience Conference
We are in an era where the customer is king! Technology has revolutionized the way we connect and with it, re-defined the way we understand Customer Experience. Organizations are today required to assess and reassess how this digital revolution impacts their processes, products & services. The process of building an in-depth repository of knowledge about your customers is a long-drawn process. It involves deriving insights from every customer touch point, based...
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19th November 2016
GMIC Bangalore 2016 - India's largest mobile conference
The leading mobile conference series globally, Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) is back in India for its 3rd edition. GMIC Bangalore will be held on November 16th and 17th, 2016 at Vivanta by Taj, Yeshwantpur, Bangalore. With more than 4600 attendees, 45 exhibitors and more than 200 media representatives taking part in 2015, GMIC Bangalore has earned the distinction of India's largest and most influential mobile conference. GMIC is also...
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3rd November 2016
Smart Cities International Symposium
Smart Cities Symposium in Chicago to Examine Key Challenges and Opportunities for the Connected City.
The world's urban population is expected to increase by 60 per cent between 2014 and 2050, when 6.3 billion people are projected to live in urban settlements. New insights and solutions are urgently needed in order to manage the scarce resources that will be impacted by this trend, as well as operate new and regenerated urban spaces. New generations of sensor networks, Big Data analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT)...
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25th October 2016
Digital Media Asia 2016
Can Asian news media charge for digital content?
According to the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), news media's circulation revenues overcame their advertising revenues, on a global basis, in 2015. Concurrently, print circulation is declining on most markets. In this context, are Asian news publishers ready to charge for their online content? This, along with new content formats (live video, VR), digital advertising, distributed content or strategies for growing digital revenues, will be one of...
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25th October 2016
The Data Science leadership role will be brought to the fore in San Francisco this November!
The launch of the inaugural Chief Data Scientist, USA is set for November 16-17 2016 at the Hilton Financial District, San Francisco and brings together a high-level community of senior data science practitioners to get a detailed picture for developing the leadership role of data science. This is not an event only for Data Scientists but one which will assist anyone looking to fully exploit the data science capability within their...
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10th October 2016
ACI's European OSS/BSS Summit 2017
ACI's European OSS/BSS Summit will be taking place in London, UK, on 15-16 February 2017
Over the two days, the event will give you in-depth look into the main drivers and challenges faced by telcos when it comes to OSS & BSS, through case studies, interactive sessions & panel discussions, led by industry experts. The conference will bring together senior representatives from the telecoms industry (fixed line, mobile, internet, mvnos, OTTs), as well as technology & solution providers. Speakers include: Stefan Brock, Head of Production Architecture, Swisscom Prabhu Somasundaram, OSS/BSS Systems Engineering –...
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9th October 2016
Industrial Engineering - November 14-15, 2016 Dubai
Conference Series LLC cordially invites participants from all over the world to attend 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Industrial Engineering, scheduled during November 14 - 15, 2016 at Dubai, UAE mainly focused on the theme "Environmental and Safety aspects of Industrial Engineering". Industrial Engineering aims to bring together researchers from all arenas of Engineering. Industrial Engineers can be found working in many different industries like aerospace, computer, healthcare,manufacturing, transportation, and...
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7th October 2016
DSS ITSEC 2016: Cyber, Connected Things and Insecurity
The Largest Cyber Security Event in Baltics
Last year's top3 event from ENISA's cyber security month of October. 8+ parallel sessions, many different ITSEC trending topics, over 80 international speakers, all sessions live video streaming and free access to all its content. Happens in Riga, Latvia annually.  DSS ITSEC is Baltic's largest, annual security vendor independent conference and exhibition, launched by Data Security Solutions in 2010, in eort to promote Information Technology Security in the region. The conference...
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30th September 2016
Industrial IoT MENA 2017
Our 'things' have become connected and they have begun to communicate with each other; not quite in the Toy Story way, more the artificial intelligence and learning algorithms way. Still, left to their own 'devices', without proper safeguards and regulations in place, IoT can unfortunately be incredibly lethal. Driverless cars for instance, connected and potentially accessible by anybody. As we move forward, accessibility is key. Tell today's device driven children that...
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28th September 2016