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Morsels of Success - Sri Sai Ram's Chats
Exists, "There's no love sincerer than the love of food", as a George Bernard Shaw quote, and also exists a saying, "There's nothing like a small business and there isn't any religion bigger than the business you do". When the love is coupled with a healthy business mind, it can drive many a one to quench the thirst of success, having passion, desire and will as ingredients.
A McDonald's, Wendy's or a Subway is a massive success story all over the globe in the culinary industry. Amidst the mammoth spiels of them, lay unnoticed the stories of small fast food joints, usually under the comforting shade of trees, oozing out enchanting odour. Sri Sai Ram's Chats is a small yet a sane story that serves delicious bites, popular all over the city, and stands as an example to...
Sathwik R
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28th June 2017
A smiling face is half the meal!
Who says that you can't manage to have off-beat passions and professions running simultaneously in your life? Learn from Antonio who does it like a Pro
There is more to life than just work. Live your life with passion, says Antonio Tardi from Napoli, Italy, presently the Executive Chef of Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru. Antonio is married to a Canadian Citizen Monique and is blessed with two kids Giuliana and Giuseppe. Chef Tardi honed his culinary skills at the prestigious L. De Medici, Ottaviano, Napoli and holds a certification on food service management from Cornell. He gained precious...
IJ Anita Tejwani
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8th May 2015