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I Seek Your Digital Marketing Support for MSME says Dr Trilok Kumar Jain

Dr Trilok Kumar jain Small enterprises in our country find it difficult to undertake branding and marketing. They are struggling just due to a lack of adequate marketing. They are offering innovative products, but they lack in achieving scale due to a lack of adequate marketing. They need support in marketing.

A large number of startups have come into the sector of digital marketing. These startups are providing services in the domain of digital marketing. They help in branding, marketing, and digital presence. They are true angels for the MSME sector of our country.

Dr Trilok Kumar jain Take Rahul Jain for example. He has established a startup in the domain of digital marketing. His company Arihant Global has been enabling MSMEs to achieve global presence through digital marketing. Mr. Rahul has helped a large number of healthcare companies during COVID-19 times in helping patients. His efforts enabled many patients to reach out to the right hospitals to get life support. Mr. Rahul Jain has successfully achieved re-branding for 58 healthcare startups. He has also taken up the initiative of imparting skills in the domain of digital marketing to the youth. He has been offering internship opportunities and training to the youth and this has helped a large number of youth to gain expertise in digital marketing.

Dr Trilok Kumar jain A very impactful story is that of Vanillakart. This startup has been started by Ms. Farheen Sayed. She is a serial entrepreneur. She started Brushflicks in 2016 and Boxifer in 2017 and now she has started Vanillakart. She has been supporting MSMEs through innovative marketing initiatives. She has also started imparting internships, trainings, and skill workshops in the field of digital marketing to the youth of our country.
She has been able to impart the latest skills to a large number of youth, which has helped in the transformation of our youth. Her message to the youth is loud and clear - everyone has digital power - the power to empower our own country.

The field of digital marketing is now spreading fast and this is the most important support for the MSMEs of our country. Micro enterprises of Beawar are preparing wonderful Til-Papdi, that of Sardarshahar are preparing wonderful Fini, and of Chidawa are preparing wonderful Pede..... These micro-entrepreneurs need the support of digital marketing to spread their products all over the world.This new year, please use your digital presence to support the micro-entrepreneurs of our country and enable them to spread their wonderful products all over the world. This will be the best help for our country and its micro-entrepreneurs.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazin

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