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Benefits Of Walking Tours And What Makes Walks An Industry Leader

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The global demand for walking tours is on the rise, as indicated by studies conducted in 2019. These studies highlight that, when visiting a new location, walking tours rank among the foremost preferred experiences. Individuals favor exploring a new city on foot as opposed to opting for alternative tour options.

What is a Walking Tour?
Walking Tours and Walks A Walking Tour is a guided excursion in which participants explore a destination on foot, eschewing other modes of transportation. These tours are typically structured as brief outings lasting an hour or two, or more extensive experiences such as 'Day Tours' that encompass multiple locations within a city. Curious about the advantages of booking Walking Tours? Let's delve into the various benefits they offer:

1. Enhances Your City Experience:

The essence of a city lies in its intricacies, with many areas inaccessible by trains or buses. Walking Tours provide a unique opportunity to explore these hidden gems, allowing you to immerse yourself in the magnificence of a place. From captivating graffiti to historical landmarks and places embedded with local beliefs, Walking Tours offer a close encounter with various aspects, making your travel experience more meaningful.

2. Fosters Local Connections:

Building connections with locals is a paramount aspect of travel. Walking Tours facilitate closer interaction with the inhabitants of the region, enabling you to engage in conversations and gain insights into their traditions. These enriching experiences contribute significantly to your life's tapestry, broadening your perspectives through an authentic understanding of local customs.

3. Culinary Exploration:

Indulge in the authentic flavors of a region by experiencing local delicacies during Walking Tours. Whether savoring 'souvlaki' in Greece, 'Filetti di baccalà fritta' in Italy, or an 'English Breakfast' in London, these culinary adventures become cherished memories. The warm welcome from locals and their joy in sharing their culture create lasting impressions, shaping you into a more culturally aware individual.

4. Promotes Physical Well-being:

Walking Tours contribute to your overall fitness, aligning with the recommendation of 150 minutes of weekly aerobic activity for adults. The health benefits include improved blood circulation, weight loss, enhanced sleep quality, and strengthened muscles and bones. Choosing to walk instead of relying on buses or trains allows you to combine exercise with exploration, fostering well-being in the midst of discovering the world.

5. A Tranquil and Reflective Journey:
Walking Tours and Walks
Unlike the rushed pace of other modes of travel, Walking Tours offer a serene and meditative experience. The unhurried nature of walking allows for introspection, deepening your connection with the surroundings. This leisurely approach provides time to contemplate new perspectives, reflect on accumulated experiences, and immerse yourself in the location's essence.

6. Personalized Pace:

Walking Tours afford the luxury of setting your own pace. Unlike bus tours with strict time constraints, walking tour operators often inquire about your preferences. This flexibility ensures that you can appreciate each location at your own leisure, avoiding the common restrictions associated with rigid itineraries.

7. Historical Immersion:

Walking tour guides, often well-versed in historical significance, lead participants through a curated exploration of key sites. The smaller group size allows for in-depth learning about the historical context of each location. Operators like Walks often provide special-access passes, granting entry to iconic locations and exclusive 'out-of-hours' experiences for participants.

8. Affordable and Environmentally Friendly:

For nature enthusiasts, Walking Tours present an eco-friendly alternative to traditional modes of travel. Additionally, these tours are generally more cost-effective, saving on fuel and expensive bus tickets. The cost savings can be reinvested in exploring additional places and gaining a broader range of experiences.

Which Walking Tour company is the best?

The premier Walking Tour company that stands out among its peers is Walks.

Established in 2010 by two passionate individuals dedicated to sharing their knowledge of the city of Rome, Walks initially focused on walking tours, hence the original name 'Walks of Italy.' Since its inception, Walks has experienced a surge in popularity, evolving into a leading industry player.

Currently operating in 26 cities across Europe and the USA, Walks boasts a team of 100 ground staff and serves as a platform for up to 600 guides at any given time. The company specializes in curating and designing small group tours to ensure an unparalleled experience for participants.

Here are compelling reasons to choose Walks for your Walking Tour:

1. Unique Experiences:

Walks goes beyond traditional sightseeing; it offers immersive experiences. Participate in cooking classes in Rome, indulge in luxury wine tastings in the Loire Valley, or join a true crime tour on the streets of New York. Walks' tours are designed to provide unforgettable and distinctive experiences.

2. Special Access:

As a trusted partner to iconic landmarks, Walks provides exclusive access, including skip-the-line tickets and out-of-hours entry. This ensures a seamless and privileged exploration of renowned sites.

3. Small Groups:
Walking Tours and Walks
To enhance the personal experience, Walks organizes tours for small groups of 12-15 people. This allows for maximum individual attention, fostering a more intimate and engaging atmosphere.

4. Exceptional Guides:

Walks takes pride in its exceptional guides who are meticulously hand-picked. These guides excel in the art of storytelling, enhancing the tour with insightful narratives and expert knowledge.

Best Walking Tours with Walks:

For the best Walking Tours, consider Walks and explore their exciting offerings in 26 cities. While all their tours are captivating, some of the standout options include:

1. Venice Boat Tour With Grand Canal And Tower Climb

2. Exclusive Alone In St. Mark's Basilica After Hours

3. Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island & 9/11 Tour with Priority One World Observatory Tickets

4. London In a Day: Tower of London tour, Westminster Abbey & Changing of the Guard

5. 9/11 Memorial Tour with Priority Entrance Observatory Tickets

6. The Best of Paris Walking tour with Notre Dame, The Louvre & Seine River Cruise

7. Barcelona in a Day: La Sagrada Família, Casa Milà, Historic Center & Sailboat Cruise

8. Romeo & Juliet's Verona Day Trip from Venice

9. Complete Vatican Tour

10. Rome In A Day Tour with Vatican, Colosseum & Historic Center

Walking Tours stand out as the optimal means to truly immerse oneself in the essence of a city or location. Walks has curated tours that promise to deliver the finest experiences, ensuring that each exploration is memorable. As global conditions improve and travel resumes, consider packing your bags with the anticipation of embarking on a walking tour from Walks.
Whether the destination is nearby or distant, Walks offers an opportunity to savor the unique charm of each place through guided walks. Even in the current landscape of COVID restrictions, Walks continues to bridge the gap with its innovative 'Tours from Home,' allowing you to indulge your passion for travel from the comfort of your home.

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