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Top 4 Reasons to Live in Queensland
Living in Australia can be a huge opportunity for everyone. This amazing country that has a high economic growth is such a great place to reside to with your entire family. There are plenty of livable cities around the region which you can choose from, just make sure to select one wisely.
One of the best places to live in Australia is Queensland. This wonderful state is home to pristine beaches, awe-inspiring galleries and museums, lush parks, and the largest coral reef system - Great Barrier Reef. It is a holiday paradise for people from across the globe. You will certainly have fun if you spend your vacation here and would really wish to live in this place instead. Moreover, it is...
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7th June 2017
All you Need to know about Yacht Registration
Did you know the yachting industry in Malta is booming? The idea of cruising around the Mediterranean Sea or Indian Ocean surrounding this beautiful island is enamoring. The salty air, the wind blowing in your face, there is no greater feeling than taking your yacht out on the wonderful waters surrounding the small, but enchanting, island of Malta.
For many years, those who love the water have been drawn to the maritime nation of Malta. Malta is an excellent choice to register your yacht due to its stunning location, natural harbors, and extensive range of maritime services. And now with the introduction of the Malta citizenship by investment scheme, Malta has become even more attractive for yacht owners. Of course, before you take your boat out on the water,...
Elena Tahora
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27th May 2017
5 Inspiring Ideas to Freshen up in the Middle of Your Travel
Picture this - you are eight hours into a long haul international flight and you need to get something from your carry-on bag in the overhead compartment. You reach up to open the locker and get a whiff of something unpleasant. You look around to give a dirty look to the offending passenger when you realize that it's you!
Clearly the shower you took this morning and the deodorant that you carefully applied are no longer doing their jobs. It's time to head to the bathroom and freshen up. Here are Five Ways to Freshen up Mid Travel 1.  Wash Your Face and Body Make sure you pack some handy travel wipes and keep them within easy reach. You can either take them with you into the bathroom or use...
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24th May 2017
The Most Beautiful Botanic Gardens Around The World That Should Be On Your Bucket List
While many planned travel destinations include geological landmarks, historic cities or picturesque coastal villages, there are nearly a thousand botanic gardens in almost every country of the world that are worthy contenders for your travel bucket list.
From leisurely strolls on fern lined pathways, to themed displays of dazzling flowers, to collections of hundred-year-old trees - these are just a few of the beautiful botanic gardens that you should endeavour to see. Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York City You will not believe that you are still within city limits when you step into this spectacular 52-acre garden. The garden boasts many specialty gardens, a Bonsai museum, an aquatic plant...
Mike Cates
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23rd May 2017
Seychelles Island: 5 Most Alluring Tourist Spots You Must Explore
With a stunning and untouched beauty, the extremely beautiful Seychelles island stands as a star among the innumerable island fantasies.
The stunning boulder-strewn beaches, thrilling coral reefs, virgin jungles and various natural reserves which are listed under UNESCO are some of the most attractive features of the archipelago's 115 islands which are made up of coral and granite. Moreover, the vast granitic inner islands of the Seychelles are just appropriate for you to fly for a luxurious holiday or exclusive honeymoon trip, thanks to the lush five-star resorts. And the...
Freya Lowe
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10th May 2017
The Water Giants Of Australia: Why They Do What They Do?
Did you ever stop to think why whales blow water out of their nose or splash their tail against the surface of the water? They are trying to tell you something by through such behaviour. Let's take a look.
Did you know there are more than 45 species of whales, dolphins, and porpoises in Australia alone? More astonishing is the fact that 60% of the world's whale population whales can be found in Australian waters. If you are an Australian, we can bet you must have visited the docks at least once during the whale watching season. Whale watching is one of the most requested water sports activity and brings...
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10th May 2017
Interesting Facts about the Majestic Royal Bengal Tigers at the Tadoba Tiger Reserve
The Tadoba Tiger Reserve, located in Maharashtra, India is a major attraction for the true wildlife enthusiasts. It is known to be the home of the truly magnificent and majestic Royal Bengal Tigers.
The Royal Bengal Tiger certainly is one of the most beautiful creatures ever known to man. They are mostly found in India and in Bangladesh. The majestic Panthera Tigris is found even in Myanmar, Bhutan, Southern Tibet and Nepal. The hot deserts and also the cool and wet grasslands are their natural habitat. Even though a large number of them are known to exist, they are facing a high risk...
Bill Williams
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27th April 2017
Wanderful Launches New 'Trending in Travel' Conference Track
New sessions for bloggers and content creators will focus on aspects of the travel industry including impact travel, food tourism, and more.
Milwaukee, WI – Wanderful is launching a new track at its fourth annual Women in Travel Summit focusing on the latest trends in travel, in an effort to allow travel bloggers and content creators to become more knowledgeable about the travel industry. The track, “Trending in Travel,” joins the entrepreneur and media tracks and includes sessions on food tourism, the impact tourism boom, eco-tourism, the use of mobile in travel booking,...
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7th April 2017
4 Simple Yet Useful Ways to Live a Holistic Life!
A holistic approach means that your entire lifestyle will not only help transform your overall health and well-being, it will also improve your relationships, make you more tolerant, sympathetic, loving, joyful, caring, and more aware of yourself.
The meaning of the word "holistic" is derived from its root word "whole" which means "complete" or "not divided". Going by its basic definition, the word means anything that should be considered as a complete system or as a whole rather than divided into parts. Therefore when we use the term "holistic" in terms of health, we refer to the intertwined connection between mind and body. So when we say...
Scarlett Erin
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1st April 2017
Reasons To Visit New York City
NYC is perhaps the greatest and liveliest city in the world. It has so many things to see and do that one visit surely won’t be enough. At every turn there is something unique to explore, keeping visitors on their toes during their stay. From museums to parks, statues to theatres, festivals and events and much more, you will have ample reasons to feel thrilled to be here!
Here are some of the reasons to visit NYC:Art and historyThe city is a great place to visit if you want to see some of the world’s most famous art.Some renowned places to see art include: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Museum of Modern Art, and the Guggenheim Museum. Museums where you can learn more about New York’s history include: The New York Historical Society Museum and the Museum...
Kabir Khan
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20th March 2017