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5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Workday Productivity

There will be times when being your best version seems almost next to impossible. When no matter how hard you try, you just cannot focus. The worst part is, there can be a point when you see it as daunting or you reach the brink of giving up. What you do not know is you can improve by starting to change your habits, thinking, and trying something new. All it takes is little yet constant effort to reach the level of productivity you crave for. Here are the five simple ways you can do to revitalize your workday.
5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Workday Productivity

Learn to Prioritize One Day at a Time

Look at each day of the work week as a specific job or purpose. After all, everyone wants to feel accomplished, and the only way to achieve this is to learn to prioritize each day. For instance, on a Friday, set a goal of wrapping up a project you started at the beginning of the week. Although you have other tasks to finish, you already have a clear plan that you will get it done. This will make finishing up the day more satisfying and ultimately increasing your productivity level for the weeks to come.

Clean Up Your Desk Immediately

According to Corner Office Image Founder, Michelle Augenstein, a messy desk is a barrier to communication. It makes your coworkers think that you are less professional. On top of that, an untidy environment will only make you feel stressed. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health revealed that 80 percent of workers are stressed. Being stressed does not make you healthy or productive at all. Make some time to clean it up and you will see a huge difference. Or better yet, learn to be more organized.

Balance Work and Play

Learn to celebrate your achievements. Whether you receive service awards or just got complimented by your boss for a job well done, take some time to breathe in and soak the positive feedback. Jobsite UK study showed that 70 percent of polled employees say that nurturing friendships at work improves happiness and productivity. Thus, do not be afraid to socialize and share your victory with others. Unfortunately, many people fail to do this and work the long day without relaxing and reflecting. After all, you deserve to have some fun in and out of the office.

Give Them a Ring

At times, waiting for return emails may take the whole day or even longer. Such delays lower down your productivity at work. Instead of waiting, pick up the phone and call the client or colleague. Overcome the fear of giving them a ring whenever it is necessary. This can save you from long hours of waiting and, more importantly, help keep your schedule right on track.

Focus on Task than Paid Hours

The number of hours you work does not measure your productivity. Every employee may work an extended number of hours yet the amount of accomplishment is questionable. You have to change your mindset and give more attention on the output than on your paid hours. Your productivity is measured by comparing work done and intended accomplishments with the hours it took to complete it. The trick to successfully increasing productivity is to take on tasks one at a time. Your constant effort to change habits will help you more along the way than trying to get everything done in a day or two. Incorporating each simple way to increase your productivity can contribute a world of difference in both your personal and professional life. Keep in mind that when you have the drive, you will thrive.

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