Walk Free Bangalore congratulates Melange group

Vinay Karthik
Published on: 7th December 2015
About us -

The Walk Free Movement was started by The Walk Free™ Foundation  to bring together the voice of individuals and the hundreds of organizations around the world who all share the goal of ending modern slavery.
Walk Free Bangalore congratulates Melange group
Today, this united community, through the Walk Free Movement, focuses their voice and coordinates their actions to demand an end to the nightmare of modern slavery, amplifying the power of those organizations working tirelessly to secure change. We are seeking to continually strengthen and grow to achieve a world in which slavery is intolerable. Walkfree Bangalore is currently headed by Youth leader Bharath Aditya along with the Core committee Head (Karnataka) Vinay Karthik.
Walk Free Bangalore congratulates Melange group
Event details -

The event consisted of a street play portraying Human Trafficking, Forced labour and Forced prostitution in India. The students of MEC Public School located in Yelahanka, Bangalore were made to realize how bad these social evils are and how to act upon such crimes happening in their environment. A PowerPoint presentation on The Walk Free Movement was given followed by an excellent speech on awareness by youth leader Bharath Aditya  in the regional language, Kannada. The students were thoroughly impacted in the 40 min session undertaken by the BMSIT credential group MELANGE and few of them including the teachers joined our movement as well.
Walk Free Bangalore congratulates Melange group
Credits for the success 

The Walkfree Bangalore team congratulates the MELANGE group from BMSIT for a brilliant and powerful act that showed the students what is right without bearing any negative influence on them in the end. We would also love to thank Bharath Aditya for a powerful speech that everybody left with and also the Vice Principal of MEC Public School, Mrs. Padma V and Safety and Security Committee memeber, MEC Public school Mrs. Anitha Bhat for their support and involvement with our awareness program, resulting in a huge success.
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