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7 Fast-growing Startups From Vizag

Visakhapatnam (Vizag) is not only known for its beaches, but it is also the industrial center in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Vizag has caught pace with the startup revolution going on in the country and is slowly growing to become a startup hub in the state and the initiatives by the Govt. are accelerating the same. It is already home to many startups from healthcare, eCommerce to tech solutions.
Here is a list of 7 such startups from Visakhapatnam that are fast-growing in Vizag:

1. Wellness Hub:

7 Fast-growing Startups From Vizag

Founded in 2016 by Ms. Rakshita Chowdary, Wellness Hub is an online consultation platform that facilitates consultations with the country’s top psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and special educators. The specialists on the platform hail from the states like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, etc.

They have also launched their flagship product called EWA (Employee Wellness Audit) that helps corporates with a holistic employee engagement platform.

2. Absolin:

7 Fast-growing Startups From Vizag

Absolin is an innovative business solutions company building solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Absolin was founded by Mr. Ramesh Saragadam in 2014. They have built business solutions like ERP systems and Business intelligence platforms to help a business become efficient.

The ERP System built by them is named Focus ERP that helps businesses reduce their billing errors by automating bookkeeping, invoices and enables remote access. The business intelligence platform helps in visualizing the data and creating memorable reports & analytics that would help in decision-making.

3. Imaginnovate:

7 Fast-growing Startups From Vizag

Imaginnovate is an information technology and services company founded by Mr. Krishna Vattipalli in the year 2013. Imaginnovate works with transport and logistics companies and builds technology solutions for them to help them deliver better experiences to their employees, customers, and partners. They work with Carriers, Shippers, and 3PL companies and build solutions for operational tasks including rate prediction, load management, capacity management, fleet optimization, route planning, etc. and make them more efficient.

4. Saif Automation:

7 Fast-growing Startups From Vizag

Saif Automation is a company that has built remote-controlled Buoys that could be very helpful in beach rescues. Saif Automation has been founded by Mr. Ahmed Shaikh Abdeally, Mr. Tahel Calcuttawala, and Mr. Aliasgar Calcuttawala in the year 2018. Saif Automation has developed a remote-controlled ‘seawater drone’ that has its uses in both defense and civilian sectors. The seawater drone can perform the task of rescue while being completely unmanned and controlled remotely which makes it very helpful in rescue operations for saving lives of the people who might drown in the sea if not helped. The ability to perform the task of rescue unmanned helps in saving lives without having to put someone else’s life in danger.

5. Yes!Poho:

7 Fast-growing Startups From Vizag

Yes!poho is a revolutionary social platform that connects artisans and weavers to potential customers directly. Founded by Mr. Raghuram Kuchibhatla in the year 2018, Yes!poho envisions to improve the lives of poor artisans and weavers by enabling them to connect directly with the customers without any middlemen. Yes!poho is the first techno-experience social platform of this kind in the country.

Yes!poho is building a community of designers and customers and it currently boasts of a community of 60,000 members, 10,000+ products, and 100+ weavers on the platform.

6. InterviewBuddy:

7 Fast-growing Startups From Vizag

InterviewBuddy is founded by Mr. Ujwal Surampalli in the year 2016 with an objective to help job seekers become interview-ready through virtual mock-up interviews on the platform. InterviewBuddy makes students interview-ready by enabling them to connect with the experts virtually through the platform. The experts would train the students and conduct mock-up interviews. The mock-up interviews are one-on-one and personalized to the student. The platform offers to connect to 1100+ experts from several reputed global companies like Google, Schneider Electric, Facebook, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Adobe, Samsung, GoJek, and many others among the 100+ global companies and startups on the platform.

InterviewBuddy has conducted more than 20,000+ mock-up interviews since its inception as a NASSCOM 10K Startup in 2016 and is offering its services to Universities, Colleges, staffing agencies, and corporates across the USA, Europe, and India.


7 Fast-growing Startups From Vizag is an eCommerce portal launched in Visakhapatnam by YesKart Private Ltd. founded by Mr. Sankar Rao Vysyaraju in the year 2016. YesKart is a hyper-local marketplace, a new concept for an eCommerce platform. The portal offers a platform to all the sellers to register themselves and upload their products under several categories including mobile, laptop, electronics, kitchen appliances, fashion, jewelry, and many more. The portal attracts customers from across the country which would help you increase your business. If you are a seller, you would be provided with an easy and DIY process to list your products on the platform. You can upload your products in no time and start selling. You would be provided with in-depth insights for business improvement, hassle-free shipping, the fastest payment cycle, and the best customer support. The platform also provides you with customer-friendly content for the products that you would like to list.

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