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Diving In the Islands of Malta and Gozo
Malta offers adventurous diving opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling fanatics who seek thrilling underwater experiences. The island is popular for its festivities, cuisine but above all for the classic sandy beaches for local and global divers.
For centuries, the location of Malta has been ideal for trade and military purposes. However, more recently, the Maltese Islands are visited more for diving and traveling. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world come to Malta and Gozo to have a memorable experience in the clear blue waters. Thanks to many diving centres in Malta and the clear blue Mediterranean Sea, memorable and unique diving experiences...
Elena Tahora
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11th May 2017
Going on an Adventurous Vacation on a Budget
Surprisingly it is often more expensive to rough it out on a vacation than vacation in a good tourist spot with a star hotel booked for the entirety of the vacation. Going on an adventure vacation is not necessarily expensive. With research you can always find cheaper alternatives. And you should, for that adds to the adventure. Check out how.
Anyone can splurge and travel down the most-taken path, but not all of us take the less traveled route. So let's see how you can get the adrenaline pumping for less. Skydiving on a Budget This is one of the first adventure related activities for people who have been just bitten by the adventure travel bug. It sounds scary but is exhilarating. Think of jumping from the plane, as pulling a...
Rachael Everly
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31st August 2016
Ride To Light: The Mishmi Hills Challenge
How does one fully capture the essence of a never-before-attempted cycling tour in 350 words? Well, you really can't. So, at the risk of leaving out all the interesting details, here's what happened at Ride To Light 2016.
Amidst the fanfare of Tezu's Republic Day celebrations, Ride To Light 2016 – North East India's first full-fledged cycle tour - was flagged-off by the DC of Lohit district, Arunachal Pradesh. Over the next 6 days, 8 riders supported by a crew of 20 people would try and conquer the 300 kilometers between Tezu (Lohit district) and Anini (Dibang Valley district); a feat never-before- attempted on cycles. The route covered...
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16th June 2016
4 things you must know about Skydiving
You might be a crazy adventure junkie or a non-sports person who's even scared of a fast moving ball, let me tell you, Skydive is beyond just any adventure. Even if you're not planning on doing a Skydive, go ahead, read this and see if you'll change your mind!
1. What's Skydiving?!   "Are you crazy?", "So is it like you'll jump from a plane without a parachute?", "Like from what height and how long are you up there?", "Are you tied to something or you're just falling off?", were some of the questions I faced when I told people I did a Skydive in Dubai above the stunning Palm Jumeirah islands. Yes, you jump off from a small air plane, you are tied...
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14th March 2016
Trekking These Highest Karnataka Peaks Will Make Your Friends Envy
Nature is definitely biased towards Karnataka, the Indian state carpeted with such amazing grandeur that must be explored on foot. Revealing spectacular waterfalls, scenic lakes, rich flora and breathtaking views, the trekking trails leading to the highest peaks in the region are the perfect routes to rejuvenation. Get ready to accept the challenge as the following sections reveal the most thrilling trekking adventures in Karnataka. Mullayanagiri   Standing tall at 6,330 ft.,...
Handley Jennepogu
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30th November 2015
From One End to Another - The Road Trip of a Life Time
From the surprisingly unusual landscapes and extravagant Buddhist monasteries of Leh to the mesmeric beaches and lavish Hindu temples of Kanyakumari - it is a beautiful transition not just geographically, but in terms of cultures and lifestyles as well. Deciding to be a spectator to this magnetic changeover is among the best decisions of one's travel life. Leh, the gateway to Ladakh's high-altitude passes, lakes and river valleys and glaciers, is...
Handley Jennepogu
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23rd October 2015
Mountains of the Mind!
You can overcome the mountains in your mind that blind you from seeing the beautiful landscape beyond them only by climbing the tall mountains on this earth. Here is an inspirational lady who has done it many times and shares her lessons with us.
The interest of photography took her close to a place where her dreams float today. At 13, Ishani Sawant was taken to the mighty Himalayas by her uncle Prasad for her passion of photography. Here, she was awestruck by the stunning landscapes and that trek ignited in her the passion of mountaineering after which her life turned to have endless adventures. Today, Ishani Sawant, 23, stands tall with 11 Himalayan treks...
IJ Anita Tejwani
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18th May 2015
Sue Stockdale - From a Business Leader to an Adventurer
Life is not a prison to be bound to one place or one job. Life offers you the chance to spread your wings and fly all across the globe touching the skies. Here is the story of one such inspiring personality who broke the shackles of limited mindsets and set records instead
My life is my work and vice-versa. So, it never feels like there is any difference between life and work because I love what I do. It is about integrity and being true to oneself. I believe that if you are doing what you love and getting paid for it, you will be happier and radiate that to others. I think that people, ultimately, pursue happiness and think that money will...
IJ Anita Tejwani
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16th May 2015
Arunima Sinha created History!
What can stop you? Disability or inability? Can your capability to look beyond your challenges help you reach the top of this planet? Find out here...
Born in 1988, Arunima Sinha from Ambedkar Nagar in Uttar Pradesh, India is a lady who is looked up to for her passion, dedication, courage and strength to fight all odds. She encountered a life changing event beyond which she had to make a choice, and today, she stands as a real hero in front of the world for the choice she made. Today, when she describes the darkest hour of...
IJ Anita Tejwani
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30th April 2015
Gaurav - Success gained by doing something he doesn't like
I dont like to cycle or travel, says the new born explorer who has cycled from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. They say, follow your passion and youll get success. But this young boy of 22 years of age has made efforts to prove something contradictory!! He has searched for success and hugged it while doing something he hates. Here we get to understand what can be the driving force for anyone to be...
IJ Anita Tejwani
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27th April 2015