Life an Inspiring Act

Nikhil Jain
Published on: January 2013

An Inspiring Act, Life!
Man plays different roles,
and every day, a new chapter
begins with flights and falls; life an inspiring act,victory
No place for tired ones, while
Victory or Defeat doesn't matter,
No excuses and argues speak
than our efforts shout greater;

Mistakes are not our weakness
In fact, keys for being strong,
Remember to never surrender
We find roles to act long;

Believe in yourself, friend
you'll succeed, bet!
Work hard with greater efforts
you can change your fate;

The challenges we meet
On this stage are difficulties,
Why to fear? Step up, Pal..
Our actions will make them freeze;

The Writer's on our side
Don't lose hope, Never!
Right thing for right part
Such his act goes on forever.
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