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Enroll in the Esteemed Clean Hydrogen Masterclass by Infocus International

Infocus International Group is pleased to announce new dates for the Mastering Clean Hydrogen online masterclass, set to go live on January 29th, August 20th, and November 12th, 2024.

Enroll in the Esteemed Clean Hydrogen Masterclass by Infocus International The concept of the 'hydrogen economy' emerged 50 years ago but faced challenges in development. Today, hydrogen is experiencing a resurgence, driven by unprecedented momentum from both policymakers and industry against the backdrop of energy decarbonization. Despite past setbacks, current investors and business developers in the sector are strongly advised to comprehend the complexities and competitive landscapes of the hydrogen sector. This newly designed course offers an excellent overview of various elements within the clean hydrogen sector, complemented by critical thinking and analysis exercises guiding market assessment, including key influences on opportunities and risks.

Tailored for individuals seeking a comprehensive, hype-free, and independent perspective on the markets and supply chain activities shaping demand for clean hydrogen, the course provides a clear and business-focused outlook on the competitive context of hydrogen across various use cases. Participants will gain insights to distinguish actual market occurrences from headlines and hype, identifying drivers and credible near-term opportunities for their businesses. The course also covers an evaluation of barriers to hydrogen adoption in specific market segments and its competitive advantages, supported by global examples.

A participant from PTC India shared that, “The course was informative, extensive in coverage and insightful. The five sessions were able to build up a tempo very well, and I am happy that I attended the course and also endorsed it for participation by some of my other colleagues.”

Another participant from Tenaga Nasional Berhad mentioned, “From zero to great knowledge and full of information regarding hydrogen production. The sessions cover everything including policies around the globe, market segmentation, technical and commercial analysis of hydrogen plant.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain the knowledge and tools to segment and analyze opportunities & risks within emerging hydrogen economies.

Enroll in the Esteemed Clean Hydrogen Masterclass by Infocus International Course Sessions:

1. Navigating the energy transition and exploring pathways for clean hydrogen production

2. Hydrogen production derived from renewable power sources

3. Evaluation of the market demand for clean hydrogen

4. Storage and transportation of hydrogen

5. Examination of policy support, investment scenarios, and the potential for market growth

Benefits of Attending:

1. Develop a comprehensive understanding of technologies, terminologies, and metrics in the hydrogen industry.

2. Examine the entire value chain from the production of hydrogen to meeting end-use market demands.

3. Concentrate on the generation of clean hydrogen specifically from renewable power sources (commonly known as 'green' hydrogen).

4. Grasp the competitive landscape and discern the economic variables influencing it.

5. Engage in discussions about the significant practical challenges involved in delivering clean hydrogen projects.

6. Extract valuable insights from examples and proposals of projects worldwide.

Want to learn more?

Simply email or call +65 6325 0235 to obtain your FREE COPY of the event brochure. For more information, please visit About Infocus International Group: Infocus International is a global business intelligence provider of strategic information and professional services for diverse business communities. Recognizing clients' needs, they respond with innovative and result-oriented programs. Their products are founded on high-value content in various subject areas, ensuring the highest level of quality through intensive market research from local and international insights. For more information:

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