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Sir M Visvesvaraya

Bharat Ratna Sir M V is known for his discipline, hardwork, honesty and genius.
sir visvesvaraya,bharat ratna
Government had not decided sir M V's (the then chairman) salary, for some period of time, when Bhadravati factory was in trouble. Government granted his salary later, but he didn't accept it, instead suggested that the governament start an institute where boys could learn and named it after the Maharaja (King) of mysore, Sri Jayachamaraja Polytechnic Institute of Bangalore. Sir M V constructed Krishnarajasagara dam, which had automatic doors to stop waste water overflow. He was appreciated by all engineers across the world for his genius work.

Despite being a genius, he would prepare for every speech and revise it four or five times before delivery. Once when he visited his Primary school in Muddenahalli, he gave Rs.10 to the teacher and asked to distribute sweets to children. The teacher requested him to give a short speech. After his speech, Sir M V was unhappy. Some days later, he prepared for the speech, visited the school again and delivered the the speech. Who else would care to do so?

Once, Sir M V had asked a minister to be punctual for being late by 3-4 minutes. Sir would come neatly, carefully dressed irrespective of number of people he would address.

He once said, "Remember, your work may be only to sweep a railway crossing, but it is your duty to keep it so clean that no other crossing in the world is as clean as yours."

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