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CCUS Masterclass: Technology, Economics, Deployment Strategies

Exciting news from Infocus International Group: Save the dates for the upcoming editions of the widely acclaimed online masterclass on Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS), scheduled for April 2nd, July 11th, and November 6th, 2024.

CCUS Masterclass: Technology, Economics, Deployment Strategies This course is designed for professionals in business, commercial, and strategic roles within the energy sector, especially those overseeing environmental concerns, business sustainability, and transformation in fields like oil & gas, hydrogen, and industrial energy usage.

Participants will gain a well-explained and independent perspective on the current status of CCUS and the potential growth of this industry. The course covers a spectrum of technological solutions and business drivers, including policy considerations. In addition to evaluating current CCUS methods, the program highlights emerging possibilities and underscores the creation of integrated value through options for carbon utilization. The linkage of carbon capture to broader aspects of the clean energy transition, such as clean hydrogen production, the transition away from oil & gas, and industrial decarbonization, will also be explored.

A past attendee from Solar Clear mentioned, "This course has provided a good understanding and cleared all false expectations about CCUS and of its cross entanglement to the hydrogen sector and the importance of both for decarbonizing the world's (or part of the world's) economy."

Another participant from CGG Services stated, “Very engaging and informative presenter. I found the course to be full of useful, up-to-date examples which are highly valuable.”

CCUS Masterclass: Technology, Economics, Deployment Strategies Course Sessions:

1. Understanding Carbon Sources and Capture Technologies

2. Exploring Carbon Storage, Transport, and Utilization

3. Integration of Hydrogen, Carbon, and Industrial Clusters

4. Growing CCUS: Scalability, Market Dynamics, Policy Landscape & Strategic Approaches

Benefits of Attending:

1. Grasp the most formidable challenges in the transition to clean energy and comprehend how CCUS plays a pivotal role in addressing these challenges.

2. Analyze the technological components within the CCUS value chain, encompassing the stages from capture to storage or utilization pathways.

3. Discuss key economic and policy variables determining CCUS implementation in different markets

4. Review up-to-date examples of global projects and strategies, evaluating lessons learned

CCUS Masterclass: Technology, Economics, Deployment Strategies 5. Learn about the dynamics of the new competitive environment, emphasizing the risks of 'business as usual' and the importance of industrial clusters in CCUS deployment

6. Identify approaches to sustainable strategic planning and assess new business opportunities

Want to learn more?

Simply email to or call +65 6325 0235 to obtain your FREE COPY of event brochure. For more information, please visit About Infocus International Group:
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