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You look at the sky, up so high

So independent and confident

So fearless that anyone will ever overcome it

Below it are billions of people busy in their lives

And here I am staring at it

Trying to forget wounds of past

And praying for a better tomorrow

Staring at the silver lining of the clouds

Dispersing rays of sun

And feeling that uniqueness

That peace that you don’t feel elsewhere

Preferably that imagination

That bursts out like a water balloon

And once it bursts no one can stop it

That imagination which leads you

Towards a better thinking and a smile

You labor and you wait

But still sometime you fail

You wake up lift the vile

And again start the journey

With more passion and enthusiasm

The dawn breaks and begins the new day

imagination,life Along with it begins the new imagination

The imagination that guides you in your life

That teaches you to be bold

That makes you discover happiness in life

That makes you realize that life is unpredictable

And everyday is a new adventure

That makes you feel the blissfulness of being alive

That makes you passionate of living life

So, let yourselves free

Let your mind surf more

Let yourself dream higher

Let yourself imagine broader

Who knows?

You may discover a new person in you

A different individual in you…

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Samikshya Dhimal
Samikshya Dhimal is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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