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Inspiring Tools & Technologies for the New Age Restauranteurs

Restaurant industry is ever growing and with the number of people visiting and buying food outside, the technology inclusion has become a must to serve customers better and better. Here are a few tools to keep a watch on. Read ON!
Technology for restaurants

Technology is transforming the restaurant industry. In simple terms, it’s a fantastic tool that addresses consumer demands for efficiency and customization.

In the past, restaurants have been in industries that are dependent on labor, whether in the kitchen, accounting or with the waiters. However, all this is slowly changing.

New technologies like automated restaurant bookkeeping are changing the way we approach this industry. Other areas that are affected by these changes include procurement and food delivery services. All these technological tools are changing how we view this industry. These technologies are as follows:


It’s relatively a new technology that is gathering momentum in the industry. It provides a platform between investors and food entrepreneurs. This is a beautiful relationship that we can all benefit from.

The technology seeks to help restaurants, bars, and bakeries gather enough money to finance their startups and keep their business running. In this way, you’ll keep your restaurant open to serve your customers.

Some restaurant crowdfunders will offer mentorship and other services like legal help and website development.


It’s a great tool to use for customer service in restaurants. But what’s a Chatbot?

It’s a robot that talks like a human. A Chatbot will answer any question that a customer may have about your business. These bots are ordinarily accessible through favorite chatting apps like Snapchat, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger.

Even better, you can customize the Chatbot to handle reservations, answer any questions, and provide menu details, all through the chat. As a restaurateur, a Chatbot will save you from incurring further costs. At the same time, your customers will love the utility and accessibility of this Chatbot.

The good thing about this technology is that it’s like having someone who knows everything about your restaurant. They’ll take your client through all the menus that you have and whether some items are in stock or not.

Seamless Payments

In many restaurants, two things are likely to take your time. First, you may have to wait for your waiter to take and serve your order. Another exciting moment is where you have to wait for minutes to pay for your dish.

There’s nothing worse than waiting to pay for your heavy meal. You want to make your payment and leave for home. Unfortunately, it will take time, especially when the restaurant is full, and waiters are understaffed.

However, thanks to technology, a few apps make the payment process more comfortable. The technology allows you to pay through mobile apps and leave. No hassle, no waiting, and some will even calculate the tip you need to give your waiter.

Technology for restaurants

Use of Big Data to Understand Customers

Data plays an essential role in the management of a business. What’s better, businesses generate tons of data in a year. Using big data services allows a restaurant to increase its efficiency while serving their customers.

For instance, imagine what you'd do with data that captures all manners of consumer information. Data like the type of people visiting your place, the meals they order, the duration of stay, and their level of satisfaction.

Well, such information could do wonders to your business. You can use such information to make meaningful changes in your enterprise and make it more successful.

Automating Bookkeeping

Financial data forms the basis of every business making process. It’s the main parameter in determining whether you’re operating at a loss or profit.

Many restaurants that close shop do so due to negative cash flows. Automating your bookkeeping allows you to get real-time data on your finances. Even better, you can customize the process to generate accurate reports on accounts that are due, make payroll payments, and demand payments from your customers.

Automating the process works to prevent the possibility of making errors in the process. The reconciliation process at the end of the day will also be simple.


Technology will continue to revolutionize the restaurant industry. It will assist in reducing the dependency on labor effectively minimizing your costs. At the same time, it will allow you to customize the menu and other services to meet the needs of your customers.

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