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Polychromatic Shades of Time

Lyrical Conversation between Janani Shekar and Sandhya Nagaraj

Every second lost, never to recover,

Judicious use of time, later bloom like a flower.

Everyday a fresh start,

Conquering it with nothing but courage in your heart!

Polychromatic Shades of Time

Time, she chimes and moves on

Never to look back...

Time, the one you mistook for a fawn

That lay amidst a haystack

She takes us through peaks and highs...

And also, through some lowsome lows...

She’s with us through the tears and sighs,

Also, through our smiles and blows!


She teaches us lessons that ought to last,

Misuse her, and the consequences shall be vast.

She’s like the universe, never to end,

How she does that…something to comprehend.


Is she young?

Is she old?

But ah tis’ our ages that’s measured by her!

Who measures the measurer?

Who conquers the conqueror?

Who hunts the hunter?

Gee, it is she who clears the blur!


Her age, never to be understood,

To gauge that – something we never could…

The same zeal, flow and pattern,

How we put her to play, is something of our concern.


When we realise that she’s a goldmine,

When we, to the sheer magnitude, resign…

She may come around, we’ve got our fingers wrapped,

She may share her secrets, if in surrender we tapped…


As precious as she can be,

She can bring to us tragedy, or everything merry and glee.

She’s as swift and agile as a gazelle,

Never waiting for anyone, indeed a puzzle!


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